Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 322

late night, Aslan is getting out of the magic Niger, just just lie down, and his eyes fell asleep.

Nomiri that has already been closed, blounds his eyes, and it is constantly poured out of the black liquid, and finally forms a set of Black.

Red Heavenly Demon Sword of Waist, the whole person exudes the ultimate gas field appears in the roof of Balance Chamber of Commerce.

There, a Blue’s figure stands on a tower, half a body, quietly looking at Nomiri.

“What do you mean?” Nomiri saw the Clear, Coldly Asked.

“Nothing, BREAKTHROUGH, I want to try itself Battle Strenge to there.” Kunelin slammed the long spear across the shoulders, turned the road a gun, unsatisfactory.

Nomiri sounds low, slightly anger: “Young master just rest.”

Kunelin hands holding guns, the whole person is unable to reluctively.

“But my long spear has been hungry and is difficult to resist, and PowerHouse can be comfortable.”

Kunelin likes to fight like Wild Beast, especially after Breakthrough, he wants to find a powerful opponent to hinder its own guns.

In fact, on the half-way, he encountered a ten-party Swordsman tutor of the ten-party alliance. The result was only a few tens of rounds, killing Kunelin, a gun, directly giving each other Nail dead, scared him quickly to escape.

After all, in the Ten-party affiliate, kill the tutor-level Powerhouse of people, and the result is chased by several tutor-level PowerHouse, which is ten-party alliance.

In the chasing, Kuhi Lin is more than a relaxing of the champion of the ten-party alliance. It is still a few people during the period, but he witnessed Nomiri shot, very clearly Nomiri’s powerful, so even more Direct with her.

“HMPH!” ‚Äč‚ÄčNomiri Coldly Snorted, a step, the roof rock directly collapses.


long spear and the red Heavenly Demon big sword hit together, send a pleasant sound.

In Nasri City, Duke of Medea fierce his eyes, except for the Duke of Medea, there is also Knight mentor that Knight mentor is noticeable, quickly get up to the battle direction.

He is now a Billy city, and it is good to say that the Duke of Medea is good. He really didn’t want to rebell, because he had already understood, the Powerhouse side by MEDEA is too small, as long as Obediently And honestly is loyal, there is no possibility of Oversee A Area in the future.

Soon, Kaz is the position of the battle, and the balance CHAMBER OF Commerce is not enough 100 meters, and the battle is also avoided to avoid hurting the people.

“These two mentor-level POWERHOUSE is there?” Kaz is somewhat confused, but when he just stepped into the nomiri’s formation range, the two sides of the original battle stopped, Nomiri slammed, a sword Socketing the long spear that followed the Kunelin for many years, turned to the balance of Chamber of Commerce.

Kunelin slightly, and quickly turned around to surround the other side of Kaz.

Although he hopes to fight, but for Aslan’s respect is from the heart, there is a mentor-level Powerhouse ghost to be close to the balance Chamber of Commerce, absolutely inevitable.

Kazi quickly noticed that a Black figure appeared in front of himself, and he didn’t say it.

“Wow! What is going on?” Kaz cried out in surprise, the arm’s Knight Shield played out, blocking the red Heavenly Demon big sword.

is a loud noise, as the bell sounds, the entire Naris City.

This time, not just the mentor-level Powerhouse, even the powerhouse of the big Wizard and Great SwordMaster level, the battle of Timing Chamber of Commerce, does not help with the face.

“Menture-level battle!” Nataaly quickly rushed to the Duke of Medea, downstairs Rose Knights Deputy Dups, Rhein, have led a lot of elite assets.

nataly just wants to knock on the door, the door is automatically opened, and the Duke of Medea is lazy to lay on the bed, and it is uncomfortable.

“No tension, the two Swordsman tutors under Aslan in the hand of the ASLAN are suddenly broken into the discussion.” MEDEA Duke Indifancely Said.

Nataly Sudden Complexion Stiffened.

What did she just have he heard?

Aslan is undergoing the guideline-level Powerhouse, or two.

“Teacher! Then we don’t want to see it.” Nataly tested.

Duke of Medea did not say good luck: “I am going to you, I will still sleep, let Rhine go to watch it! Maybe it is helpful for her future Breakthrough Knight mentor.”

then Nataly is launched by the Master’s hand of the Duke of Medea, and the door is then closed.

Nataly face is downgry downstairs.

Today, Aslan has become a Merlot area not Just in name only, but Also in reality lord, but also has a tutorial, and now there are two mentor-level followers.

will be the strongest inheritors in Melox province in the future.

In fact, when the Duke of Aslan and Medea came back, Watni found her, wanted to join hands with her, and could return to the ASLAN returned, and Watni worried aslan back, it will intervene in Melox province. Behind the Melox province NOT JUST in Name Only, But Also In Reality

This, Nataly is not doubting, because they know that this Teacher is, although the big direction is mastered by her, but most of the time, the Duke of Medea is like a mascot, never worry, only peace of mind In the magic tower Cultivation, the transaction has always been held by them, and three sectors of military political affairs have been balanced.

, aslan has broken this balance, because Aslan is too rich, and the entire Merlot region acts as a back shield. Whether it is on that, it is completely crushed into them, and if you want to avoid the ASLAN, you must Unite.

So Nataly is very contradictory, she doesn’t want to lose the right in her hand, and I look forward to the change in the ASLAN after the Melox province.

The development of the Merlot area, Nataly has always been concerned, and even the day and new months can be used to describe, the people are getting more and more rich, and the days are getting better and better. I heard that many people have to be better than the people of Billy City.

To know that Billy City is now the economic center of Melox, and it is also the provincial capital.

Nataly has a Rhine to Tianping Chamber CHAMBER OF Commerce, just seeing Kazi completely defensive into a turtle shell, was hit by Kunelin, because long spear broke the reason, no weapons, a time, actually Dowss.

compare the tutor, Knight mentor, the name of the defense, especially Kaz, in order to contain the Knight mentor of MEDEA Duke, out of the anti-magic equipment, but also the machine all points to defense, The attack power is indeed war five slags, but Defensive Power is absolutely worth three words on the turtle shell.

Looking at Kuriin continues to rely on the speed around Kazi, it is not understood.

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