Lord of the Mysteries v6c1

    Beckland Bridge region, inside a hotel.

    Klein, in addition to thinking that it belongs to oneself, is no longer in control, and even eyes are difficult to move.

    He knows very well that this should be a deep “birth”.

    And in such a situation, he can only face fear and Despair Landlooks at the front, look at them wearing a single glass, look at it, look like the “Eniyuni” of Amon’s original model, and the reverse needle crosses one step, and opens his mouth and opens his mouth, with a good word and a low Chinese reading:

    “blessings of the Black and Yellow Immortal Lord.”

    … Whether he stole my idea or my Chinese capacity… it should be the former or not be able to take control of this ceremony… Klein hole is unable to release the Earth’s look at at it, with unprecedented anxiety.

    Amon, wearing a single glass, seems to have felt his emotions, looking at him on the side, laughed, and once again the reverse needle crosses one step, whispering in Chinese:

    “blessings of the Black and Yellow Heavenly Monarch.”

    Then, this Blasphemer is very skilled to move down the ceremony, and every step, every single spell, makes Klein’s heart deeper in the dark swamp, and it doesn’t seem to see any more light.

    “… blessings of the Black and Yellow Heavenly Lord.”

    Amon came out of the last step, and when he read the last spell, Kleins immediately floated into an uninterrupted grey fog, while the ear was ringing the overlapping prayer sound of the layer.

    No need to listen carefully, his spiritual sense is clear what this means:

    After the promotion of Ancient Scholar, he had initial control of the “source castle”, whether or not he had the right ceremony and the corresponding spell, and had to be allowed to enter above the grey mist!

    Deny him! Klein was happy in the heart, and a clear idea was raised.

    But he just came up with this idea and forgotten it, standing there, like a rock sculpture.

    His refusal was stolen by Amon.

    “…” Klein has felt Despair again, but the silence of the grey fog and heling in his eyes has not disappeared.

    … Klein was startled first, and he knew what happened:

    I get it! I have to go personally to above the grey mist, manipulate the “source castle”, give permission to order Amon to get in there! There is no acquiescence!

    That idea, like the same straw, was seized by Klein without the slightest hesitation so that oneself could sink into the water in silence and no one knew.

    While he doesn’t know how to take advantage of this, his instinct tells him that the only hope and the slightest possibility may be hidden here.

    And then Amon stopped trying to put his eyes on Klein.

    Obviously, he was not able to successfully enter the “source castle”.

    This “Angel of Time” is on the right eye with a single glass, with no change in the face of said with a smile:

    “esteemed Mister Fool, your idea of saving yourself is interesting.”

    Amon used the standard Ruen language, but each word seemed to be able to mobilize the power of nature and create a round of “explosions” in Klein’s mind.

    … How can he confirm that I am the Fool, not the favored one of the Fool, that Klein has been cold, and that the hopes that have just flown into the water again.

    “How can I be sure?” Amon “made a sound, pulled the chair down and pointed out the opposite bench,” Sit down, don’t be welcome. “

    He tone barely fell, Klein took his steps and sat on the bench.

    Amon looked around the room, grabbed his hand, stole Kleins Black Silk top hat, put it on the top of oneself, and said, “The horn is laughing:

    “Do you think I didn’t know that the ceremony just couldn’t succeed?

    “How long did it happen to me?” How could I forget?

    “I just want to look at your reaction, and you’re conscious of Despair and the refusal that you could have made is interesting. How could you have a similar idea if you weren’t the one who called yourself the Fool?

    “Dear Mister Fool, am I right?”

    In the course of four successive inquiries, Amon’s mood is rather pleasant, like the old Hunter who grabbed the fox tail.

    … fraudulently… Klein has reminded each other why it is not disappointed at all.

    His consciousness wanted to deny it, but after the power of the head, it was just a silent saying:

    “You killed me.”

    Can I speak now? Klein’s busy trying to control the body, but it’s totally impossible.

    Next second, he was prepared to read the “Goddess of the Night” esteemed name, but that idea was lost immediately.

    faced with the thin Amon, the Blasphemer pushed a single glass of the right eye and kept that exciting state of affairs:

    “So you can be reborn in ‘bourbon’?”

    … Dialogue with this guy, the more wrong it is, the more Klein shut up and no more.

    Amon, smile at shook the head:

    “Don’t be so afraid, actually, there is no contradiction between us.”

    Uh… human puppet sat on a bench like Klein, and did not respond.

    Amon’s a little forward, look at his eyes, keep saying with a smile:

    “Our only contradiction is‘ bourbon ’.

    “But do you really want to shoulder that Destiny, and really don’t worry about the original owner of the” source burger “coming back to you?”

    … The phrase refers to Klein’s most interested point in making him sometime unaware of what to say.

    Amon pinned a single glass of underwater crystal sculptures and didn’t ask Klein to answer, smiled and said:

    “You give me ‘bourbon’, and all the problems are solved.

    “In that case, the original owner of the ‘source burger’ could be resurrected, the corresponding Destiny could bear, and it would be me, not you, to worry about it.

    “And, the ‘doors’ and the little Zarath hunt, Night’s gift, my paranoid brother follow-up arrangement, will be my substitute for you.

    “And you, get rid of all this, do a Sequence III that belongs only to oneself.

    “Oh, why would I kill you? A Sequence 3, what is necessary for me to kill? Even if you want to recover identity, that’s the kind of thing that can be. My prey will only be Pales, little Zarath and ‘doors’, and the rest look at me purely.

    “As for the organization you set up, I can keep it for you, which is interesting and interesting.

    “If you think this price is not enough, can I make you my favored one, hehe, are you pretending ‘the Fool’ or ‘Angel of Time’ Amon in Silver City? And then it becomes true, and I’ll lead them out of land Abandoned by God, and see the light outside.

    “By then, you will have the opportunity to promote Sequence Two, to become Angel.”

    … it’s just that all my troubles are taken over the past, and only the benefits remain… to make True God and to take control of Klein, which is not too ambitious for itself, and if Amon was not known to be the top fraudster, he would have wanted to answer it on the spot, but finally, he would have been expressionless open to the mouth and said:

    “You killed me.”

    “Will you just say that?” Amon’s not angry, but happy to see at Klein Road.

    For him, this is a very interesting thing, and it is entirely conceivable that the difficulties encountered in the process will only make the pleasures of success more prosperous.

    I’m just a relentless reader… and Klein slows down the pessimism and Despair in his heart with a spit, and doesn’t answer:

    “How do you know Silver City thinks‘ The Fool ’is you?”

    He dared to say that Silver City also suspected that the Fool was God, who Amon now believed, and feared to be angry with each other.

    Of course, if Amon was the type that lost IQ after being angry, Klein would certainly try to do it because he now doubted that, after initial control of the “source burger”, the post-death resurgence of oneself would be above the grey mist, but unfortunately, Amon was not King of Angels of Storm Path, but rather the “tricky God” of the Fourth era that gave True God headaches.

    Amon laughed:

    “Do you think I have only two clone in Silver City? Since you ‘The Fool’ and that ‘The Hanged Man’ were involved, I’d be happy to be quiet.”

    … Silver City and Amon clone are present… well, the members of the “Royal Court of Giants” exploratory team were not “sent”, and this is certain… that Klein’s spirit is so close that Leonard once told him that seeing an Amon meant a bunch of Amon, not just two or three.

    Without thinking much, Klein tried to find a way back, thereby creating opportunities:

    “You don’t take my Destiny directly because you can’t bear it now?”

    Amon, clear nodded:

    “Yeah, so I want to make a deal with you peacefully.

    “But since you refuse, I can only take you to my instinct, to a safe place, and then take your Destiny, and then your end will not be as good as I said.”

    and speaking, the black hair, the black eye, the grace, the skinny face man slowed up, walked to the door, Klein stood up, followed by the back, like the same human puppet.

    When Detective Open Gate, Amon seems to have remembered a question, pushing down a single glass of crystal sculptures, surrounding the body, looking back to Klein Avenue:

    “What’s your fourth sentence, Ancient Scholar?”

    In mysticism, each of the corresponding esteemed names is not so stringent, and as long as the limits can be narrowed to no disagreement in the correct format and in certain descriptions, they can be directed to the corresponding hidden existence, which is why a number of evil cults do not understand mysticism at all and confuse makes some esteemed name, but can receive feedback.

    Of course, if not the esteemed name given by hidden existence oneself, it would not be possible to enjoy “automatic response” treatment, it would be possible to establish a link and see that the presence was not interested in the petitioner.

    Amon used oneself’s knowledge of “Ancient Scholar” and Gehrman Sparrow, and his ability to “Thief” path Sequence Seven “Deciphering Scholar” had also developed a complete esteemed name with precise guidance to Gehrman Sparrow, without trying to make contact with “automatic response” to locate each other because his divinity instincts told him that the fourth sentence would fail.

    Klein’s brain could have slipped the right fourth sentence of esteemed name, but it was not intended to tell each other.

    And that’s when Amon opened his mouth and read out what he just thought:

    “The protector of Beckland’s magic and theatre…”

    This Angel of Time, Blasphemer, has not spoken for a few seconds since his completion.

    And then he laughed, and he laughed very happy.

    By the end of the laugh, Amon pushed a single glass on the right eye, said with a smile:

    “honestly speaking, that’s interesting.

    “You really don’t think about doing my favored one?”

    Klein opened his mouth and said the familiar answer:

    “You killed me.”

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