The wind with ice scum and goose feathers slaps and slaps to Klein’s face, letting him look at the surrounding environment, while the body involuntarily tightens and trembles slightly.

“Really…cold…” He almost sweared out and made sure he was in a snowy sky with extreme visibility.

He originally thought that Beckland’s wet and cold winter was the most terrible, but now he finally understands that the absolute low temperature and the knife-like wind are the combination of life, even if he added a sweater before he came over, the coat is thick and long. The dress, at this time, is a bit uncomfortable.

This time, he did not wear a “sun brooch” because it produced a hot layer of spirit, used to fight the effects of strong cold in a short period of time, not to make the body stiff, effective, and can be used for a long time. The existence of ice and snow environment is tantamount to suicide – the heat of the spiritual level will make the body release the pores, in the summer state, remove the last layer of defense against the low temperature, and even take the initiative to meet.

So, Klein threw this magical item into the above the grey mist and prepared it for a specific occasion before he brought it down.

The harsh environment made him dare not delay. After initially observing the situation, he immediately burned the blood on the copper knife and stuffed it into the pocket. Then Klein took out the “Adventurist Harmonica” and tried to blow it.

In the whistling wind, quietly opened the spirit vision, he failed to see the messenger Miss Renee.

Sure enough, this is not connected to the spiritual world, or there may be a unique spiritual world of its own… Well, it seems that praying to “Poseidon” has no effect, only the inscription pointing to the above mysterious space. To penetrate the barrier…

Then the question came. As a believer in God of Knowledge and Wisdom, Ademona mastered the name of the true God. Why didn’t he try to ask for help? Or, if you tried it, it didn’t work?

Um… not every god will personally respond to believers. In many cases, it seems that the corresponding rewards are given according to certain rules. Like my own “secret existence”, I can’t find the second one… Klein laughed and made a preliminary judgment.

He then placed the harmonica, took out the paper with the fresh blood of Daniz, and wrapped it on the top of the cane.

“The location of Daniz.”

Klein whispered and used the “divination staff” method.

Then, according to the result, he stepped on the thick snow, under the faint sky, quickly walked through the raging wind, and from time to time dinitin again, adjust the direction, after all, Daniz would not wait in place, it would change Ice sculpture.

About a decade later, Klein found a red glow.

Huh… He vomited, walked a few steps and saw the goal clearly.

It was indeed Daniz, the well-known big pirate dressed very thin, holding his arms and moving forward.

However, he does not seem to be very cold, because he is surrounded by a red-colored fire crow, evaporating snow, blocking the wind, bringing a feeling of warmth like spring.

At this time, Klein is particularly envious of “Arsonist”. Although “Magician” can also summon the flame flow, it is an offensive ability that cannot be maintained. It can only be used in an instant. To rely on it for heating, it must be constantly Summoning will soon be exhausted, and the ability to “manipulate the flame” depends on the existing flame or the material that can be ignited, both of which are extremely scarce in the world of ice and snow.

Looking at the flame crow that only soared, Klein stepped up and moved closer.

Daniz noticed that someone came over and was shocked. After seeing through the snow and seeing who was coming, he suddenly sighed and then smiled a little bit strangely:

“Haha, you can’t even see the stars here, and getting lost is inevitable.”

Klein ignored his words and asked directly:

“Is it burned?”

“Burned!” Daniz nodded quickly, and the whole person revealed a fear that was difficult to describe.

Klein stared at Daniz for a few seconds, confirming that he didn’t lie, and immediately pulled out the Gelman Sparrow-style courtesy smile:


“The tribute to the name of k is the believer of k.”

“…” Deniz’s expression was distorted, and then squeezed a few more ugly smiles than crying.

I don’t want to change my letter! I don’t want to believe in unknown unknowns! He screamed in his heart, but he didn’t say a word.

He suspects that if he wants to refute, he will be buried in the snow by the madman Gelman Sparrow!

Klein smirked with a smile that was a bit crazy, and the tone added:

“Remember, confidentiality.

“Once you leak, you and your captain will die.”

“What is the relationship with the captain?” Daniz asked.

Klein kept the expression just now, smiling and watching Daniz:

“What do you think?”

Daniz’s mouth was opened and he knew the reason. He could only laugh:

“I am like someone who can’t keep a secret?”

Klein nodded and took a note with Anderson’s blood and smiled low, saying to Daniz:

“Faith k, serve k, maybe one day you will become a leader like me.

“At that time, your reputation will be spread to the five seas, no worse than the pirate generals.”

During the speech, he wanted to match the gesture of a “Fool” believer, but sadly found that there was no such thing, so he had to comfort himself in his heart:

The secret organization has to be secret, and it makes no sense to make these superficial matters… “Hangman” Gawain is right…

No worse than the pirate general… Daniz suddenly shines.

Anyway, I have already missed the name of the secret existence. From the corner of mystery science, it is really difficult to get rid of it. It is better to take this opportunity… He thought a lot, and even got a name for his child.

Hey, if the Gelman Sparrow people are here, I will say directly, by then, you will have the reputation and strength to match the “Iceberger Lieutenant”. Of course, the other party likes it is another matter, according to me. Observing, your big probability is hopeless. Ademona wants a partner who can learn and progress with her and discuss various kinds of knowledge together… Klein swears a few words and once again uses “divination staff” law”:

“Anderson Hood’s position.”

“…he also came in?” Daniz first asked, and then asked with a slight sigh.

Klein finished the statement, let go of the cane, confirmed the direction of the fall, and nodded:

“He is not at ease outside.”

It turns out that you are also wary of Anderson Hood’s guy… Daniz is hard to hide and smile with a smile:

“Yes! He is the kind of person who smiles on the surface and turns to take a knife!”

“He has a bad reputation in the foggy sea, and all pirates don’t like him!

“He just deliberately smashed you, wants us to guard you, hostile to you!”

If the pirates like him, they can only show that the title of the strongest hunter has water… Anderson’s provocation, I heard… Klein didn’t respond again, picked up his cane and walked in the snowstorm.

After Daniz followed, the flying firecracks dispelled the snow, blocking the cold, so that the two would not freeze.

Not bad, very conscious… At this moment, Klein once again felt the benefits of having a servant – there was an umbrella in the rainy days, and there was heating in the blizzard!

In the heavens and the earth, the two seemed to be black spots. They walked on the snow and walked a little bit. It took nearly twenty minutes to reach the position pointed by the diving staff.

“No…” Daniz looked around and couldn’t find the trace of Anderson Hood.

He had no doubts about Gelman Sparrow’s “divination staff” because he was the last person to be found.

Klein frowned and opened up the spirit vision, inspiring.

Suddenly, he noticed that the cane was just a poke, and the snow on the ground collapsed.

There was a cave in the collapsed place, and the rock inside was dark and reflected in the fire.

Klein groaned, peering inside, and found that the hole extended a narrow road, and at the end of the road, on a pile of red stones, the strange underground plants were slowly burning, Anderson Hood sat next to it, leisurely roasting A creature suspected of being a rabbit, the scent of oil and fat filled with a warm feeling, and got into the nose of Klein and Daniz.

“You are here? Do you want to try it? There are strange rabbits that can survive in the snow.” Anderson buried his body and looked at the entrance to the hole, just like a companion in the wilderness.

Although he did not say anything provocative, but I really want to hit him at this moment… Klein jumped into the hole without expression, came to the fire and felt the long-lost beauty.

Daniz followed, and looked at the flames of the roasting rabbit. He looked at the firecracks around him and silently removed them all.

“You, how did you find this hole?” Daniz refused to admit defeat, but the body was very honest and approached the fire.

Anderson flipped the rabbit in the dark dagger and looked at Daniz:

“The first lesson of Hunter, observe the environment, be familiar with the environment, and use the environment.”

Daniz’s expression suddenly stiffened on his face.

Anderson looked at Gelman Sparrow again, smirking:

“How about the hole that I blasted out, is it good? The strength is very well controlled.”

During the conversation, he sniffed the smell in the air:

“It’s really fragrant, it seems to be baked. Would you like to try it? Although I didn’t bring the seasoning, there is rock salt here, just a little bit.”

“Are you sure you can eat? If It’s extraordinary creature, you may go out of control when you go down,” Daniz said.

Anderson gave him another look:

“Hunter’s second lesson, distinguishing what can be eaten in the wild and what can’t.”

He carefully explored his hand, pulled his leg down, stuffed it in the mouth, and ate it with gusto.

Klein was about to speak, and suddenly felt that there was a mad and violent atmosphere outside, and that the pressure from the high creatures was just like the essence, so that Daniz’s body trembled uncontrollably.

This breath swept through the air, did not find the strangeness of the hole below, quickly moved away from this side.

The king of the North… Klein flashed this title in his mind.

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