Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 235


The woman looked at Marquis Medea with an extremely vicious look.

“You woman with a heart like a scorpion, you will definitely have to die in the future. You will watch the proud dísciple die in front of you one by one, and eventually lose control and become a Fiend who can only kill.”

The Marquis of Medea yanked out a whip, and directly flew her out, crashing half of the wall, but the other party still stood up unharmed.

“Do you think I will be scared?” The Marquis of Medea lashed the whip frantically, and the woman was flew away once and again, making a muffled noise, but did not make any pleasant begging for mercy.

In the end, the Marquis of Medea was gasping for breath, and he disdainfully threw the whip on the ground.

The reason why Justin’s voice is incorporated into the magic puppet is that she wants to hear this begging for mercy.

The Marquis of Medea is tired, so each minding their own business return to house takes a break.

Lying on the toffee, she soon fell asleep, in which she returned to when she was only a young girl in season.

Sikkim and Uther are even more attention-grabbing white horse Princes, who are turning around the Marquis Medea, and beside her there is a girl who looks and builds no worse than her.

Her name is Konalin, which is recognized as the number one beauty in the Kox area. During a trip to the Billy area, she met Marquis Medea and the two became the best girlfriends.

She was also the subject of Sikkim’s cheating.

As the so-called fire prevention, anti-theft and prevention of girlfriends, this is a typical representative.

Justin is the biological son of Konalin. His Battle Qi innate talent is not much worse than Cruz, but the Marquis Medea deliberately trained him to become a magician. On the surface, it is hate iron for not becoming steel, but in fact it is nothing but Medea. The Marquis’s sustenance for Sikkim and Konalin.

As for the child of the Marquis of Medea, she had a miscarriage after a magical accident. It was because of the miscarriage that she accidentally discovered that Sikkim had an adulterous relationship with Konalin. At that time, Konalin also had Sikkim’s child.

Suddenly, a hostile spirit slowly poured out from the Demon Soul, and the Marquis Medea suddenly opened his eyes, black light flowing in his eyes.

“Damn it!”

The Marquis of Medea put on his magic robe and flew directly to Merlot.

She didn’t kill Conalin, she just wanted to see Conalin know the fate of the betrayal, so that she would live a lifetime of pain.

However, Ko Nalin is reluctant to commit suicide for a long time. Why not have the same purpose. She used to live for Justin, but now she lives to watch the Marquis of Medea degenerate into Fiend.

The abortion of the Marquis of Medea was deliberately designed by Konalin. Although she is unparalleled in her fame, she is only a small nobleman in Kox City. When she wants to obtain a higher position of power, she must be in the third grade.

As for the damage to the soul of the Marquis of Medea, Konalin deliberately let Medea see Sikkim’s affair with her. While rejoicing, he also confided Sikkim’s dissatisfaction with the Marquis of Medea.

Under the multiple blows, the mind of the Marquis Medea collapsed and almost fell, but by chance, he awakened Demon Soul and made her strength advanced by leaps and bounds, and her mentality began to twist.

As the saying goes, poor people must be hateful.

Ko Nalin demonstrated this perfectly.

Aslan, who was sleeping, suddenly felt a cool breeze, subconsciously recalling the night of the attack, he suddenly sat up, just about to react, a powerful force assaults the senses, directly overwhelming Aslan on the wall.

The violent impact made Aslan’s throat a mouthful of fresh and salty mouthfuls almost gushing out.

The lights in the room suddenly lit up, and the eyes of the Marquis Medea were completely covered by the black light, only one step away from becoming Fiend.

“Little Nine! Save me.”

Aslan eyes shrank, repeatedly said: “teacher, go to bed and lie down, I will accompany you to solve problems together.”

The Marquis of Medea’s body trembled slightly, and he was lying on Aslan’s bed lightly, shaking constantly.

Aslan crawled to the side of Medea Marquis, his hands began to massage her slowly, supplemented by spirit strength, Medea Marquis’s body no longer trembles, but the pair of pupils constantly overflowing with black light made Aslan a while be terrified.

Is it going to get out of control.

It must be steady! This is Merlot City, his base camp.

Once the Marquis of Medea becomes Fiend here, it’s all over.

Aslan quickly remembered the psychological suggestion that psychologists in the past life liked most, allowing patients to express the fear and pain in their hearts, and then little by little analysis, so that patients with mental illness would gradually release these fears and pains.

“Teacher, you will be fine? No matter what happens, I will stand by your side, birth, aging, sickness and death, and never leave.”

Aslan knew that Justin’s death was a big blow to her. She was afraid that Marquis Medea would consciously be in this world and she was left alone, and she would completely give up the struggle of Demon Soul.

“It’s Little Nine!” The Marquis of Medea unconsciously followed Aslan’s words and replied.

Aslan knew immediately that there was a show, and continued to lead.

“What happened to the teacher? Some time ago, wasn’t it great?”

“It’s all the woman from Konalin.”

The Marquis of Medea began to accuse and curse the woman. Her language was vicious. After listening to Aslan, he felt as if he had one’s hair stand on end.

“Teacher, please rest assured, when your condition is better, I will personally lead someone to smash that woman into ten thousand pieces to relieve the teacher’s hatred.”

It may be the soft underbelly of Marquis Medea’s deep in one’s heart. Under Aslan’s relaxed guidance, he began to vent the hatred and resentment that had been suppressed in his heart for so many years.

Aslan quietly listened to the love and hatred of the Marquis Medea when he was young, especially when he heard the scene of Sikkim cheating with Conalin, Aslan was also angry with gnash the teeth.

No wonder the Marquis of Medea hates Sikkim so much that he does not hesitate to make it a magic puppet.

Especially knowing that Justin is not her biological son, but the props she puts on her resentment, and at the same time, after the establishment of the Great Magister Tower in the future, the vicious perception of the Marquis of Medea in her heart has reached a new realm.

The souls who have been blood sacrificed by the magic tower will be imprisoned in the magic tower for the rest of their lives and become the tower spirit master.

Tower Spirit inherits all the memories of the previous life. Whether it is hatred or love, it can normally show the feelings and personality that humans originally have, but the only thing that cannot be done is that you cannot betray the owner of the magic tower, even if the magic tower is The next one, even the next owner, is the same.

The Marquis of Medea is to imprison the souls of Justin and Konalin forever, so that the mother and son will always be slaves of the lineage of the Marquis of Medea to punish them for their betrayal.

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