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Chowod District, inside a house.


When Hugh opened the door, he smelled the smell of fried food. He couldn’t help but smoke his nose and looked at the kitchen:




“Would it be that there will be others?” Fowles poked his head out of the kitchen and smiled and asked.


After taking a break from the newspaper in his hand, half of it was a strange and whispering response:


“Do you remember how long have you been in the kitchen? The amount is not counted when you bake the toast in the morning.”


Fowles returned to the kitchen, only the sound drifted out:


“I chose the food outside because they are better, and now there are no good fried chickens in the surrounding streets.


“I suddenly wanted to eat this. In the food that came from Intis, I like it the most!”


Take a break to the kitchen, back against the door frame, watch Fowles busy preparing dinner, and consider the following:


“I took a commission, 100 pounds a day, 3 to 5 days, but I need to find another helper.


“You were not very short of money before, do you want to be together?”


My financial situation has actually improved. However, the task of 50 pounds per day is not bad. I can do more with more points. There will be a lot of money in the future… Fowles stares at the iron pot filled with oil. While asking:


“What kind of commission?”


She has automatically calculated the reward she can get.


It’s a bit rough and a little rough:


“Secretly protect a rich man named Dawn Dantes.”


“What happened to him? Is it dangerous?” Fowles asked cautiously.


I thought about it after taking a break:


“It seems to be a business dispute, and the competitor threatened him.


“It’s not a dangerous thing. You know, Beckland’s powerful extraordinary people don’t quite do similar adventures. It’s easy to expose themselves. They are targeted by ‘Night Watcher’ and ‘Justice Enforcer’.”


“Maybe there is a madman? Can’t rule out this possibility.” Fowles retorted at the same time, naturally thought of the “world” Gelman Sparrow, the Gawain is the madman who dares to do the major event in Beckland!


She paused and picked up the fried chicken nuggets:


“Since you have taken over the task, I have nothing to do recently, so let’s go together.


“Fortunately, It’s secret protection, will not be found that I am doing bodyguards, otherwise I can not participate in the literary salons of the upper class, hehe, in fact, I can tell them, I am experiencing life, I am collecting materials My next novel is to write the story of a female bodyguard and a male employer!”


Hugh’s habit of Fowles’s thought of divergent thinking has long been adapted, and he once again smoked his nose:


“Let’s finish the dinner, let’s go.”




At 160 Burke Lund Street, Klein placed the ceremony in the main washroom and entered the above the grey mist.


He plans to handle some chores before the bodyguards hired by Steward Walter, lest it be inconvenient to do in the next few days.


The most important thing about these chores is to confirm the situation of “Hunger’s Squirming”.


After sitting in the “Fool” position, Klein let the leather gloves fly over the debris pile.


After some divination checks, he found that “Hunger’s Squirming” was quite stubborn this time and the negative effects did not change.


“It’s infected by AGawain, never give up on the ‘True Creator’?” Klein corner of the mouth twitched, seriously thinking about how to solve this problem.


Also find ways to intimidate it? No, how can it be called intimidation? It should be said that friendly communication is carried out on the premise of maintaining an active position… Klein’s finger taps the edge of the mottled long table and silently says:


“In any case, I have to write to Mister Ards, and I can mention the failure of the ‘Hunger’s Squirming’ seal.


“You can also bring some mushrooms with you, no, no, this can make ‘Hunger’s Squirming ‘ no longer praise ‘True Creator’, but it will also make it unusable, um… look for Frank to have several original variant mushrooms, See if there is a different effect…”


Determining the idea, Klein threw the Azick copper whistle and the adventurer harmonica into the “gate of sacrifice and giving”, and then returned to the real world, took up the items, and processed the traces.


Leaving the bathroom, Klein walked to the desk, took out the stationery and the pen, and wrote:


“esteemed Mister Ards… I haven’t written to you for too long, I don’t know how you have been doing recently…


“… Because of some changes, your seal on ‘Hunger’s Squirming’ has expired. Can you give me the corresponding method? I want to do it again…


“…have you heard of the creature of the world of predators? At what level, what are the characteristics, and which areas are active?


“…I may have to go to southern continent for a recent time. If I get new information from Death God, I will write to you in time…”


Put down the pen and read it twice. Klein folded the letter, picked up the copper whistle, and put it to his mouth and blew it.


Silently, a white bone emerged from the floor, and the fountain rushed into the air, forming a huge raft that was nearly four meters high.


Then he looked down at Dawn Dantes for a second, actively bent down his back, dropped his right arm and spread his palm.


The messenger became more and more polite… Klein nodded with satisfaction and handed the letter he had just written to the other party.


The white bone messenger did not stop, collapsed instantly, fell to the ground like a waterfall, and disappeared quickly.


Klein sighed in relief, took his eyes back and continued to write letters to Frank:


“…the kind of dried mushrooms you gave last time is good, is there?


“…I thought about the idea I mentioned before. Do you think there is a possibility of implementation? If you have any difficulties in the process of research, you can write to tell me…”


Folding the letter, Klein picked up the adventurer’s harmonica and blew it.


He immediately saw the messenger, Renette Nicole, appearing beside him, still without a head, wearing a long, gloomy dress, carrying four blond-red eyes and a gorgeous head.


“Can you position Frank Lee?” Klein asked with greater confidence. After all, the messenger and the general communication were different, and they were spiritual world creatures at the semi-god level.


– Normally, the messenger can only locate the contractor and the person who uses the summon ceremony, which has a distance limit. Once the ceremony location is too far away, the messenger will not be able to find it.


The four heads of Renette Nicole turned at the same time and looked at Klein:


“Yes…” “That…” “What…” “I want to…” “Growing to…” “Turkish…” “The…” “Man?”


…What did Frank do, and the Miss Messenger was so impressed… When I wrote back, she said, I hope he didn’t die… Klein Zheng focused on:




Renette Nicole’s four heads are sequentially started:


“Can…” “Position…” “I have…” “Mark him…”


what? Klein heard half of his mouth and almost forgot his purpose.


Poor Frank, no, the mighty Frank, let the messenger specially mark him… May Goddess protect him… Klein slowly vomited and handed the letter to Renette Nicole:


“Trouble you to Frank.


“He will pay you gold coins.”


Renette Nicole opened his mouth in his head, bit the letter, and then went straight into the spiritual world, which could no longer be observed.


After handling the chores, Klein left the copper whistle and harmonica on his body and went down to the second floor to enjoy dinner.


Halfway through, Steward Walter stepped in from the outside and leaned into Dawn Dantes’ ear:


“The bodyguard has arrived. It is the former Miss Hugh and her friend. I will arrange for them to secretly provide protection.”


Miss Hugh and her friend? It won’t be Miss “Magician”… Klein didn’t know what to say for a moment, only to be decapitated, indicating that he knew it.


His spirituality didn’t actually sense someone “invading” the house, but it was normal. Now it’s not late at night when everyone has been sleeping – even a little bit of change during that time, unless Klein is used in key places. Spirituality leaves a mark that will be noticed, or the person entering the house has a lot of maliciousness against him, otherwise it is difficult to find out.




In the other bedroom on the third floor, Hugh and Fowles each occupy a curtain, through the glass, looking at the garden below.


“This is my dream residence. When I have enough money, I will buy a house like this in a beautiful place. No, I still choose Beckland, where food is more convenient.” Fowles said sincerely. .


After she finished speaking, she sighed again in her heart:


Unfortunately, I have a full moon curse and can only continue to improve myself, otherwise I will leave a house instead of cash last time…


Hugh followed the eyes of a friend and looked out and whispered:


“When I was a child, I lived in such a place…”


Fowles took a quick look at it, because I didn’t know what to say, and opened the topic:


“How can we provide protection?”


Hugh regained his gaze:


“Dawn Dantes Gawain, when he didn’t go out without a visitor, hid in the room, paying attention to all around, guarding against someone sneaking into…


“When there are guests visiting, we enter the next door, pay close attention to the movement, and always ‘open the door’ to save people…


“If Dawn Dantes Gawain goes out, Steward Gawain will tell us in advance that I will hide under the carriage and you will find another car to follow…”


“Hugh, you are more and more professional!” Fowles seriously praised, and then lightly said with a smile, “I just saw the portrait of Dawn Dantes Gawain, if not you said that this danger stems from In business competition, I even suspect that the problem is from emotional disputes…”


Fowles voice did not fall, suddenly saw a carriage parked outside the door of the house, and successively walked down several police officers wearing black white uniforms.


what’s the situation? She looked at her friends and found that Hugh was the same doubt.




In the small living room on the second floor, Klein saw four police officers.


“Dawn Dantes Gawain, do you know Karon Gawain?”


Karon? Klein recalled a little, remembering It’s selling Kawam’s shares to his own Gawain.


“Know, what happened to him?” Klein calmly asked.


The first police officer responded politely:


“He committed suicide.”


“In addition, he left a suicide note, confessing that you forced him to sell shares and torture him in various unskilled ways, causing him to be extremely depressed.


“And his family provided proof of the content of his testament.”


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