Lord of the Mysteries v6c72

        Got the “Star of the stick,” at the same time, Klein other hand to remove the air from a Gold Coin, Zheng bang bounce.

In the tumbling of Gold Coin, the inspiration from “divination” naturally appeared in his mind:

 [19,459,001] That is a very deep and ravines, at the bottom there is a “gray” broad layers of pouring heavy construction.

Every detail restores the Chernobyl that Klein saw at first, but the source is not the spiritual world, but Klein’s own subconscious.


he means “dreamland divination” tips that will read the images reproduced in the mind.


As soon as this scene was sketched out, the gems embedded in the “Star Staff” shimmered, with Klein’s historical pore image disappearing momentarily, and then appeared over the gray building.


It’s just one second, Klein returned to Chernobyl from the easternmost part of Land Abandoned by God!


This is one of the key capabilities “Star Staff”: the holder of the corresponding scenes come to mind, if real, is still there, that the “Star of the stick,” let him cross all obstacles and no matter how far the distance, directly advent destination point.


Of course, the prerequisite is to outline the picture must be absolutely correct, and the original there must be no naked eye visible difference.


The reason why Klein chose the deep gully where Chernobyl is located, rather than the gray and yellow misty wasteland, is because he knows the King of Giants younger, “God of Honor” Bradell gets rid of the curse completely After passing away, that place will definitely undergo great changes. The only thing that will not be affected is mysterious Chernobyl, which was valued by the ancient Sun God and Amon father and son.


This is not to say that Yousui gully and gray building will not have naked eye visible changes, Klein is already done “teleportation” failed, destination unknown prepare, anyway, are false, and hands the item is false, lost not a pity.


mid-air, with a “Star of the stick,” the Klein not had time to look at the surrounding circumstances, the people suddenly sank to the bottom of the fall to go.


did not wear a “Hunger’s Squirming”, also unchanged form of birds living creature of him, there is no ability to fly.


So, do n’t look at the half God of “Divinator” path is so weird terrifying, in fact, it also has the ordinary human race side.


Klein had a remarkable ability in his mind when he switched his mind.


The “Star Wand” subsequently glowed with different colors, causing winds and violent winds to blow around.


These winds entangled Klein, causing his black trench coat, oh la la, to rise, his body slowly falling.


In this process, Klein’s right hand shook, and the historical pore projection of the “Star Staff” returned to its normal position, lest some accidents caused by his instinct to imagine some pictures.


Immediately afterwards, he held down the half-height silk top hat above his head with his left hand, and dragged a horse lantern from inside the Void just after the high-altitude lightning had just passed.


lantern faint yellow light shining in Mans, Klein buckle wear no shoes on both feet firmly standing on the ground at the bottom of the deep and ravines, endless dark around as if hidden in one after another Monster.


In front of him was Chernobyl, which was cast from “grey” layers.

 [19,459,001] under the action of high-altitude lightning and a lantern in the hands of, Klein soon found a situation: [19,459,002]

There is no door to this thick and wide gray building!


Um, every place is sealed … I remember that the ancient Sun God opened an unreal gap on the gray wall … Klein thoughtfully found that place in the memory and chanted spoke “the Fool” of esteemed name.


Land Abandoned by God The easternmost side, next to the frozen fog near the Moon City, the Klein body hiding in the historical pores immediately entered the source fortress, using the praying light spot, swept through Chernobyl with “real vision” Case.


wasteland piece Yousui the gully and sallow residual mist, not a Amon.

 [19,459,001] As for Chernobyl itself, Klein even if the “Source Castle” “real vision” to provide, can not see what is inside: [19,459,002]

Under the layers of “gray” seems to be absolute nothingness, without any color.


It really isn’t easy … It is indeed the place where the ancient Sun God and Silver City Creator came out … Klein sighed in his heart, quickly left the “source castle” and returned to the historical fragments before the first era.


Chernobyl outside Klein regain consciousness, explore hand out the “Limano’s travel notebook” from the air.


He quickly turned to one of the pages, ready to use “Apprentice” of “Open Gate”.


such a move for Klein, in fact, is a bit reckless, but considering that this is only the history of the pores in the image, I felt no problem.


The Extraordinary of the “Divinator” path has both attributes of caution and recklessness. When preparing, be cautious, and when you are ready, recklessly, showing the duality of caution and recklessness … In Klein’s self-voicing, he passed the obstacle silently and entered Chernobyl interior.


again and again, “Open Gate”, he finally left the “gray” place pouring saw in front of a half-open the heavy iron gate.


This is not high iron gate, which is about two meters Fifth, apparently to human race preparation.

 [19,459,001] in front of it, there are two beaches and two black marks than any current era sci-fi weapons and firearms are more temperament.
 Seen a bit like when

both the firearms and Klein past life turned some magazines, but he is not a hobby in this area who can not be sure.


Klein did not pick up, the study also did not try, because his spirituality intuition told him that the two weapons like firearms has been completely corrosion, touch any point will make them an instant collapse, into foam.


saw his eyes, Klein dispersed “Limano’s travel notebook”, carrying a lantern after dark from the beach between the two marks, he came behind the iron gate.


There is a wide aisle, flanked by a another room sizes, and some artifacts inside tables and chairs dumping, some Enron, some missing half of the walls of the ground everywhere black trace.


“looks like a research institute ……” Klein from the residual of things and the overall layout, with the initial judgment.


He didn’t need to look for it, he soon found that in a Machine collapsed room, there were several yellowish papers on the table.


This seems to be who after collecting readily placed there.


ancient Sun God, or Amon? Klein hesitated for two seconds, finally stepped into the room.


lantern dim rays of light which dispels the darkness, he picked up a few pages, a quick up.


Ten seconds later, Klein put down the paper, and there was a slight twitch in the corner of his mouth.


word that a few sheets of paper, he almost do not know any!


my past life can only barely passed English, not to mention other languages? Klein suddenly felt the mood of the rest of Extraordinary World to see Mister Russell this diary.


he slowly sighed, put his hand to the void, to come up with an item.


This is Zhou Mingrui saved some money before, when preparing to travel abroad, bought a translator, when holding Luck Reversal Ceremony, it was in the computer bag next to it.


For Klein, the biggest advantage of this translator now is that it can be translated offline-as long as it does not exceed the built-in thesaurus.


After some manipulation, he finally understood what was written on those pages:


“… Study on the re-oiling situation of Qiangan Oilfield … Why do we need to build a research institute in a place that others cannot think of?”


“… God, what did they find deep in the oil field …”


“… This is really some wonderful material …”


“… What the hell happened? Court Academecian just turned into a puddle of black oil in front of me!”


“… more and more people have become oil and this institute is blocked outside … no one can leave, no one can leave …”


“… Crazy, all crazy, only we are normal, but our food is almost exhausted …”


“…… I seem to have had auditory hallucinations, the ground seems to have heard the sound, it summon me, I summon him in!”


This is a section of plain straightforward text to see Klein spine inexplicable cold, a kind of oneself is also a step towards madness, to the feeling of death.


At the same time, in his mind a single thought naturally occurring head: [19,459,002]

from underground pollution.


when everything is to study the cause of dried oil field discovered some strange geological materials, made unnecessary in-depth experiments? Then, World destroyed? But if it is a disaster caused by such an accident, then it doesn’t make sense for me, Great Emperor Russell and the others to get the item that helps us “cross over” in advance … Maybe there is an accident in the necessity, and the necessity is hidden in the accident? Pollution of underground has in fact been affecting human race World, but not significantly, only intermittent bring some mysterious event, wait until this research forward, “Him” completely wake up? Klein subconsciously mouth to swallow saliva.


he carried the lantern, pulled out of the room, toward the depths of the line to the Institute, and pay close attention to what is around the interesting thing to note.


left tens of seconds, his eyes suddenly darken a lot.


lantern dim rays of light in front of that area to be swallowed half!


Klein took a closer look and found that there was a “cliff” outside the two steps.

 [19,459,001] that part of the Institute collapsed into the ground, deep dark nothingness, no end in sight.
 Between [19,459,001] vague, Klein almost hear the silent cries that come from deep underground, in a direct response within his mind.

this feeling, Klein has had, it is within the hall honest bronze door brings.


he micro frown, stepped back a few steps, ready to lift the pores to maintain the historical image.


At this time, a shriveled to just skin and bones of the palm of the probe out of the photo is not lit darkness, caught at the edge of the “cliff” of.


Then, a silhouette jumped out and fell in front of Klein.


He wears a soft pointed hat, a classical black robe, and a monocle in his right eye socket, which is “Angel of Time” Amon.


but this Amon status is not too normal, like a skeleton covered with film.


Klein stepped back a few steps subconsciously, and Amon flesh and blood filled quickly at looks at his eyes.


He pushed a monocle, said with a smile:


“as many visitors. [19,459,002]

“You are?”

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