Lord of the Mysteries v6c73

         I’m? Klein, who was about to release the maintenance of historical pore images, was stunned by the problem of Amon.

He controlled oneself and did not frown slightly, instead of asking:


“Aren’t you the essence of Amon?”


Amon standing on the edge of the “cliff” took a step forward and said with a smile:


Of course not.


“Do you seem to know my ontology, or other clones?”

 [19,459,001] although across the Amon no hands, this step forward can be his, still it brings untold pressure on Klein, managed to not stress back, exposing their timid.

he “ah” sound, deep responded: [19,459,002]

“So I’m surprised you don’t even know me.”


“Are you famous?” This Amon crawling out of nothingness laughed and teased, and then raised his hand to straighten the crystal monocle worn by his right eye.


This action freezes for a few seconds before it ends, and Amon whispers as if thinking:


“There is no other me nearby … Is it really not there, or is it completely disconnected?”


What accident happened that caused this prisoner to stand up? No, I can’t believe anything this guy shows. He is a top fraudster … Klein first moved in his heart, then he held back his thoughts and asked:


“Why did you crawl out of the ground?”


That Amon expression returned to normal, laughed:




Regardless of whether it is the body or the clone, the bad character is the same … Klein uttered a rumor, and tentatively answered:


“You are exploring the secrets of the ground.”


Amon lightly nodded and said:


“Isn’t this obvious?”


He turned his body halfway, pointing at the dark secretly thought that the rays of light in front of the “cliff” could not be illuminated:


“I father climbed out of here like I just did.


“Ah yes, it has a name, you should have heard,” Sea of ​​Chaos. “


“Sea of ​​Chaos”? The “Chaos of the Seas”, one of the nine “primitives” … it really is hidden deep in the ground … is the pollution behind the bronze gate really brought by it? I had previously completed mysticism knowledge in this area, and also relied on a chat with Amon … The ancient Sun God was originally a member of this institute, and then fell into the “chaotic sea” deep in the ground during the collapse, until the second era Wake up and crawl out? Because he was only an ordinary person at that time, according to the law that the higher the sequence, the more dangerous it is to get closer to the ground, but not affected much? Klein’s thoughts turned quickly, remembering one thing after another, making one guess after another.


Two or three seconds later, he cooperated and said:


“So you ventured into it, looking for the buried history and the truth of the World?”


“It’s roughly like that.” Then Amon pinched the upper and lower edges of the monocle, and said with a mockery, “But I’m not willing.”


“Ah?” Klein expressed oneself’s question in simple pronunciation.


Amon smiled and said:


“Everyone knows that the depths of the ground are dangerous, and I don’t want oneself to go down. We tried a lot of devious methods, including making Secret Puppet instead of oneself, but all were unsuccessful and we couldn’t get feedback.


“In the end, under the auspices of the body, we had a fair vote, unfortunately, I was selected.” [19,459,002]

… Amon has not been completely crazy until now, it is a miracle … It is indeed “the god of mischief”, and internal decisions must be made in such a spoof way … Klein restrained the urge to vomit: [ 19459002]

“Then, you jumped on oneself?”


“can not wait to be dropped Them Go.” That Amon start sharing the road.


Here, it seems to finally understand what whispered to himself: [19,459,002]

” ‘Chaos sea’ Let me body contact with the surrounding clone of disconnected? [19,459,002]

“I’m independent?”


independent …… I honest in front of the hall before the bronze, feeling every cell of every “Spirit worm” in the birth of a new consciousness, a notion …… Amon clone is different from the body directly into the ” “Chaotic sea”, it is normal to have a similar mutation … An independent Amon clone should be able to effectively pit the Amon ontology … No, I can’t believe it … Klein just confirmed the words of Amon in front of his own experience and warned him oneself must not believe in “the god of fraud”.


He smiled and said:


“I doubt you cheat me.” [19,459,002]

Amon helped Fu Jingjing’s single eye, and looked up and down Klein for a few seconds:


“Do you believe I did not make any sense to, even if I want to find partner, you will not be so weak guy.” [19,459,002]

In the age of the eighth King of Angels, did you and the “Red Angel” Medici go very close … Anyway, Klein made up his mind not to believe that Amon was independent now, and tried to ask:


“you find in the ‘sea of ​​chaos’ of what?”


“A lot of, you guess what.” That Amon smile Road.


“found nothing.” Klein said, deliberately so.


Amon shook the head:


“I should think the other way too, and because I have n’t come out for a long time and haven’t responded, it is reasonable to think that I have been digested and corrupted by the” Chaos of Chaos. “


After waiting for Klein’s response, this Amon took care of himself and said:


“The Sea of ​​Chaos” is very large, almost filling the earth’s center, and submerging it to the next level. It is also one after another, which places equal emphasis on reality and illusion. There is a direct source of ‘source matter’ in the real world. What is not completely illusory, hidden somewhere, is absolutely true, coexisting with reality.


“I found a very interesting thing in it. The first piece ‘Flagstone of Blasphemy’ should have been born there, but was later pulled by some forces and left the ground before it was incomplete.


“My father may have browsed the‘ Flagstone of Blasphemy ’at first, so when he fell, he would condense his residue into a second piece‘ Flagstone of Blasphemy ’.”


This is the origin of the two “Flagstone of Blasphemy”? No wonder the ancient Sun God was so powerful in the late second era … Klein vaguely understood something, and asked subconsciously:


“What’s the difference between the two ‘Flagstone of Blasphemy’?”


Amon adjusted the position of the lower crystal monocle:


“second piece” Flagstone of Blasphemy “changed some sequence names and added a part of content.


“Those contents contain secrets beyond sequence.”


“Beyond sequence?” Klein’s pupils widened slightly, only oneself has long been initially speculated, “Become a Creator?”


Amon smiled and said:


“Almost, but this description is not accurate enough.


“I like to call that level” sequence above “, and some True God names it in other ways, some call it” old days “, some call it” foreign gods “, and some call it” starry sky ” ‘To refer to.’


“Star” …… Klein heard the term, spirituality intuition began frantically warning.


He remembered clearly that Arianna, the leader of As­cetic of the Church of the Night, told him that, below the Angel level, do n’t try to understand the starry sky, otherwise just understanding itself will bring great danger!


Without hesitation, Klein, who was hiding in the historical pores before the first era, gave up the maintenance of projection, stood up in the old city layer by layer, and took four steps.


Almost at the same time, the violent lightning that Land Abandoned by God continued to pass over the sky subsided, and the endless darkness disappeared.


A huge Scarlet Moon occupies one-half of the sky.


The rays of light on Scarlet Moon’s surface are stretched, as if alive.


Outside this World, a crimson sea flows on the moon that orbits the earth, which floods everything, as if to contain and digest this huge natural satellite.


When Klein learned about the “old days”, “foreign gods” and “starry sky”, the sea of ​​blood was boiling.


They quickly condensed to the middle and piled up continuously, eventually forming a whole body blood red, unable to see the specific appearance of phantom.


This phantom is many times larger than the moon and has countless eyes. “It” looks down at the blue planet, and sets its sights on the Klein ontology that has been connected by understanding!


And as the red sea “retreated”, many potholes appeared on the moon’s surface.


Looking from the ground, Moon is no longer crimson, bright and cold, unchanged for hundreds of millions of years.


In the farther universe, brown stars, orange stars, red stars, venus, and blue stars flicker at the same time, as if blinking their eyes.


In the fog of history, Klein’s body surface emerged one after another blisters, and each blister contained a mutated “spirit bug”, which respectively faced the faces of Zhou Mingrui, Klein Moretti, Gehrman Sparrow, and Dawn Dantes. Hole trying hard to drill out.


Klein’s thoughts quickly became chaotic, and the entire spiritual body seemed to be divided by the invisible blade, but he still managed to finish the last mantra:


“blessings of the Black and Yellow Heavenly Lord!”


Silently and silently, Klein’s spiritual body passed through the grey mist and entered the “source fort”. The power of the entire space boiled on its own, wrapping him up with turbulence, absorbing a ray of black energy, each red light, each and everyone blisters, cut off the invisible connection.


After nearly ten seconds, Klein, who was struggling and tumbling, finally recovered his sobriety and stood up holding the high back chair.


internal Chernobyl, standing in the “cliff” edge Amon pushed crystal eye wearing a monocle, whispered channel:


“Well …… so quickly.” [19,459,002]

If Klein slows down for another second and sinks into that chaotic state without having to release the maintenance of historical pore images, then Amon can cheat the connection between the projection and the ontology and appear directly in the corresponding historical fragments.


above the grey mist, Klein sat down and rubbed his forehead:


“That Amon really is lying …


“He should be the clone who stayed at Chernobyl. After learning that I was here, because he could not bypass the historical projection and deal directly with the ontology, and did not necessarily have the strength of the Sequence Two Angel, he hid behind the” cliff “to Somewhere between the “Chaos of Chaos”, pretending to have just climbed out, and cloned independently of the body, to commit fraud …


“He apparently tried to make me believe that clone is independent and can cooperate, so that I focused on this aspect, but actually contained danger in the words …


“Even if it ’s just a normal conversation with the” God of Fraud “, you will be deceived …


“However, in order to achieve his purpose, he also gave a sufficient amount of secret …”

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