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Daniz held the copper knife and made a few strokes on the back of his left hand, hesitating that there was no force.


He raised his head and squeezed his smile:


“Although I have suffered many injuries, the pain still makes me afraid.”


“Speaking focused.” Klein responded indifferently.


Daniz smiled and said:


“Haha, it’s a bit scary.”


His voice just fell, his right hand had already exerted his strength, and he used a copper knife to draw a hole on the back of his hand. The words just appeared just to divert attention and relieve the mood.


The blood quickly overflowed, and Daniz was busy putting down the knife, using his right hand to pick up the blood and apply it to the dark brown cover of Mister Russell’s Travels.


After completing this step, he held his breath and waited for change.


Suddenly, there was a goose-sized snowflake in front of his eyes, and the wind was whistling in the ear, followed by the bitter cold and madness into his body.


Although Daniz is already psychologically prepared, at this moment, he is still horrified, and the instinct looks around and determines where it is.


He found that he did not know when he had left the captain’s room of the “Golden Dream” and was in a frosty land covered with snowstorm. Because the environment was extremely bad, he could not see the distance at all, and could not even judge whether he was on the mountain or not. Plain.


Really entered a strange world… The captain is here too? Daniz raised his hand in front of his face, afraid of being blinded by the wind and snow.


He calmed down, remembered the account of Gelman Sparrow, and took the squared paper strip out of his trouser pocket and carefully unfolded.


In this process, he was afraid of accidents, causing the paper to be broken or blown away, which would make him lose all hope. Fortunately, that did not happen. He saw what Gelman Sparrow wrote:


“With Hermes, preferably the ancient Hermes language, mourn the following names:


“Fool not belonging to this era;


“The mysterious ruler of the above the far mist;


“King of Yellow and Black that controls the luck.

“I will burn after I read it.”


This…It’s a secret level of existence? Because of the strict teaching of Ademona by the Iceberg Lieutenant, Daniz is not illiterate in the field of mystery science, and even has a good foundation.


Looking at the note in his hand, he subconsciously took a breath, inhaled the biting cold wind and cold snow, suddenly coughing and distorted expression.


He can now confirm the previous guess:


Gelman Sparrow really belongs to a very powerful and secret organization, and that organization believes in a god-level existence called “Fool”!


Sure enough, such a powerful and crazy guy would not have no origins, not just casually in the ground… Daniz pulled the neckline, tightened the clothes, and looked at the note that danced in the wind. There was a clear hesitation on his face.


He is very aware of the danger of mourning a hidden existence that does not know the origins of good and evil, which may lead to a more terrible ending than death!


The captain was also trapped here, and there was no way to go out… Daniz broke his fist in front of his mouth.


He suddenly picked up his hand and used the ancient Hermes language to mourn the name of “Fool”.




On the “Golden Dream”, the captain is indoors.


Klein witnessed that Daniz first became illusory for no reason, and then disappeared. There is no doubt about the way to enter the Mister Russell Travels.


Waiting patiently for a while, he screamed in the ear of the illusory cascading voice, and apparently from men.


Huh, it seems that “Mister Russell Travels” can’t cut off the gray mist, the world in the book can still connect to the mysterious space… In this way, even if I follow, I don’t have no back road without a card… Klein Unknowingly relieved.


To confirm, he again took four steps back, mourning the mantra, entering above the grey mist, and saw the spot representing Deniz circling around Fool’s high back chair.


“It’s the body and the soul to enter… The world is very solid in the book, you can’t break it by pulling the spiritual body… Also, if you can, the previous divination will have corresponding revelation… ‘Poseidon’s scepter’ is too dangerous, direct’ Giving ‘Daniz, he will only let him die quickly…” Klein closed his eyes and spread out the spirituality. He sensed for a while and reached many conclusions.


Without delay, he immediately returned to the real world, picked up the copper knife and wiped the Daniz blood from the paper.


Fold the paper into the pocket and he starts thinking about what to do next:


“It seems that you have to smear the blood and go straight in, so you don’t have to worry about your body accidents, and you can solve the problem quickly.


“But it can’t be careless and negligent. I have to guard against another danger. Um… If there is a problem with the ship, after I enter “Mister Russell Travels”, I will look for an opportunity to sneak into the captain’s room and sacrifice the book to ‘True. Creator ‘, ‘Primordial Demoness’ or ‘Hidden Sage’, then I am in trouble, and I am sure I will die.


“The majority of the ‘Golden Dream’ crews seem to admire the ‘Iceberg Lieutenant’. Anderson’s previous superficial provocations are effective enough to illustrate many problems, so tell them the relationship between the ‘Iceberg Lieutenant’ life, Let them supervise each other, no one can enter, can be assured.


“The problem is Anderson. He is the strongest hunter. He is better than any extraordinary on board. He is good at ambushing and sneaking. There is no small possibility to avoid the supervision of others and sneak into the captain’s room… his origin is not too Clear, can’t make me really believe.


“I have to find a way to let him enter the “Mister Russell Travels” with me…”


During the thought, Klein turned over the old book of the tan-colored parchment and found that there was no more content at this time. The story also lacked the traces of Daniz.


“That is, you must survive successfully. If you meet the protagonist, you can truly become part of the story and make the number of pages more present?” Klein made a preliminary judgment and once again went to the door and opened the door.


“Is it successful?” “Flower Bow Tie,” Yodsen and others asked in unison.


Klein shook his head and said calmly:


“There will be a long ritual.


“No one can come in and bother, otherwise it will cause Ademona Edwards to disappear forever or die directly.”


After explaining the main matters, he looked around and said straightforwardly:


“I suspect that there is a problem among you.


“Next, you supervise each other.”


“Foodie” Bruce Wolth had to habitually refute, suddenly aiming at the captain’s indoors empty, has disappeared from the Daniz who just entered.


Reminiscent of the captain’s disappearance, he was convinced that Gelman Sparrow really found the problem and was trying to save people, so he nodded:


“I will be responsible for this.


“And they will supervise me.”


Klein didn’t close the 蚩吭诙 媲 媲 媲 陌 陌 . .. Hood:


“You come in.”


Anderson tilted the right corner of his mouth and snorted:


“I don’t know people who think that I am your subordinate. Your attitude is a model of Provocator.”


He groaned, his body still straightened, and he took a slow pace and stepped into the captain’s room.


After closing the door and unlocking it, Klein turned to face Anderson Road:


“Is there any interest in participating in a rare adventure?


“You may be able to achieve the achievement of hunting giant dragon.”


Based on these observations, he believes that Anderson Hood is a hunter who combines curiosity and adventurous spirit. He is very happy to see new things and experience the excitement that has never happened before.


Anderson stared at Gelman Sparrow’s face and looked at it for a few seconds, then smiled:


“not interested.”


He shook his head resolutely.


Immediately, he grabbed Klein before opening again, smirking:


“I ‘sweet’ into a dangerous atmosphere, a arrogant and crazy powerful adventurer actually invited me to take risks together. What does this mean? It shows that things are very troublesome and very dangerous!”


I thought you would be interested. This is not the same as your usual performance. It can really be put away… Well, try the intimidation method again. If you can’t, throw this guy on the desert island and let the golden dream No. “Get out of the way, come back and pick him up. As a hunter, it should be difficult for him to survive on a desert island… Klein quickly decided, and his eyes turned cold and looked at Anderson:


“I will not leave a hidden danger to myself.”


Anderson stayed for a second and quickly piled up a smile:


“Haha, just kidding, I am very interested in the title of giant dragon hunter.”


…you become too fast…you can stick to it and you can enjoy the treatment you can eat… Klein nodded and walked back to the desk position, and followed Anderson Hood:


“Use your blood to smear the cover of this book, not too much.”


“Smudge it?” Anderson looked at the “Mister Russell Travels” curiously, and then looked around. “Ademona’s disappearance is related to it? Is the disappearance of the hunter just now? Ah, yes, ‘flame’ Dani Well, I almost forgot his name, but fortunately he is now more rewarding.”


Klein’s mouth was slightly moving and he replied calmly:




“Somewhat…” Anderson glanced at the desk, picked up the copper knife, and casually made a hole in his hand and made blood.


Then he carefully lowered the knives and applied the blood to the dark brown cover of Mister Russell’s Travels.


After observing for a few seconds, Anderson was about to pick up a copper knife and wipe off the remaining blood. It was suddenly covered by a raging storm.


Watching Anderson disappear like Daniz, Klein picked up a piece of paper, wiped the blood from the copper knife, and folded it into the pocket.


– He is not sure whether the three will be in the same place after entering the book world, so the materials of the “divination staff” are prepared in advance!


After doing all this, Klein took the knife and stroked it on the back of his hand.


The muscles of his face moved up, and his eyes tilted down. It took a few seconds to make a force.


The body was slightly pumped, and the head was tilted. Klein’s mouth was involuntarily opened.


When the blood flowed out, he still grasped the cane with the knife and quickly applied the liquid to the cover of the sheepskin book.


Not waiting for a long time, Klein found himself suddenly in a white world of ice and snow.


PS: Thank you, Gu Yichuan, Baiyin League. Thank you very much. I remember that you were the ally at the time of the Arcane. In the end, when I was just a newcomer, there was support. Well, all the way, hope not. Let your favorite friends down.


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