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At the same time as the high-altitude violent atmosphere flew over, Anderson’s chewing action stopped, until the other side stayed away, only swallowed the remaining rabbit meat and looked up at Gelman Sparrow:


“This is the giant dragon you said?”


Klein didn’t make a big difference, confirming Anderson’s guess.


Anderson’s mouth slowly lifted up, revealing that he didn’t know how to cry or smile:


“I thought you were talking about adult and even giant dragon, just that…


“I probably can’t be a giant dragon hunter, I can only do giant dragon faeces.”


The madness of the “King of the North” is really a bit horrible. It’s better than the patchwork monster that can make the hair grow wildly in the “Future”… Maybe it has Sequence Four, half-god Level… Klein calmly judges in his heart, without any panic or fear.


He remembers very clearly, “Mister Russell’s Travels” clearly stated that the pirate lady suffered the “King of the North” attack, tried her best to escape, and met the protagonist led by the giant personality Mister Russell.


And Ademona Edwards is obviously not a demigod, belongs to the Sequence Five of the “Reader” path, and because it is suddenly swallowed into the book, some magical items or sealed items that are inconvenient to carry for a long time remain in the captain’s room, only one or two pieces on the body. Available items.


In this case, she can initially compete against the “King of the North”, survived, Klein who has just been promoted and adjusted the glove configuration will not have much problem, and he can also connect with the gray mist, can use the “Poseidon” The stick” responded!


This is why Klein dared to enter directly after confirming that Daniz was in a normal state of prayer.


Well, the “King of the North” is not like the demigod on the normal path. According to the “Iceberg Lieutenant”, it is a runaway monster that gathers many extraordinary features of the frost, which can be comparable to the demigod in certain areas. There must be flaws… I, Ademona, Anderson, plus the extraordinary members of the protagonist, there is no way to solve it! It’s not working, but the above “Poseidon Scepter”, I don’t believe that this book can guard against the above-mentioned items in advance. If you can, it’s already a performance… Klein, standing next to the fire, looked down at Anderson. At a glance, open your mouth and say:


“Are you scared?”


Anderson slammed for a second and said with a smile:


“Not afraid, you seem to be very confident.”


After that, he looked at Daniz, who was still a little shuddering and trying to calm his emotions. He snorted:


“Do you know what is most important for men?”


Daniz had just taken a deep breath and heard the words, and he did not surely set his right index finger and middle finger, pointing to the bottom.


Anderson blinked and laughed:


“… bastard, you are a vulgar pirate!


“Haha, what I just wanted to say, haha, I can’t remember it!


“Right, what I want to say is courage. The most important thing for men is courage. If you look at you, the giant dragon has not yet attacked, and you are scared to hurry and beg for mercy!”


Daniz’s face suddenly rose and he glared at each other.


You don’t do this in Skeeter… Klein can’t help but swear.


Daniz is about to affirm that he is simply influenced by the breath of high-level creatures. Suddenly he remembered a certain sentence, and his expression immediately returned to normal. He responded with an understatement:


“I can’t compare with the giant dragon’s stool.”


Anderson smiled and froze, coughing twice, pulling a rabbit leg without anything, handing it to Gelman Sparrow:


“Don’t you taste it?”


Klein silenced for a few seconds and shook his head slowly:


“It’s a strange world, it is best not to eat any food here until it is confirmed that there is no problem.


“Maybe it’s just a piece of rabbit meat that will keep you here forever.”


“…” Anderson put the roasted rabbit legs in front of his mouth and slowly let go, and his expression fell a little bit. “Why don’t you say it earlier?”


Klein calmly responded:


“I just thought about this problem.”


Anderson’s expression was distorted for a few seconds, his head lowered, and he quickly picked up the roasted rabbit legs.


“You, don’t you really have problems?” The action of the strongest hunter made Deniz stunned.


Anderson reluctantly laughed:


“I have already eaten one before, and the digestion has also been digested… Anyway, I can’t change it, it’s better to concentrate on it.”


Klein and Daniz could not find a language response at this moment.


Anderson licked the rabbit leg and asked:


“You really don’t eat?


“I don’t know how much time it will take. If I can’t get enough, what can I do to fight a monster like the giant dragon?”


Klein didn’t answer it directly. He took out the gold-shelled pocket watch and glanced at it:


“The outside time, 6:10 in the evening.


“After 4 to 6 hours, if you have no problem with your status, we can eat a small amount.”


“…” Anderson opened his mouth and couldn’t speak.


Klein ignored him and turned to Daniz:


“A break for a quarter of an hour, then go find your captain.”


While speaking, he has taken out the pearl earrings belonging to Ademona Edwards, the “Iceberg Lieutenant”.


“Good.” Daniz suddenly felt that his blood was boiling and completely forgot the cold outside.


After seven or eight seconds, he shrank in the direction of the fire.




Outside time, at 7 o’clock in the evening, Klein held the hat and carried the cane, together with Daniz and Anderson, according to the revelation of the divination, all the way to a mountain peak.


Bypassing a huge rock condensed with thick layers of ice, they saw a black and secluded cave, and there was a woman guard standing at the entrance with a bow.


The woman has a soft, shiny black hair and tied it to a simple ponytail. The facial features are very soft and different from those of all countries in northern continent.


She was wearing a brown ancient hunter’s coat and trousers and was keen to cast her eye on it.


Seeing her slightly pointed ears, combined with the content of “Mister Russell’s Travels”, Klein immediately knew her identity:


The female elf who first met the giant personality Mister Russell, the name is unknown.


If compared with the Earth, the people of northern continent are closer to the European and American style, this elf has a distinct oriental charm… Klein quickly summed up the characteristics.


“Elves! She is exactly the same as the elves in some ancient religious paintings!” Anderson suddenly excited. “I have to discuss with her, ask her to be my model, let me paint some pictures for her!”


Next to Daniz, he sneered and succinctly said:




Obviously, he did not forget the ridicule of Anderson before.


“Do you only know that kind of painting?” Anderson glanced at him and stepped up to the female elf.


He had just approached, and the female elf did not hesitate to raise his longbow, and the arrow above it flashed with silver electric light.


“Stop!” Anderson immediately raised his hands halfway.


It’s useless, most of the elves are “storm” paths, and it’s easy to be violent and savage… Klein quietly opened the “spiritual body line” and intended to use the initial control to let the elf calmly listen.


At this time, Anderson had a flower in front of him, saw two thick and strong gray-blue giant legs, and a terrible giant sword with snow inserted!


“…” Anderson suddenly found himself only a little higher than the knee of the leg, instinctively looking up the trace of the sword.


Nearly reclining, he finally saw the giant in front of the four-meter-high!


The giant’s complexion is gray-blue, with thick beast fur wrapped between the chest and abdomen and the lumbosacral, and the rest is bare, and even the feet lack protection.


He glared at the giant sword that was wider than the human race door, and looked down at Anderson and Klein with the iconic vertical one-eyed eye.


“who are you?


“Why come to the camp of Mister Russell?”


Klein was about to answer, and a huge figure in the dark and faint cave suddenly came out with a familiar figure, and Daniz’s eyes were filled with ecstasy.


Ademona, the “Iceberg Lieutenant” wearing a complex shirt and dark trousers, swept through the three of them, and there was a more obvious mistake in the cold expression. It seemed that Gelman Sparrow and Anderson Hood would be here.


She quickly returned to normal and looked up to the giant:


“Mister Russell, It’s my companion.”


Mister Russell opened his mouth and was pleased to ask:


“Are you also dealing with Ulysian?


Yuris Ann? Klein didn’t know what to answer.


At this time, he saw Ademona standing in the shadow of the giant gave himself a look and made a positive answer.


Is Ulysian equal to “the king of the north”? Klein replied thoughtfully:




“Haha, then we are friends!” Mister Russell looked down at the three people opposite, haha ​​laughed.


As he spoke, Anderson quietly returned to the side of Gelman Sparrow, pressing down the voice:


“I saw the living giant for the first time.


“This simply can’t hit his key, too high.”


I can give him a pedicure… Klein spoke a word and responded plainly:


“A huge goal means easy to hit.”


“…Yes.” Anderson agreed.


At this time, Ademona came over and introduced them to the three of them:


“This is the head of the camp, the giant Guardian Mister Russell.


“This is the Elf singer Shatas.”


Elf singer? Ocean Singer? Klein thinks that the “Hangman” Gawain’s magical medicine formula is promising.


Ademona turned half-turned, against the giant Mister Russell and the Elf Shatas:


“They are my companions.


“The strongest adventurer Gelman Sparrow, treasure hunter Anderson Hood, well-known Sailor Daniz.”


… I always thought that “Iceberger Lieutenant” is a type that you can’t lie… Well-known Sailor, Ha, in a sense, it is also a fact… Klein took off his hat and took a serious bow, Anderson Followed loosely.


Daniz is delighted that the captain introduced himself to be a companion rather than a subordinate, slowing down and appearing in a hurry.


Mister Russell laughed:


“Go into the camp, we are about to fight the evil dragon of Yurisian!”


Very warm and kind… But whether it is in the church book or in the myth of Silver City, the giants are violent creatures with great destructiveness… Well, anything in the book is possible, just look at the author’s roundness. … Klein gently daggers, following the Mister Russell to the wide cave.


Ademona saw it and approached the three people without any abnormality. It seemed to lead the way, but in a few words:


“The history they talked about is a bit strange.”


“The language is also, no matter which language you speak, you can understand each other.”


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