Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 233


“That’s why Genalida Senior Brother has perseverance and persistence.”

Aslan exclaimed.

In his previous life, when the Marquis of Medea fell, Genalida was still an intermediate magician. I didn’t expect this life to break through so soon.

“Genalida Senior Brother came this time, did something happen?” Aslan took Nomiri’s black tea and asked with a smile.

Genalida doesn’t care that Nomiri only serves Aslan, because he knows the relationship between Aslan and Nomiri, and he also knows Nomiri’s identity from Lancelot, and saved Aslan’s black-clad Knight that day.

Half-step instructor powerhouse.

Such a character, even if the teacher sees it, he still has to show his face.

“There is news from Capital City that the Sara family and the Bager family have joined forces. They have already joined forces and sent three mentor-level powerhouses and tens of thousands of troops to Melox Province.” Genalida said solemnly.

Aslan wrinkled slightly frowned upon hearing this, but didn’t care too much.

Aslan had already expected it, so he was not worried. He had asked Wallace to invite a few army powerhouses to the Rocky Mountain to meet them in his name. The reason was simple.

Fight for the rise of the Gorland Plateau.

The King of Plateau is now hidden from the world, and the Gorland army cannot be without command for a day. Such chaotic individual development seriously affects their development speed, and a part of their strength must be gathered together so that they can get a share of the next troubled times.

Aslan’s proposal was supported by Maria, but after Maria and Wallace discussed it, the identity of Cruz was the main one. After all, his father is the second only to the king of the plateau. There are many steadfast followers.

This is also the reason why Cruz was regarded as a thorn in the eye by the King of the Plateau after his fame.

Aslan is just to let Cruz embark on that path in advance, and also to prepare for Cruz’s early rise.

This time the call was issued, and the three-way army responded. A total of more than 200,000 horses have begun to move from various caravans to Rocky Mountain.

With these 200,000 horses, the army can form an army of 10,000 to 20,000, and there are two instructor-level powerhouses, but they are both instructor-level powerhouses, and the strength gap is also as different as heaven and earth.

For example, Wallace is able to pick two powerhouses from the Kox region one after another, and the strength of these two is actually similar to them. This is also the strength of the existing powerhouses of mainland teachers.

After all, Wallace and Medea are both pre-Level 3 powerhouses of the same level in the mainland, and naturally they are not comparable to ordinary instructor-level powerhouses.

With the addition of the two mentors Powerhouse, Aslan is more assured of the strength of the Billy area. As for the anti-visitor, Aslan does not care at all. Now the Gorlan Army in the Rocky Mountains has unconsciously formed a community of interests with Aslan. For the time being, the benefits they can get by opposing the customer are not to say, even if they defeat the Billy area and the Merlot area, the price they need to pay is not what they can afford.

After all, although the battle strength of the Gorland rebels is strong, but the family property is notoriously thin, it cannot withstand several times of consumption.

“I guessed it a long time ago!” Aslan nodded said. Aslan had already reported to the Marquis Medea about the two more powerhouse mentors on Wallace.

After all, such a big thing, without her consent, will definitely cause her dissatisfaction.

“Don’t be nervous, there is still more than a month left, everyone will continue to develop, anyway, only relying on the 10,000 troops is impossible to fight like the Billy area.” Aslan said confidently.

Because he has sold the five-unit bed crossbow to the Marquis Medea, if there are more than fifty five-unit bed crossbows in the Midwinter Pass, when the time comes, if the Kox army dares to attack the Midwinter Pass, it will definitely be enough for them Eat a pot, let alone the number is still increasing.

“I am worried that they will join forces with the Kox area.” Genalida said nervously.

Aslan mysterious said with a smile.

“I also have reinforcements, so you can rest assured.”

Genalida blinked, then laughed quickly, lighted another cigarette for herself, and prepared to give Aslan one.

Aslan waved his hand directly and said: “Save it! Smoking is harmful to your health.”

Genalida shrugged and said indifferently: “Indeed, there is an unknown toxin in this thing, very powerful! I tried to extract a drop, and its toxicity surprised me.”

Aslan’s face suddenly became serious, and curiously asked: “How serious?”

“The toxins of a pack of cigarettes can directly poison to death a strong war horse.”

Aslan nodded, he had heard of this theory in his previous life. A pack of nicotine can poison to death a cow.

“But for such toxins, I have been smoking several packets so far, which is really strange.” Genalida almost sighed.

“haha!” Aslan couldn’t help laughing.

“The toxin I named nicotine, let me explain it to you! The content of nicotine is indeed much higher than the lethal dose of humans, but there are very few people who die in acute poison to death. The reason is that part of the nicotine in tobacco is in the smoke. The poisonous formaldehyde is neutralized, and most of them are not continuous smoking. These nicotine slowly enter the human body intermittently.”

“50% of the nicotine is diffused into the air with the smoke after the cigarette is ignited, 5% is thrown away with the cigarette butt, 25% is burned and destroyed, and only 20% is absorbed by the body. Nicotine is quickly detoxified within the body Urinary excretion. Coupled with long-term smokers, within the body develops tolerance and addiction to nicotine, which makes people addicted to smoking.”

Genalida heard nodded, said with a smile: “No wonder, but those chronic toxins are not difficult to solve! I just used a purification technique to easily clean up this toxin.”

Aslan blinked. He had never noticed this.

“Easily cleaned up?”

“Yes!” Genalida as it should be by rights’ nodded.

Aslan smashed his palm in excitement.

“That’s very good, I think of a good business.”

Genalida’s eyes suddenly shined. After working with Aslan for so long, he has made a lot of money. He is very interested in any business with Aslan.

“Should I open a health club together?” Aslan full of smiles said.

“Health Center? What is that?” Genalida said puzzledly.

Aslan said with a smile: “The health center provides people with meridian health maintenance, meridian health maintenance, aroma spa, beauty and body, the technique of controlling the meridian, massage health, Chinese medicine preventive health, stress relaxation and other services. The project’s leisure and health care facility. The health care center has advanced equipment, top products, and quality services.”

Aslan said one set, which made Genalida bewildered.

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