above, within the majesty palace of the grey mist, Klein stretched right hand and smashed the edge of the lengthy table and said, “

    Tudor Dynasty’s five-great family is Amon, Abraham, Antigonus, Jacob and Tamara… to help Arista Tudor become ‘Blood Emperor’ Adam, Amon, Abraham, King of Angels.

    “Is this a presumption, Tudor?

    “If this is the case, Blood Emperor Arista Tudor, who initially didn’t want to switch the path, should look for Amon, Abraham, Antigonus, and Bethel Abraham, Mister Gate, who holds Apprentice’s path, talking about” teleportation “, True God might be better than he…

    “So, is it possible that Bethel Abraham’s” target teleportation “of Tudor’s monument?

    “It’s a big probability!

    “Well, only influential figure of Mister Gate’s personality can bring the clandestine monuments to a similar level, making it impossible for me to locate in the divination above the grey mist, and making it difficult for the hidden Angel to infiltrate directly…”

    In the meantime, Klein is increasingly inclined to assume that it is close to the truth.

    I wonder if Mr. Meng left the corresponding information to provide accurate positioning information or alternative access methods? It’s time for Miss Magician to ask her Teacher again.

    Hey, I wish Miss Magician would be Traveler as soon as possible, so she wouldn’t have to write to her Teacher, and she could just “teleportation” before, well, now she could, but “record” that many “trips” themselves would scare her Teacher, and it was a problem.

    If Abraham family does not have legacy records, could it be that would try to talk to Mr. “doors”? This is not only a problem, but also a danger… most importantly, Miss Magician has not reached Sequence Five, and it is not clear at each time that I can respond to Mr. “doors”, nor can I turn her into my Secret Puppet, or be attached to her… When Klein first pulled Forsi the Magician to above the grey mist, serious consideration was given to the question of how young Lady interacted with Mister Gate, the more fearful, the more risky.

    Moreover, at the current level, he lacked adequate effective and secure methods.

    When I read my head, Klein suddenly lightly sighed out a single word:



    On the sea, a pirate is more active in an island.

    Forsi started the glass with a very promising, transparent liquid.

    Her face wrinkled up, as if it tasted something hard to swallow.

    “Oh, that’s too bad, why are they so happy?” Forsi put down the glass, lifted right hand, slapped a fan in his mouth, whispered two words, “It has no other advantage than alcohol content, right, cheap!”

    After drinking another glass of cold water, Forsi picked up the pencil and wrote on a very poor notebook:

    “The pirates here seek only alcohol and focus on prices, and for them it’s more important to get drunk than everything.

    “The three pirate friends I know told me that this port city was built by them, and initially they parked here, hidden harvests, settled their families, then landed bankrupters, venturers, tax evacuees, settled and planted in the island, built houses, then built a trading market, and the seamen were embracing shark bees who smelled blood scent.”

    Write here, Forsi lifts his head and looks forward to three pirates that shrink into the corner of the wall:

    “What else do you have to say?”

    The three tall and strong pirates were shaking and crying in their faces:

    “No, really no.”

    … it has to be said that it feels good to cope with pirates like Mister World’s gesture… Forsi has a self-expressed word, shook the head, retrieved, and continues to write:

    “The atmosphere is open, and if women look at a man, they can offer the price. Similarly, men look at men, women look at women, and, according to my three pirate friends, when they’re flown at sea because of long repression and boredom, they can’t afford to try taboos, and in this regard, they’re honest, and they describe the experience of oneself.

    “In addition, they have taught me something that has been unbelievable in the past: the pirates admire democracy and justice.

    “This is a disgrace to my knowledge, but it seems difficult to think about it, at least they didn’t say that oneself pursued justice.

    “The three pirates’ friends explained that, when an individual is not absolutely armed and pressured, the pirate ship must have a majority, and that the manipulation of a large ship requires a lot of collaboration… The overlap of these factors has led the pirate gang to be very democratic, and the captain who is expelled or even removed by a vote in his hands is there is a man every other time.

    “I think if the captain has absolute power, pirate gang will certainly develop another form.”

    In writing here, Forsi looked up outside the window and saw only blue skies and white clouds, where a building or wooden or rocks were built in an intense and indiscriminate circle of a market and sometimes saw a few children jumping through a slightest clothing.

    Listen, that was a very dynamic noise, Forsi wrote again:

    “There is no urban planning here, people build houses and expand borders, so that there are many roads for one person to walk, and there is no sunlight at all.

    “My first reaction is that once there was a fire, it would have been extremely terrifying, Beckland had had a similar tragedy, but my three pirate friends told me that it was not worrying, because it was wet and rainy, and people with curious powers never conceal anything.

    “This is not affected by war, but it gives people a sense of calm, despite confusion.

    “And, not King of the Five Seas Nast, but rather of all kinds of creepy rumours, but of the crazy adventurer Gehrman Sparrow, every pirate warns each other, don’t drink too late, don’t walk the night road, don’t make it easy in the alley, because that’s likely to lead to the disappearance of oneself, and the killer’s legend is that gentleman.”

    “Is this a hunt?”

    It says that Forsi’s appearance is getting dizzy, busy drawing out another fold of paper, and then there are existing elements:

    “… the night of the hospital is always very cold, and darkness outside the window is more depressed than elsewhere…

    “… no one knows why that young Lady, who lives in a single patient’s room, brought mushrooms and weeds to her relatives, and no one knows where these things ended up, and anyway, there’s no sign of burning in the ward, and there’s no discarded miscellaneous material outside, which makes some nurses Young Lady suspect that the patient was stealing mushrooms and weeds.”


    Building on the mountains, divided into the Afternoon Town, the camp set up by Silver City.

    Derrick Berg, with his hands, came to his mouth and read it down:

    “Fool of another era”

    He stood up, picked up that bronze green, had a sophisticated old cross, headed outside the fire.

    – Because Radiant Cross excluded magical item, his giant hammer called “God of Thunders Angry Roar” can only be brought by Heinm and Joshua for the time being.

    In the course of the Silver City Exploration Group, Klein, who was in Beckland, has come to above the grey mist, picked up “Sea God Scepter”, seeing Afternoon Town with an inflationary and contraction of one of the deep stars, and extending his vision to “Royal Court of Giants”.

    – Klein has not, for the time being, had it not been possible to use the “praying lights” and “Sea God Scepter”, simply through the Deep Star.

    In sight of the movement, Klein’s eyes have gradually shown a rotten but low coma.

    Where yellow comedy is embedded, there are countless palaces, countless high-tower and heavy city wall buildings that return to the glory as miracles of mythology and stay in a long time.

    Royal Court of Giants!

    Klein tried to close his eyes, but found that oneself was unable to see the specific situation below that yellow coma.

    It is a shame that ancient God’s Divine State is not abandoned as hidden… It is not surprising that King of Angels was supposed to choose where to make a secret party here… it is hoped that Little Sun would help me to see a clearer picture of what Klein thought about.

    At the same time, he invested a part of his attention in Elder Lovia of Shepherd, where he found this woman hiding a fantastic silver armor.

    This should be the Evil Spirit of her grazing, who has not yet seen the impact of True Creator… Klein slowly awaits follow-up.

    after a while, under the leadership of Chief Colin Iliad, the exploratory team of nine people, Derrick Berg and others, left the Afternoon Town camp and proceeded to the peak in a dark building along the stairs of gray stones.

    They were, at least, Extraordinary of Sequence Six, most of whom belonged to the “Warrior” path, at a very rapid pace, and, after the removal of several waves of Monster, dominated by the corruption of Giant, finally came to that area, where the building that had been rehabilitated with a strong sense of poetry had shocked and no one had spoken for a short time.

    This is the first time they’ve ever met without lightning, and there’s a “natural” light!

    Demon Hunter Colin’s eyes slipped, took a metal bottle and drank the liquid in it.

    After a generation of changes, they have been better adapted to the often dark and dark environment of lightning, and there is a fear of the instinct of such a cloudy situation.

    Hope and fear.

    Colin Iliad and Shepherd Lovia, after having drank ready magical medicine, have taken the members of the exploratory team into the front with yellow coma rays of light.

    Derrick will also be able to feel anything in the future, seeing Radiant Cross’s copper green fall in his hand, revealing the entities that are purely rays of light.

    The source of rays of light from the entity is no longer clear and contains a few pieces of orange red.

    And then Derrick felt that the status of oneself fell to the bottom of the valley, just like at a time when the day was the weakest, he was ready to meet the upcoming Night.

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