Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 231


Duke Jibril shook his head when he heard that it was supporting the fight against the epidemic in Billy City.

“To tell the truth, we are also experiencing a plague here, and thousands of people have died.”

When I heard that the plague was also erupting in Jibril, Maru looked pale and asked subconsciously.

“Is it mainly diarrhea, accompanied by fever, and finally dehydrated and died?”

Duke Jibril suddenly turned pale with fright.

“Your Billy City also has this symptom?”

Maru nodded.

The two sides fell into a brief silence.

For a long time, Maru said, “This is strange.”

Jibril frowned deeper, and finally spoke.

“Ms. Maru! The boat fatigue is here, let’s take a rest!”

Maru noodles are unwilling to be nodded.

It’s just that when she returned to the Grand Ducal Mansion, the cloud on her face instantly disappeared without a trace.

“The situation is simpler than expected.”

Of course, Duke Jibril would not respond to Maru’s words casually. He immediately asked the other nine lords about the situation.

Only then discovered that the plague had almost spread in their area.

It’s just the size, but it’s much better to check the regional capital of the royal family.

The real reason is that the main city of the royal governor was only established after several decades, or the scale is naturally not as good as these old nobles, but the city construction is slightly better than these old main cities, plus the establishment is relatively late, and various problems Problems accumulate more slowly, so the scale of the plague is relatively small and it is easy to control.

The most important thing is that these governors don’t need to love the people like their lords. They only need to ensure the development of their provinces and regions. In the face of this situation, some extreme governors directly relocate the people infected with the plague. Go outside the city, and then execute all of them secretly in a dark wind and high night, and completely wipe out the source of infection.

So compared to other regions, the regions under the direct control of the governor of the royal family are exactly like singing and dancing, and there is nothing unusual.

After all, the performance of regional development is related to their promotion, face projects, not to mention, even if it is a large-scale outbreak, it is absolutely impossible to unveil.

The ten lords are already wondering if this is a conspiracy by the royal family.

In a huge underground Conference Hall, Jibril sits on the main seat, and a crystal ball is placed in each position.

Soon the crystal ball began to shine, and the silhouettes of the other nine lords emerged from the projection on the crystal ball.

“Jibril, what do you do?” one of the lord asked dissatisfiedly.

Duke Jibril shook his head and said: “About this plague, I think everyone is aware of it. What I mean is to look at the surrounding territories under the rule of other lords and the territories directly under the governor of the royal family.”

As soon as this word came out, the whole Conference Hall was silent.

“What the hell do you want to say?” Azrael couldn’t help asking anymore.

“Medea Marquis of Billy, you should be very clear!”

Everyone is nodded, especially some of the younger lords, who are even more salivating.

“A plague broke out in the Billy area. The scale is not smaller than mine, but the Kox area opposite is calm and tranquil.” Jibril said indifferently.

“You mean?” Azrael’s face changed involuntarily, everyone’s crystal ball projection quickly went dark, Jibril each minding their own business, drinking black tea, quickly received a report, next door Several areas directly under the royal family of the province, not at all, had a large-scale plague.

He has believed that speculation again in his heart.

About half an hour later, each crystal ball lights up again, and everyone’s face is terrifying gloomy.

“We are the same here.”

“Could it be the plague researched by the royal magician, specifically targeting our major territories.” Azrael said in surprise.

“It’s very likely.” Jibril said indifferently.

“The conflict between the Billy area and the Kox area has intensified in recent years. Even if the Marquis of Medea does not want to revolt, it is estimated that it will be almost the same under Jack Su’s preaching, so he was hit by the fish.” A projection said with a smile.

The more the Marquis of Medea collapses, the happier he looks.

“It is true. I heard that some time ago, the referee directly assisted the Kox area in attacking the Billy area. The relationship between the two areas has become a hot water. It is normal to be treated as insurgents. After all, our recent moves are so big and the royal family has something to do. The action is also normal.” The projection indifferently said at the corner.

“It’s tricky!” Jibril frowns said.

This sentence has been agreed by many people.

“How are you all preparing?” Azrael asked actively.

They have big moves, and the same is true on the royal side, now they are preparing faster than anyone else and being able to hit the door first.

After all, such a large-scale military mobilization and material deployment can be seen as long as you are not a fool.

“Food is more troublesome. Recently, several mysterious chambers of commerce are hoarding a large amount of food. It should be the royal family deliberately arbitrarily. Weapons and weapons are more troublesome. The blacksmiths in the territory can’t keep up with the speed of soldiers’ equipment.” A lord Began to suffer.

Jipley said indifferently: “What did the Gorland rebels say?”

Their ten lords have begun to ask the Gorland rebels to exchange their mineral deposits for weapons and weapons, don’t you know if you get a response?

Azrael nodded said: “Just got a reply yesterday, the Gorland rebels agreed to our request, but the mine can only replace 2/3 of the Gold Coin, and the rest must be paid by Gold Coin.”

“That’s very good, if there is Gorland’s entrenched support, we should be able to be faster than the royal family.”

Jibril shook his head and said: “You think too much. With the support of the Gorland rebels, our speed is at most equal to the royal family. It is still a bit difficult to surpass them.”

“Then increase investment, let the Gorland rebels process more and help us build more weapons and weapons, mainly long spear, which should speed up a lot of production.” Someone suggested.

Today, the scale of the uprising troops of the top ten lords is not less than 500,000, so the weapons and equipment are the big ones.

“Okay! I will continue to contact them tomorrow.” Azrael said indifferently, after all, he was specifically responsible for contacting the Gorland rebels.

“Not only do they want them to support our weapons, no matter what the uprising this time, they must also bring the Gorland rebels into the water. With the support of the Gorland rebels across the country, we can definitely fight a royal family completely unprepared. It is even said that the dead camel is bigger than the horse. With the strength of the Gorland rebels, it is enough to involve the main force of the royal family.”

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