Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 230


From the middle of the eighteenth century to the middle of the nineteenth century, the British machinery industry has been developed by leaps and bounds.

The drum invented by White Ball made the textile realize the transformation from manual to mechanical motion. This was the beginning, replacing manual work in mechanical processing and using various machine tools.

The development of industries such as industry and agriculture is inseparable from machines.

To build machines, lathes play the role of a mainstay. It can also be said that lathes are the “mother of machines”.

It can be seen that in terms of the role and impact on the development of the entire industry, the invention of the lathe can almost be mentioned on equal terms with the invention of the steam engine.

This is Aslan’s greatest confidence before entering the industrial revolution. The reason why he didn’t make it in one step was that he didn’t want to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm.

In the industrial revolution from zero to something, there is too much industrial knowledge contained in it. He must let the people under his hands explore the experience from scratch and finally master this knowledge, instead of becoming a tool man in Aslan’s hands. Once Aslan is lost He’s guidance, just discredited, unable to start.

“Sir Lord, what are these two things?” Saxony and Greenwa asked very curiously.

“This is a lathe and a boring machine.” Aslan finished speaking, he walked up to the lathe and turned on the switch.

The water flowing from top to bottom continuously falls into the water tank in the waterwheel. Each water tank weighs at least two hundred kilograms. The waterwheel starts to rotate under the weight of the water. When it reaches the second half of the circle, it triggers the bottom With the valve, the water in the tank will flow thoroughly.

A huge runner started to rotate under the drive of a waterwheel. A belt was connected to a runner that was several times smaller, and the speed of the small runner was increased with the big one.

This is not enough, coupled with the smaller runner on the lathe, the chuck of the lathe rotates at an amazing speed.

Saxony and Greenval looked at the high-speed rotation chuck in shock.

Aslan turned off the lathe only after seeing the stable running lathe, and clamped an uneven wooden stick with a chuck.

The function of the lathe soon surprised the two of them. With this thing, the production speed of many of their things can be increased at least several times, or even dozens of times.

Soon a straight and round wooden stick appeared in front of them.

“Sir Lord! Can this lathe be ironed?” Greenwa asked excitedly.

Aslan looked helplessly and said: “Yes, but this kind of thing is not called a mess, but a taxi.”

Aslan then began to instruct the two of them to use, and at the same time told them the importance of these two machines.

It must not be leaked out. It is normally used in the City Lord Mansion and must be registered with the City Lord Mansion. Since then, it will be subject to the jurisdiction of the City Lord Mansion.

The two realized the seriousness of the matter. After all, security work has been set up in many places in Merlot in the past, and none of them is so strict that they want to restrict personal freedom.

“Yes! Sir Lord.”

Aslan nodded, sit back in the wheelchair under Nomiri’s murderous eyes.

“Let’s go back! My body aches after the first move.” Aslan said flatly.

Nomiri felt relieved and pushed Aslan away.

Under Aslan’s order, three hydraulic workshops were built. It was not that he didn’t want to build a little more, but the terrain restrictions. Any more would affect the water flow, and that would affect the kinetic energy of other workshops.

With the hydraulic workshop here, the amount of ordnance that Aslan sold to the top ten lords can be at least tenfold, reducing the time of the ten lords’ uprising.

When Aslan inspected various facilities and people’s conditions in Merlot, Maru had already appeared in the territory of the nearest ten lords.

The city of Jibril, the Duke of Jibril, is a top city that is one lap larger than Billy City, and its scale is only one lap smaller than capital city.

The Duke of Jibril nominally owns three territories. In fact, he is the leader who manipulates the entire province of Arrans. Even the governor of the province is just his son-in-law.

Cleveland Kingdom’s premier nobleman.

Maru enters Jibril City and immediately goes to the Nancheng District. In Jibril City, the Nancheng District is the civilian area.

As soon as he entered the civilian area, Maru couldn’t help being frowned. The civilian area of ​​Jibril City was more than double the size of Billy City, and the environment was naturally worse.

Maru quickly noticed several refugee camps. The establishment of refugee camps in the city is of course not to accommodate refugees. The real purpose is to isolate people suffering from cholera.

It is obvious that the situation in Jibril City is too serious.

“My lord! There are more than a dozen such refugee camps in the city, and each of them accommodates at least a thousand people or even more.”

The smile on Maru’s face increases as she listens to it.

“Follow the plan.” Maru decisively gave the order.

A dozen black clothed persons quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Their task is simple. It is to throw the feces of cholera patients into the water source of Jibril City.

Maru only stayed for two days before visiting Duke Jibril as the Marquis dísciple of Billy.

The Duke of Jibril was a little surprised, but he still met Maru. If he could draw the Marquis of Medea into their camp, the strength of the Marquis of Medea would indeed be a big help.

“Medea Maru dísciple Maru Ramias of Billy City pay respects to Grand Duke Jipley.”

Maru performed a very standard lady’s ceremony. The rules of action are comparable to textbooks. This is something Aslan will never see in Billy City.

At this time, Maru is already an expensive Young Lady incarnation. Duke Jibril is pleasing to the eye. It would be nice if this woman could become his daughter-in-law.

“Stop the courtesy! Maru Young Lady is visiting this time, it shouldn’t be just a visit!” Jibril didn’t treat Maru politely, and asked directly.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to be polite, but that Maru’s identity is not equal to him.

“Yes! Duke Jibril, the teacher sent me to ask Duke Jibril for help.” Maru said solemnly.

Fully enter the state of drama.

The Duke of Jibril also became serious. Is it because the Kox area is the main counterattack and the Marquis of Medea can’t hold it? If this is the case, he doesn’t need to value the woman of Marquis Medea that much.

“Does Jack Su get any external support?” Jibril asked tentatively.

Maru shook his head, and the complexion is gloomy said uncertainly: “No, it’s a plague! A huge plague broke out in Billy City. Tens of thousands have been infected and thousands of people have died. If it weren’t for the teacher to deal with a batch of patients decisively, The scale of the plague will continue to expand.”

Hearing Maru’s words, Duke Jibril’s face turned dark, because the incident Maru said happened in Jibril City, and its scale was not smaller than Billy City. Fortunately, he found it early However, they discovered it early and controlled it earlier, and the scale did not continue to expand.

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