Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 234


“For many years, smoking is harmful to health. Our health care center should be born. Normally, various massages are indispensable. The key is purification massage, which can eliminate the toxins and germs that customers are immersed in within the body.” Aslan became more excited.

For wealthy nobles, what they care about most.

rights? Identity? status?

All these must make concessions in the face of health.

If it is an old smoker, the cough is too serious because of smoking too much, and the result is a whole body treatment in the health center. 2nd day cough will be fine, can you make the noble masters ecstatic?

For them, money is not a necessity, they only need to consider how to live longer so that they can enjoy more things.

Genalida’s eyes opened up.

“Fuck it.”

The two immediately clapped.

“Aslan! This is a secret order from the teacher.” Before leaving, Genalida handed a magic envelope to Aslan.

Aslan nodded, since Genalida waited until he was leaving before taking it out, it meant that he didn’t intend to know the content of the letter, and Aslan had to wait for him to leave before opening it.

The content is very simple, that is, the explosive soldiers. After the ten lord uprising, in a spurt of energy, the province of Melox will be taken down. The only mention is who will be the next governor of the province.

The Marquis of Medea gave Aslan two places, and he instantly understood her plan.

This is to learn from Duke Jibril.

Aslan smiled and shook his head.

He took out his pen and wrote a letter to the Marquis Medea. The content was very simple.

The position of Governor must be done by Marquis Medea.

Otherwise, the urinary sex of Vattini and Nataly will surely make the brains burst out.

After the ten lords rebelled, they and the Gorland rebels were in the middle to respond and destroy. The Imperial Family’s attempt to thoroughly assess the ten lords would be several times more difficult than the previous life.

In the previous life, in order to quell the uprising of the ten lords, the strength of the entire Cleveland kingdom was a great injury, this time Aslan wanted to exhaust the final heritage of the entire Cleveland kingdom.

Aslan thought of this and started writing.

“The teacher personally served as the governor of Melox province, and expressed loyalty to the Imperial Family on the face of it, and secretly continued to be ambiguous with the top ten lords, and obtained huge benefits from it.”

“After the Imperial Family has put down the ten lords, it is in a period of dispersal, and then attacked from both the Kox area and the Leon area and directly captured the surrounding three provinces, thereby forming a trend of separation.”

“The imperial family’s crusade against the ten lords must have the entire army dispatched, and the army has to suppress the resistance in the province where the ten lords are located, unable to get away immediately, and capital city is unable to send an army to continue the crusade, so the teacher will integrate the forces of the four provinces. Buy precious time.”

“If the Gorland rebels take this to recover, the three provinces of the Gorland Plateau and the four provinces of the teacher will echo each other, even if the crusade returns to the flourishing period, there will be no alternative.”

Aslan added one last sentence.

“There are many wild ambition generations in the crusade army. Once the kingdom appears to be divided, it will be unpredictable in the crusade army. The collapse of the Cleveland kingdom is a foregone conclusion.”

The so-called wild ambition generation is the current chief of the kingdom, Comidas Zabi.

He is the strongest shield in the kingdom. In order to suppress all voices dissatisfied with the kingdom, he has been loyal and loyal. Unfortunately, when the kingdom of Cleveland is split and there is a separatist regime, he did not do his best to help the emperor put down the rebellion, but led the crusade army. The elite separatist side of Cleveland exhausted the last trace of vitality in the kingdom of Cleveland.

In the previous life, Aslan finally defeated him and asked out of curiosity.

“Why did you defect at the time?”

Comidas’ answer surprised him.

“My whole-hearted kingdom finally fell apart. Why should I protect him? It’s better to build an ideal kingdom by myself.”

This is a military strategist full of ambition and fantasy.

He has incomparable military talents, but he is a political idiot.

Aslan defeated him, not relying on military power, but also relying on a terrifying economy.

When the commodities produced in Merlot flooded the provinces ruled by Comidas, he was doomed to fail.

The horrible commodities and counterfeit currency caused the economic collapse of the provinces under the rule of Comidas, and the country was plunged into inflation. He deliberately dug a few pits to let Comidas jump, for the sake of the perfect national image in mind. A choice must be made. This is an idealist who was eventually crushed by his own dream.

This is why Aslan is so confident that the Marquis of Medea can rule one side.

Aslan’s letter was sent out overnight, and finally entered the hands of Marquis Medea without passing through Maru’s hands.

The Marquis of Medea wore a complicated smile on her face after she read the letter.

She has seen Aslan’s ambitions now, and she is also frightened by Aslan’s ambitions.

“It turns out that his eyes are on the entire Cleveland kingdom. No wonder until now has no interest in the Billy area at all. This is because I am too small.” Marquis Medea said with a helpless smile.

Although Aslan did not say why others should not be named governor, the reason is simple, that is to pave the way for Aslan to completely inherit the entire kingdom. If Nataly or Vatini succeeds as governor, Aslan wants to take over the kingdom in the future. The two of them will never pass that level.

“Courage is not small! But it’s okay. Anyway, I have no interest at all except being able to break through the Great Magister now. It doesn’t matter if the Billy area is completely damaged, just look at the future Nataly and Vatini joins forces, can you fight Aslan.”

Medea Marquis suddenly said with a charming smile.

Two dark shadows appeared behind him, Sikkim and Justin who were magic puppets.

Looking at the two most familiar men in this life, two red clouds appeared on the face of the Marquis Medea, and then a leather whip appeared in his hand.

“haha! It turns out that playing a child feels so wonderful.”


Justin’s body was directly pulled away, and then he let out a painful wailing, and then kept screaming.

“mother! I was wrong, don’t hit me.”

Justin’s howl of fear sounded. If you look closely, you will find that the sound is very monotonous, as if it was recorded from the very beginning.

But under Justin’s voice, the Marquis of Medea’s whip was getting faster and faster, until she was tired, two magic puppets had been riddled with scars lying on the ground motionless, and the last woman with a numb face came out, she was desperate Looked at the Marquis of Medea with viciousness.

“Justin played himself to death. It’s useless for you to think so.”

The Marquis of Medea looked at the woman with a crazy smile on his face. The whip that had been thrown on the ground did not know when it would return to his hand.

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