Lord of the Mysteries v6c2

    I heard Kleins answering, Amon smiling shook the head, pulling the door and saying,

    “How do you think of this esteemed name?”

    “There are few such esteemed names that have to be linked to themselves and to avoid being locked up by someone using prayering’s own response.” See already revealed that Klein has nothing to hide, and he hopes that a possible opportunity will be gained through similar dialogue.

    At the same time, he was thinking about how to save himself:

    “I’m deeply ‘born’, what’s wrong with Amon’s thoughts, and it’s easy for him to feel and detect…

    “Today is Saturday, and it’s almost Monday, and if the Fool has no sign of stopping Tarot Meeting, the other members will surely fear, panic, doubt, and in this case, those who have the ‘World‘ method of communication will certainly try summon messengers, ask the reasons, and believe that young Lady, once approaching me, will find Amon’s presence, and then take advantage of ‘yesterday’s resurgence’ of ‘talisman restoring Peak’s status, and have a little chance to save me from Amon clone.”

    “The most important thing for me now is to hold on, ‘live’ for two days!

    “By the way, since Amon can’t steal my Destiny now, why did he just try to deal peacefully? Even if I did, he wouldn’t dare let me go to above the grey mist for permission, which means I’m out of his control, and I can use the ‘source fort’ to purify and fight ‘Parasite’.

    “Could it be that the ‘promise’ itself is an open switch that does not require a follow-up process?

    “Amon didn’t mean to mention that.

    “It’s cheating on me!”

    Klein took the light and decided to delay as much as two days as possible, and Amon’s focus remained on that esteemed name that neither made nor Angel think.

    He walked out of the door, grabbed the jaw of oneself:

    “Have you ever protected Beckland’s magic and theatre performance?”

    I protected a ‘Master of Magic Tricks’… with a plan that Klein would have been more cooperative than just now, and simply answered:

    “I’m an ‘Magician’ myself, and I’ve done it many times in Beckland.”

    Amon nodded with a single glass:

    “Barely founded.”

    He then walked out of the hotel room and walked along the stairs to the streets, and Klein was like a servant, and acted behind it without exception.

    On the right hand, Amon forged a single glass of oneself, sighing said with a smile:

    “I’m so sorry.”

    “Regrettably what?” Klein asked for confusion.

    I’ve been caught by you. What else do you need to regret?

    Amon pushed the top of the silk top hat, keeping the smile just now:

    “You can guess, if you can guess, I can make you feel better.”

    Klein has no faith in his commitment to shake his head directly in order not to be fraudulent with more secrets:

    “Guess not.”

    “No.” Amon briefly gave an evaluation, right hand got a fist, lightly on a single glass.

    People on the street, trees next to the tunnel, roofs, rats on the mud corner and all kinds of living creature in the body that are not visible in the air, each flew out of a fantastic worm silhouette, like stars, to Amon.

    The goddess were raised to Angel’s level when Gerton was there.

    And Kleins’ left hand lifted, and human skin’s glove suddenly became transparent.

    This is “teleportation”.

    – At this moment, Klein, the only “Hungers Squirming” in his clothes is true, and the rest is his ability to use Faceless Man and gloves as a material.

    … See the “Travel” is about to begin, Klein has gone through and said:

    “Why not” teleportation “in the room?”

    Amon took him away from Beckland, which he expected, was, after all, a place where King of Angels needed some attention, but Klein was unable to understand why the other side was normal open Gate, down the stairs and out of the hotel.

    The one behind Amon’s single glasses swept Klein’s eyes, and the corner slowed down:

    “I’ve answered you. I’m sorry you didn’t ask Pales for help.”

    This “Angel of Time” face has a clear smile, but black pupils have no sense of emotion, and Klein has a cold life.

    He, he’s sure I got a connection with Pales Zarathustra… because of the last thing? No, stop! Klein tried meditation and tried to control oneself from being stolen by Amon.

    Amon didn’t care about the people who panicked on the street, looking up at grey mist’s skies:

    “Only for the next time, the most important thing now is to take you to that place.”

    at the same time, Klein and silhouette on Amon became transparent, disappearing at the entrance of the hotel, and none of them felt anything unusual.

    After the passage of various colours of spiritual world lifeform and overlapping depression, Klein and Amon appeared above a sea.

    Their feet are huge stitches, and blue water is cut out here, and waterfalls fall vertically into a deep “darkness” that can never be filled.

    This is the entrance to Battle of Gods.

    Klein’s heart moves and says:

    “Are you taking me to land Abandoned by God?”

    Amon’s single-eyed glasses have shown the “waterfall” of the resurrection, and he has lightened his head and answered it with a random kiss:

    “Yes, there, even your messenger, can no longer feel you with the contract contact.”

    The “Land Abandoned by God” and the spiritual al al world are clearly blocked and can be connected only by relying on the “source burger”.

    Amon knew what I was going to do… and the flame of hope that Klein just erupted was destroyed by the cold reality.

    He can’t find another way to save himself for now.

    At this point, Amon, who was based in half an empty language, said:

    “If not my tomb in Beckland was destroyed by Church of Steam, we could use ‘Abyss’ as a springboard for the direct past and would not need such trouble.”

    … Klein slightly shifted the subject:

    “Abyss’ connecting ‘land Abandoned by God’?”

    “No.” Amon shook the head, and it’s kind of comfortable to say, “but I can use some of its characteristics to go anywhere.”

    “I hear there have been some bad changes in Abyss.” Klein’s heart moves, trying to find out.

    Amon went through his head, looked at him, didn’t cover up the curiosity of oneself:

    “You know that.”

    “Well, I’ve been thinking about ‘Abyss’.” Klein didn’t say much that King of Angels who feared being found by this Thief path could read Mister Russell diary.

    And then Amon suddenly laughed:

    “You, exploring Abyss?”

    “What’s so funny?” Klein itself is interested in what mutation happened to Abyss, and this opportunity to work with Amon to try to know more.

    He tone barely fell, suddenly with a new spiritual sense:

    With the dialogue with Amon, more historical secrets have been taken to wipe out “Ancient Scholar magical medicine” at a very rapid pace, to see if this could lead to greater control of the “source burger” and escape the current dilemma.

    This idea goes a long way, and Klein is busy controlling oneself and no longer thinking about something like that.

    On his question, Amon laughed:

    “You go ‘Abyss’, like a wonderful gift, to the people who want it.”

    “‘Dark Side of the Universe’? ‘” Klein was first shocked, that is, to think about it.

    Amon nodded:

    “He was the only surviving ancient God, Sovereign of Devils Farbauti, now, oh.”

    Amon didn’t finish, jumped from a half-empty wind to that huge and fantastic crack.

    Klein then lost the wind support and fell down.

    Somehow after that, the fountain water flows fast, leaving him and Amon on on the other side.

    Just entered “Battle of Gods Monuments”, shot by bright sunshine, and the steep of Klein’s ears suddenly struck a slogan with a strong madness.

    It’s like a detailed steel needle, crossed his ear, stabbed into his brain, and left him alone with familiarity, with a tremendous pain taking over every thought.

    And his “worm”, forming Legendary Creature Form, has gradually evolved and seems to be born out of his mind, which does not belong to him.

    True Creator!

    In response, Klein was able to resist it, but it was difficult to sustain it for too long and could not go too far before “Battle of Gods Monuments”.

    And at this point, he saw the single glasses on Amon’s right eye that took all the light around, became very bright and white.

    Then the darkness of depression dominated the sky.

    Amon just stole the day of Battle of Gods!

    In the dark, this clone, Angel of Time, landed on an island with Klein, and let him sleep on stone pillar.

    Soon, Klein came to that grey mist dream world and saw black repair of Dao Academy and cliffs across the spectacular “Royal Court of Giants” projection.

    Amon, with black silk top hat and crystal glasses, appeared next to him and smiled at pointing to the yellow “Royal Court of Giants” projection:

    “There’s land Abandoned by God’s entrance.”

    Klein thought about it, raising the doubts of oneself:

    “Isn’t it necessary to enter a dream in a given location before opening the entrance?”

    He couldn’t hold up another glimmer of hope, thinking that Amon would have wasted one or two weeks’ time on Battle of Gods.

    “Yes.” Amon did not deny Kleins’ assertion, and the gesture said, “If you want to open the entrance, you must always arrive at the heart of this monumental ocean, which may cost more than a month, and experience many of the risks that you are currently unable to afford, and I don’t need to.”

    ‘Cause you’re Child of the Creator?’ Klein’s thinking.

    “No.” Amon walked alone and turned around the door to black repairing Dao Academy, “this chaotic place, broken order, rules mutation, too many places to be used.”

    This “Angel of Time” side, looks to the other side of Klein:

    “Sequence Zero of Thief’s path has an abstract name, ‘wrong’.

    “This is my father’s name, who used to refer to a strange, unknown word of origin:


    “This translation came from Destiny’s wooden horse, Time’s worm, the loopholes in the rules, all the wrong incarnation.”

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