Klein had a rehearsal for the question behind Bishop Electra, and sighed:

“It is my father, a real intelligent man. Unfortunately, he died in an accident many years ago.”

When he said this, he incorporated the feelings of the original self when his parents died, the emotions that he could not go home in a foreign land, and the traces of the experience of Thengen City. The tone seemed dull, with a little smile. However, there is a kind of sorrow that does not hurt the endless taste.

“Sorry, he will have entered the Kingdom of God and sleep under the watchful eyes of the goddess.” Bishop Electra said earnestly, and circled the clock clockwise four times and painted a crimson month.

Don’t wait for Daun. Dontes responded, he looked at each other and invited:

“The day after tomorrow there was a moon mass for the dead to help them sleep to the female Country of Gods and get eternal peace. Do you know if you are interested in participating?”

Goddess of Night church’s Day is not much, the most important is Winter Day, followed by the Great Mass at the full moon, also known as the Moon Mass, followed by the normal mass and prayer every Sunday, but different parishes are different. Different churches have their own special boxing day because of their respective guardian saints or angels.

“This is exactly what I want.” Klein got up and said, sincerely.

This allowed him to fully contact the pastors and bishops of the Church of St. Seychelles and even to establish a relationship with the bishops of the parish to lay the foundation for future entry and exit of certain areas of the church.

At the same time, he once again felt why the “night” path was interchangeable with the “Death God” path:

Both have the right to peace, sleep, darkness, etc., representing the end and the end!

Next, Morrie Macht did not start the topic of Dawn. Dontes’s identity, experience, etc., as if he just asked casually, he and his wife, Liana, chatted for the past many years. Disu Bay’s vacation experience, Klein, who had supplemented the matter and stayed there for two days, responded with a copy of the indigenous tone, focusing on the Duu-style grilled fish.

In the process, he pretended to inadvertently mention his own hunting activities when he went to West Bailang for business, and he seemed familiar with the primitive jungle there.

He It’s doing some of the necessary steps for the second-tier identity of Dawn Dontes, and West Byron and East Byron are different. Lun and Intis have similar colonial powers, often conflicts, even the areas that are actually controlled. Changes from time to time, it is not a simple matter to find the trajectory of a businessman or adventurer there, especially the use of Dawn.

As for the hunting experience in the original jungle of West Byron, Klein was not randomly crafted, nor was it copied from any magazine, which was based on his own glorious deeds mentioned by Anderson, the strongest hunter in the foggy sea. Extracting details, giving up the backbone, and deducting it yourself is both real and false.

Hearing the thick python in the jungle, the cannibal fish can capture the flowers of the prey. Mrs. Mahathir’s wife, Liana, exclaims from time to time, and she is afraid and wants to continue to understand. I am also very interested in the bishop. I can’t help but interrupt the description of Dawn. Dontes, asking for some details.

“You are such a great hunter! When I was serving in East Byron, I had never had the chance to enter the jungle. I didn’t expect it to be so dangerous.” After the middle-aged gentleman who was very graceful, Molly Maht picked up. A small piece of velvet cake, sincerely praised, “If there is a chance, I would like to invite you to hunt.”

During the conversation, the maid had sent afternoon tea snacks, and a male servant was responsible for serving.

Klein smiled and responded to the invitation of Mr. Maht’s half-truth.

“I can’t wait.”

I chatted for a while and talked about Beckland’s atmospheric management. The three guests made a speech. Because they just knew each other, they couldn’t talk about familiarity. Klein didn’t stay, and brought the personal maid Richardson to the door.

Looking at the bishops, parliamentarians, and lawmakers, the smile on Klein’s face faded a little, but it didn’t completely disappear.

He is still satisfied with the progress. The Bishop of Electra is connected with the Goddess of Night Church. This is his main purpose of returning to Beckland. Mr. Murray Maht is a veteran soldier. The current member of Parliament is no doubt. Belonging to one or several officer clubs will help him continue to investigate the Beckland smog.

The next step is to deepen the contact… Klein returns to the small living room and sees that the maid has taken away the remaining snacks and black tea.

He was going to eat a little more…

– Regardless of other foods, Lun, especially Beckland’s dessert snacks, are quite outstanding, and the chef that Dawn Dontes invited was especially good at this field, even Mrs. Liana was right now. This successive praise, Klein also deeply agrees.

Regaining his gaze, Klein did not speak and walked calmly toward the stairs leading to the third floor.

Before dinner, the butler Walter finally returned home and reported to him about the 10% stake in the Beckland bicycle company:

“Gawain, we are fortunate enough. Someone has hired a professional Lawyer and an accountant to investigate the situation of the Beckland bicycle company. The offer was provided to the seller before the advertisement was published, but in the follow-up negotiations, there were buyers with higher bids. He can’t continue, he can only give up.

“In this way, we don’t have to wait for the investigation report, we can directly hire the original team.”

Klein nodded and asked without cover:

“What price is it now?”

“The buyer who gave up the bid was 6,000 pounds, and the psychological bottom line was 7,000 pounds. In other cases, the seller did not disclose it, but from all aspects of the feedback, it was at least 8,000 pounds.”

8,000 pounds, not bad… Do you want to raise another hand? If I add a little price here, the other party will give up directly. Isn’t that awkward? Klein sighed gently:

“You give me the corresponding report, I will consider it.”

After finishing the report and running out of dinner, in order to erect a broad but savvy image of the hard-working faction, Klein turned to Richardson on the side:

“Prepare the two-wheeled carriage, I have to go out.”

He thought that Richardson would wonder why it was a two-wheeled carriage, which was not decent enough. Who knows that the close-fitting servant just flashed a trace of doubt and respectfully responded:

“Okay, Gawain.”

Obeying the order, not asking why, this is also an advantage… Klein secretly sighed, waiting for Richardson to come back to help him put on his coat.

After riding a two-wheeled carriage, he directly ordered:

“Go to the Beckland Bridge area and the edge of the east district.”

Richardson still didn’t ask for the purpose, just let the driver carefully control the horse.

The carriage passed through the Chowod District and reached the Beckland Bridge area under the illumination of a gas street light.

Klein didn’t say where to go, just let the driver get free on the nearby streets.

He leaned against the wall and looked out to the street. He saw a pedestrian walking out of the old clothes and walking with a tired face. It seemed that he had just finished the busy day and was rushing home to have dinner. Occasionally, there would be a car. The bell’s bicycle passed by and rushed to the distance. The rider’s expression was more energetic than that of the pedestrian, and the ocean overflowed with an indescribable pride.

A very intuitive hierarchy, although it is only the difference between a skilled worker and an ordinary worker, the difference between a weekly salary of 1 to 2 pounds and less than 1 pound… Klein slowly vomited and looked up at the sky with a subconscious mind.

At this time, Beckland has completely entered the night, but the smog is not serious. It can penetrate the past and see many Brilliance stars.

After the smog incident, environmental governance is really a day better than a day… but the situation of the lower-level workers in the eastern district does not seem to have changed too much. Although the salary may be higher and the labor time has been improved, The former has a certain increase in prices due to the influx of large numbers of people, and has been offset by a large part. The latter has been changed to a very limited extent. At most, it has been shortened from 15,16 hours to 11,12 hours…

What is the problem, the focus is on what to solve. If there is no other outbreak, then there is no… Well, the kingdom is still in internal reforms, and many things have not been straightened out… Klein thoughts drifted away until the carriage leaves the Chowod District.


On the “Future”, “Star above” Cattleya stood behind the captain’s room window and watched Frank Lee push a wooden bucket into the shadow, and did not know what to put inside, and then firmly covered it.

He seems to be studying plant growth in the dark environment recently… How did it suddenly become normal? Cattleya frowned with a puzzled look, always worried that Frank Lee was brewing a big “invention.”

Waiting for Nina to ask… She just flashed such an idea, the inspiration suddenly touched, and I saw a letter on the desk.

The face did not consciously outline the shallow smile, Cattleya walked over, broke the letter and opened it quickly:

“There are two Obniss who are not part of the Church of the Storms near the ‘Abyss vortex’ in the north of Sunya Island…

“Find the direct descendants of the Abraham family…


The “Abyss Swirl” is the name of a dangerous sea area, not an abyss.

Abraham family… Cattleya thought for a while, didn’t find a clue, and asked for the next Tarot Meeting.


The next morning, seriously divination, whether or not to raise the price of Klein to the butler Walter:

“Hi that team and continue negotiations, my reserve price is 9,000 pounds.”

“Okay, Gawain.” Walter immediately apologized. “I have something in my house, I hope I can have a half-day holiday in advance.”

“No problem, need help?” Klein asked softly.

“Thank you for your kindness, I can solve it, and this is not anxious. I will deal with the equity negotiation first,” Walter said earnestly.

Klein didn’t ask again, nodded and approved his vacation.

When the butler Gawain left the room, Klein turned to Richardson:

“Will Walter have anyone to see this morning?”

“The butler Gawain received a letter.” Richardson replied without concealing.

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