On the steep, long stone steps, scarlet moon’s rays of light illuminate the middle, leaving a richer shadow on either side.

Enzo is like a normal night passer-by. It is a bit quick and anxious but not flustered. It is full of confidence that it is a good winner and will not be caught up by the “Night Watcher”.

Seeing that the steps connecting the upper and lower roads are about to finish, Enzo, who used to be a “monster,” feels a little bit, looking sideways at the shadow on the bottommost side.

He immediately saw a form sitting there in a daze, looks and body due to light problems appearing fuzzy, wearing a typical East Byron.

The silhouette took out a box of matches and lit a light to illuminate the edge.

Enzo didn’t take it to look at each other’s appearance, and suddenly flashed a picture:

The silhouette threw the match over and seemed to be giving a gift, and after the match was approaching, suddenly rose up the exaggerated flames and walked out of a man wearing a top hat!

Seeing the picture that should not be seen, hearing the sound that should not be heard, is the daily encounter of the “monster”, Enzo, who has become the “winner”, has long been accustomed to it all, and he fully believes in his hunch if he doesn’t think about it. Fitted forward and jumped out of the ladder, rolling two laps on the street below.

At the same time, the secretive O’Brien, who had a dark complexion, suddenly got up, twisted his arm and threw the fire in his hand and threw it at the location where Enzo was originally.

The match has not yet landed, and the red flame flow has been stretched and lengthened, straight into the air, and it is gorgeous.

Among the flames, Klein was wearing a black dress and wearing a half-high top hat. The facial features of the five-legged beauty jumped out, but lost the trace of the target.

He found that someone climbed down the ladder more than ten seconds ago. He seemed to be avoiding something. He suspected that this was his new secret mate. So he took the time and quickly made a “dreaming divination” and got the other party related to Rose School. Not a good man’s revelation.

With such an answer, Klein without the slightest hesitation was ready to start, but unfortunately, due to the rush of time, he did not have time to use the “paper man Angel” recorded in “Hunger’s Squirming” to interfere with the other’s spirituality intuition, and the result was empty.

At this time, his secret priest Ove had left the last floor of the ladder and strode to the Enzo who had just stood up.

Enzo’s heart was moved, and he did not dodge. He just walked over the body lightly and let the ordinary attack open.

Then, he pulled the gun and quickly aimed at it, hitting Ao’s chest with a bang.

When the blood flowed out, the secret priest Oph swayed and fell, and the breath quickly became weak.

Klein seized on this short-lived opportunity, and the silhouette disappeared and flashed to the front of the target, blocking the way he fled.

Enzoududly had a strange premonition that was indescribable and unspeakable, and immediately closed his eyes and closed his eyes.

He doesn’t know why he wants to do this, but as a “sequence extraordinary” in the path of “destiny”, he believes that intuition is an instinctive reaction!

Then, Enzo hurriedly turned to try to rely on spirituality intuition and rushed into another street. However, the man wearing a top hat wearing a formal dress had no special features and appeared on his opposite side.

Before and after, left and right, Klein’s silhouette disappears and appears constantly, as if running at high speed on Enzo’s all around, always blocking the other’s route in advance, but not making a direct attack, let Enzo no matter Where to turn, there is no extraordinary ability to use, the opposite is wearing a black dress with a half-high top hat silhouette,

For a moment, Enzo with his eyes closed thought that the enemy was not one, but a group.

“Traveler” always creates a siege effect by one person!

In about ten seconds, Enzo’s thoughts that have not yet escaped the path of escape suddenly stagnate, and the movements slowed down. It seemed that people and minds were filled with glue.

“Travel” is also very good with “Puppeteer of Secrets”. Klein just flashed and kept a distance of less than 10 meters from Enzo! I’ve been secretly manipulating each other’s “spiritual body line”!

Not good… he doesn’t attack… only blocks…not…in order…Night Watcher…but…other purpose… Enzo, who is still closed with eyes, is tight, and suddenly he stepped on his foot. Stone, the body suddenly lost balance, fell heavily on the ground, let the pistol fly a few meters.


The pain and shock made Enzo get rid of the stagnation and regain the smooth feeling.

For this kind of accident, Enzo is no stranger. As a “winner”, he can always gain advantages and win by various small probabilities.

He was about to rush to the end of a street at the side with the slightest hesitation, directly turned over the guardrail, jumped out of the sea, relied on the fate of the arrangement to get rid of the predicament, and flashed a scene in his mind:

He coughed up violently, coughing straight and not walking his legs!

disease! The enemy can make me infected! He never attacks, just blocking the way I fled, just to keep me in this area, it is difficult to detect the disease! Enzo’s heart was first shocked, and a strong joy was emerging.

The “Green” ring that he wears is from the “primitive moon” believers. Once opened, it can easily treat all kinds of diseases and injuries that are not too serious!

This is “lucky”! Enzo pretended not to find an infectious disease in the surrounding air. He supported his hands and went out. He followed the route just envisioned and went straight to the guardrail at the end of the street.

Just after two steps, he suddenly coughed out and slowed down.

His cough did not calm down as normal, but it became more and more intense, as if he had to cough his lungs out of his throat.

Klein wearing a top hat wearing a formal silhouette flashed, and came to the back of the target, maintaining a distance of nearly ten meters.

At this moment, Enzo opened his arms and let the invisible ripples sway out from the body.

This is like a purely spiritual storm, smashing and smashing all the spiritual bodies around, causing intense dizziness and spreading disasters.

Klein also had a dangerous premonition. Enzo had just opened his arms and his body had disappeared into place, appearing in the middle of the steep step.

Enzo, who had closed his eyes, failed to achieve the desired effect. He immediately gave up the idea of ​​escaping to solve the problem and continued to rush to the position of the guardrail at the end of the street.

He had a hunch, and after a long delay, some “Night Watcher” would catch up and make the situation more chaotic.

As a “lucky”, a “winner”, the more chaotic the more hopeful to escape!

At this time, because of the continuous change to blindly fleeing, he once again passed the secret agent Ove who was shot by his chest.

On top of O’s left index finger, he wore a gold ring with ruby ​​inlay.

The ring’s blood light flashed, and the injury on the chest’s chest had already squirmed and recovered. The whole person bounced and slammed his mouth to the Enzo just passing.

In his mouth, his tongue seems to have lost his sense of reality and turned into a raging flesh and blood.

“Flower of Blood”!

O’Day’s is the “blood flower” ring that Klein obtained from XGawain. On the one hand, it can randomly make the wearer give up thinking and become a wild beast. On the other hand, it allows the wearer to grasp himself more deeply. Flesh and blood, as long as there is no instant death, no complete purification, and then serious injuries can creep and recover!

At the same time, it also comes with some flesh-and-blood magic, which is a magical item that is very suitable for the secret couple!

– Before Klein came out to find a new secret, it was not clear which path the target belonged to, and there was a sequence, so he made a more comprehensive preparation, so that Ove put on the “blood flower” ring, so that he would I can direct a drama that seems to be supplemented by my own secret actor, which is actually the opposite.

Enzo just ran over where Ove was lying, and his knees suddenly tingled, as if he had been slightly injured by the previous fall.

His thoughts flashed, and the homeopathic smashed down, then felt a daoist silhouette flying overhead and fluttering!

The sudden attack by Auf still failed to produce an effect on the “winner”!

Enzo was about to smile, and ran wild again, and suddenly there was a bad feeling in his heart. The subconscious contracted and protected the deadly parts.

At the same time, the secret priest abruptly swelled and exploded silently.

A group of flesh and blood turned into a storm, swept a large area around, sou sou sou hit the body of Enzo.

One of Klein’s preparations is to use the “Hunger’s Squirming” mutated ability to plant a “blood bomb” in the secret within the body!

At once, the gold ring inlaid with rubies fell on the street slate, and Klein’s silhouette flashed to Enzo’s side.

He lifted his left palm and made the gloves dark, as if they were made up of each and everyone particles, and spit out a word full of evil and degrading:


Enzo was lucky to avoid most of the damage. Only the body that had been slightly injured was suddenly left still. The struggling movement was obviously slower and the posture of curling changed a little.

Then, his eyes opened with pain and reflected in a form, wearing a black dress and wearing a half-high top hat silhouette.


Enzo made a scream and shook his hands, his hands raised and he covered his eyes.

A stream of blood immediately came out of his fingers.

“monster”? Looking at the painful target on the ground, Klein’s eyebrows picked it up and continued to manipulate the “spiritual body line” and quickly completed the initial control.

This time, there was no accidental interruption of the follow-up. Enzo, who had a few scales in the semi-mad state, was unable to resist. Klein had a deeper grasp of the game.

Time passed by, and Enzo suddenly stood up and converge on a few snake-like scales.

He pressed his hand to the chest, bowed to Klein, then walked to the side, bent over and picked up the ruby-plated gold ring and put it on the index finger of his left hand, which was just right with the emerald ring on the other side.

Klein resisted the impulse to look at himself with the new secret, allowing Enzo to deal with the flesh and traces of the scene.

After doing all this, he took the secret mate and stepped into the shadow on the side of the street, and soon disappeared.

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