Those two human remains, one more than 1.9 m, one more than 1.8 m, appear to be generally common, but have brought unimaginable shocks to Klein above the grey mist.

    At this point, he went back to see light Gate and Silkworm Cocoon, although emotional was not the same, the shock was almost indiscriminate.

    “Here, this is not Giant’s body… this is definitely human race… King of Giants Aurmir’s parents are human race?” Kleins’ graves have risen and seem to want to see it clearer.

    But no matter how he sees it, it is difficult to discover Giant’s characteristics from those two grey bones:

    They have four limbs, two eyes in their skulls, no juvenile Giant!

    After a brief silence, Klein once again lowered his hand with “Sea God Scepter”, with a single thought in his head:

    “Perhaps not a blood parent… Maybe Giant’s primogenitor Giant’s origins are human race… in a crazy first era of chaos, some human race integration into Extraordinary sex, mutation becomes a cruel blood without reason, but with a breeding power Giant? Their descendants, on the one hand, have inherited their physical characteristics and, on the other hand, gradually recovered spiritual normalcy and thus stabilized for barbaric and bloody race, in which King of Giants Aurmir was the first mutation group, but to some extent reserved a sense of reason and became ancient God? Is this all the origins, like mythology, original Creator?

    After the creepy of thought became speculative, Klein had a glimmer of ideas, creating more confusion on the one hand:

    “Why does King of Giants want ‘Forest of Wanings’ to be classified as a taboo place and not let any creatures enter?

    “He doesn’t want Giant to know about human race at the source?

    “But this is what happens to the strong sense of guilt when the body of the parents is burned directly, and there is no need for such trouble.”

    “Who opened that tomb? Kill King of Giants’s ancient Sun God? Living ‘God of Dawn’ Badheil or other Royal Court of Giants from God?

    “And, since Giant’s primogenitor is human race, what about the elf, blood race and the others who are extraordinary creature? The primogenitor on giant dragon is actually lizard?

    “Before the second era, Middle-Stage, does the confrontation between the group battalion and the different battalions have different origins?”

    Faced with the lack of sufficient leads and information, Klein was unable to make any judgements or to think more of the possibility, and it was only really strong to take care of it and put attention back on Silver City Exploration Team.

    At this time, Demon Hunter Colin led Lovia, Derrick and the others to the front of the stone tablet and saw the remains in the cemetery.

    They were similarly caught in incredible silence, and no one had spoken for a while.

    Finally, Joshua, wearing crimson gloves, hesitated to ask:

    “Is this King of Giants’ parents?”

    In the “Knight of Dawn” of Silver City, the bodies of the two bodies are not even like Giant, even more than oneself’s just adult meeting.

    In the case of Giant, a young man, the figure of the body and the five officers are not consistent.

    The question of Joshua went back around, and no one answered it.

    In a few seconds, Demon Hunter Colin slowly opened the mouth and said:

    “That’s why it’s secret.”

    He didn’t mention oneself’s ideas and speculations.

    “Does this mean that Giant is, in fact, a branch of human race, a division brought about by Extraordinary sex mutation?” Antiana hearing this with a wine red hair, if any.

    Giant primogenitor is human race? Derrick was probably shocked by some brain faint and felt that there was a real difference between the two.

    And he thought about uncontrolled colleagues, especially “Giant” circuit, and that there was no such possibility in concealment.

    – Those who are uncontrolled tend to become unusually large, with all the colors contaminated with grey blue, with the eyebrows shattering up a huge gap and breathing their eyes on both sides.

    “Maybe.” Demon Hunter Colin responded briefly.

    Silver City Exploration Team members were silent again.

    In such an atmosphere, Derrick looked at Shepherd Elder Lovia and found this “Six People Business Union” member to be calm and silent.

    At this time Demon Hunter Colin looked at a circle:

    “With two to three people as a team, search the surrounding areas and see if there are any other gains.”

    The explorers then came back to his senses and cautiously began exploring them, as Chief told.

    Unfortunately, this “Forest of Wanings” has nothing to value except trees, stone tablet and cemeteries.

    Without further delay, Derrick and Heinm exchanged sealed item items on their own, so that their Extraordinary character was removed from the “Radiant Cross”.

    Then they followed Demon Hunter Colin, walked out of “Forest of Wanings”, surrounded by a giant stone highlighted on the hill wall, and found that huge cave with a high thirty meters.

    Beyond the cave, there was a stone tablet, and it was crushed and weed grown.

    The orange coma rays of light shine, which has a sense of undesirable decline.

    In the cave, Silver City explored the team along the long winded rocks and stripped walls, marching between the dry grass and rough gravel, and looking forward with great vigilance.

    Every step they walk, they feel that life is getting smaller and that water is running away.

    Somehow after that, Silver City Exploration Team finally saw an open grey blue gate.


    both sides of the door, a piece of iron black fragment appears to belong to some kind of armor.

    “This should have been Guardian.” Demon Hunter Colin just said, “Take out the bottle, gu lu drinks.

    His shallow blue pupils quickly caught a dark yellow, highlighting two inkgreen complex symbols in the cave.

    Look carefully at the grey blue gate for a while, and he ordered nodded and walked into the dark hall.

    Everyone came through the door, and then it was like the hall was pulled by invisible hands, and in the sound of kuāng Dāng, it was climbing up.

    Ten seconds later, the lobby stopped going, and there was an ambitious temple outside the door, which seemed to be the Guardians’ residence.

    Derrick’s consciousness looked around, swept everything in the temple, and saw two walls with ancient characteristics.

    One of the main corners of the walls was the wearing of silver’s whole helmets, the spreading of the obvious rays of light, the contraction of the pupils’ position in one of the morning’s Giant, the other standing on the central side with a deep brown hair, the woman Giant on the beneath the coat of the nails, the corn, fruit, etc., around the harvested fields, the clearing of lakes, the resulting trees and flower mushrooms.

    God of Dawn Badheil… “Goddess of Harvest” Oniella… Derrick has clear comprehension at a very small location.

    He immediately retrieved his eyes and saw Chief staring at the wall paintings that represented “Goddess of Harvest”, which remained the same as before.

    Chief was hoping Silver City would have a real “harvest”? Derrick thought about it, along with “Shepherd” Elder Lovia, and other people formed teams to shave items of value here and to check the hidden corridors.

    About 8 July, they gathered together to follow Chief Colin Iliad to the entrance of this Hall.

    Colin Iliad put two straight swords in his hand in the seal of the front stone, stretching his hands, pushing on both sides of the door, just one force, and making it sound so loud.

    The yellow rays of light of orange red and rotten came in, and Silver City explored the palace, which was seen far before, was reflected in their pupils with extremely influential dynamics.

    It’s huge, that kind of soundness, that kind of epic myth, because it’s close to the polar point, brighter, even more shocking, making everyone aware of holding the breath, forgotten the others, in a landscape like this.

    the grey mist’s Klein is the same.

    That’s the king of Giant’s family.

    That’s the real Divine State.

    After ten seconds, Demon Hunter Colin pulled up his sword, half the body, for Shepherd Lovia:

    “Try the situation on both sides of the road, I’m not very clear.”

    Two inkgreen symbols in his eyes are slowly being dispersed.

    Lovia “Well,” one, two steps ahead, came to the door.

    There is a stadium around the stairs, and the front is building a fence of grey stone pillar, the largest building in the region, where there is a giant blue grey gate gate, which seems to be very solemn on both sides with countless mysterious symbols.

    The corridors, stairs, etc., connect the crowded palace with the high tower, the atmosphere and the beauty.

    Lovia’s silver gray hair floats up, showers on the ground with the stones of the sunlight, and then brings together a grey human puppet.

    This human puppet has nothing spirituality, like a manipulated puppet, walking towards the left.

    It goes along the stairs, in the depressed orange red light, under one layer, helping the team to identify the situation.

    Suddenly, it’s physically stuck, a path of the stringent silver light from inside, making it countless fragments.

    Shepherd Lovia was not frightened, and another stone was produced in accordance with the steps just taken to get it to the right.

    This time, the stoneman went to the end of the stairs and stayed at the entrance of the lower palace, without any accident.

    Demon Hunter Colin focused on the entire spectrum until then the mouth and said:

    “Let’s go right, but be careful.”

    Although there was no attempt to detect any danger, the fact that he was unable to see the substantive situation with exceptional capacity could in itself illustrate many problems.

    As a result of this reminder, Derrick and the others have become more spiritual and three groups have begun to help each other slowly.

    Walk along that high stairs, Joshua, wearing crimson gloves, suddenly heard a little bit of noise from behind him.

    It’s like someone’s slowly, quietly following them.

    And the “Shepherd” Elder Lovia behind them is at this point on the side, as she can see from the left eye, that footsteps are never made by her.

    Joshua has a cold heart, busy with said solemnly:

    “I have footsteps behind me.”

    Lovia went through his head, so that silver Knight silhouette, about five metres, was flowing up before he could hit Joshua’s back with a flame of extreme red flames.

    After a few seconds of quiet, this “Shepherd” Elder shook the head:


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