Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 228


Every day, seeing the visible speed reduction of the naked eye of the huge amount of 200,000 dollars, Diego was also very anxious. He was really worried about being defeated by his grandfather.

But he can’t say it, because he is a youngster pretending to be stupid.

“Master, where is my daughter-in-law?” Diego asked dumbly.

Nuo Kox was taken aback and patted his head.

“Yes, yes! How did I forget such an important thing.”

A simple meal at the Merlot Hotel. For the Nuo Kox of the past few days, they really had a simple meal, but it was Osborne’s salary for almost a year.

Osborne looked at the bill in front of him, Both eyes are spiritless.

“Poverty limits my imagination.”

After a simple meal, he ate his salary for almost a year. Originally, he felt that he was so far away from the rich not at all imagined, but now that he wants to come, he is already as different as heaven and earth.

Under Kox’s three requirements, Osborne could only brace oneself and take Diego to Martial Goddess troops.

The first sight of entering the Martial Goddess troop is not that the female soldiers of the Martial Goddess troop are training with sweat, but not far away is a flower stand full of colorful women’s underwear.

The bra Aslan is a shirk for Maru in every possible way, but it is the priority equipment for the female troops in the country. After all, during training, the chest is constantly shaking with two pieces of meat, which will affect the training.

As for the bra, although Osborne has never seen it, he has heard of it more or less, not to mention that there are multi-colored small inner inners with different shapes.

Even fools can see that something is wrong.

Osborne hurriedly called out: “Wait a minute, I’ll go and say hello to Ashley Great Captain.”

But when he turned his head after talking, he was almost frightened.

Diago picked up a bra and raised it up, constantly looking at it.

Finally, cover the two thick cloths directly on the face and cover the eyes.

“Wow, this is great and convenient. I won’t be afraid of the sun after a while.”

Hearing what Dia said, Nuo Kox also picked up one and directly covered his eyes.

“Hey, the effect is really good.” Osborne saw that there were already female soldiers coming here, and she was very decisive and went off. At this time, no matter what the explanation was, it was just a cover.

The battle strength of the two men is superb, and there may be nothing wrong, but if he stays here, he will definitely be beaten to death.

Nuo Kox and Diego began to pick among the bras, choosing the one that suits their eyes.

In short, it is the smallest cup. Diego has picked one and put it on his head as sunglasses.

After the two rummaged and found out, they saw that there were already Martial Goddess female soldiers around. They glared at them one by one, making Diego some guilty up, subconsciously closing the’eye mask’ in their hands. stand up.

Nuo Kox is not so particular, holding a dozen of them in his hands and holding them high.

“These are good, very suitable for me, you can make a price!”

Ashley’s voice was trembling, and she couldn’t help it.

“What are you doing in a daze? Beat me to death, these two old BTs.”

Then Diego and Nuo Kox were sadly urged. They were chased and beaten by the Martial Goddess troops. They did not forget to pull the ‘eye mask’ in their hands, thrusting left and right to block.

When they managed to get out of the Martial Goddess camp, before they had time to catch their breath, they saw the female soldiers of the Martial Goddess unit fully armed, holding the cold light gleaming ring and killing them.

The two realized that something was wrong.

Osborne appeared suddenly and pulled the two into a corner.

“You are in trouble, how can you take away the private clothing of other women.” Osborne looked at the dozens of bras in the hands of the two of them, his face flushed.

“What kind of private clothing? Isn’t it a blindfold?” Diego finished speaking, and deliberately raised one in front of his eyes.

“This structure is absolutely correct!”

Nodded, which Kox also agrees very much with.

Osborn held his head and didn’t want to talk.

“Found it.”

A female soldier’s voice sounded, scared Oss this General’s deep hood pulled out, covered her head and ran directly to the old town.

At the City Lord Mansion, Aslan sat in a wheelchair to feel the autumn breeze. He was uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Seeing all the Martial Goddess troops underneath, searching everywhere, Aslan asked with some confusion.

“What happened, actually mobilized the entire Martial Goddess troop.”

After Nomiri poured a cup of black tea for Aslan, he took a closer look and shook his head and said: “I don’t know, the only certainty is that the Martial Goddess troops are only killing the two of Kox.”

Aslan blinked and stopped asking.

Anyway, he couldn’t intervene to ask anything. It is estimated that the two of them went to the Martial Goddess army to find a wife, but they were kicked out!

Aslan and Nomiri started to talk about some hidden things about the two of them. These things even Kox and Diego were not quite clear. They were all future things, but Nomiri laughed sweetly.

When the two were chatting happily, a discordant cough sounded.

“Master! Aliah wizard is here to visit.” Veretta said at a moderate pace.

Aslan glanced at Veretta, the smile on his face softened. He did not expect that the Supreme-Yang Essence Fire spirit who had just followed him for a short time, after saving him, did not choose to leave, but continued to stay. In the city of Merlot.

Veretta became Aslan’s female guard, and Cuchurin became the guard Captain directly.

The guard is different from the Knight guard. The guard is fully responsible for Aslan’s safety, that is, the strongest shield around Aslan, while the Knight guard is the strongest sword, responsible for offense and performing any tasks that Aslan assigns.

“Oh, let her in! Veretta, you have a drink too! Nomiri makes black tea, which tastes great at Level 1.”

Aslan said to Veretta softly.

Veretta’s face is slightly red and nodded. Fortunately, her wheaten skin hides her blush, otherwise it will be even more embarrassing.

“Sure enough! Master still cares about himself very much.”

Veretta was secretly happy.

In a short while, Aliah came, accompanied by Winner’s words.

It’s just that the state of the two is completely different at this time, Aliah’s breath is much stronger, but Winner actually has the strength of a senior magician.

“pay respects to Sir Lord!” Aliah and Winner saluted at the same time.

Aslan nodded, let the two get up.

“Sir Lord! Could you make me a few more vests like this.” Aliah said with difficulty.

“Oh!” Aslan asked very unexpectedly: “What’s the matter, why do you need that many tactical vests? This thing is not only expensive, but also very cumbersome.”

“The red cedar of life on our fairy farm has begun to be cultivated on a large scale.”

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