Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 376


“The long-barreled weapon should be an enlarged version of the magic weapon similar to a spear stick. As for the final flame, after I have confirmed it again and again, it is the incendiary bomb produced by Lord Merlot, which is a conventional weapon.”

When talking about incendiary bombs, Kira’s eyes lit up.

“Incendiary bombs are conventional weapons.” Duke Jibril shivered immediately.

Conventional weapons mean that they can be mass-produced.

Duke Jibril’s expression became extremely gloomy when he thought of the fire in the inner city of Tok.

“You want the technology of that thing!” Duke Jibril said calmly.

Kira said without hesitation: “That’s natural, but it’s a bit difficult to capture those weapons without using the great powerhouse.”

“You want to attack Melox Province!” Duke Jibril said with contempt.

In the past, he might have confidence, but now he can do nothing. Not to mention the just lost subordinates, now he has to guard against the Gorland rebels in the Tok area, and it is very difficult to maintain the ten-front defense zone he is responsible for. .

“Yes!” Kira finally smiled satisfied.

“The Kingdom of Cleveland will not sit back and watch.” Duke Jibril said calmly.

“I naturally have a way to keep the kingdom of Cleveland from getting involved.” Kira said confidently.

“Then what do you plan to persuade the other princes to send troops together, not to mention the new weapon technology, even if many technologies are given to them, they will not be able to produce it.” Duke Jibril said with disdain.

This is their experience for many years. It’s not that they can’t produce, but that many of the production costs are more expensive than the Maksim Federation. The most important thing is that the Maksim Federation is not as easy to use.

Over time, the Grand Duke of the Ten Sides Alliance, except Duke Rumsfeld, the spokesperson of the Maxim Federation, who is still producing ordnance, all the other Duke are developing their own pillar industries.

“Locust plagues broke out frequently in various places during this period, and many places have no grains. If this continues, within half a year, there will be huge famines and even cannibalism in various places.”

“What the hell do you want to say?” Duke Jibril said with a cold face.

“According to reliable information, the locust plagues in Melox Province are effective. Only a small-scale locust plague occurred in the territory. The Duke of Medea sent people to clean up quickly. Simply put, the locust plagues will not have any impact on Melox Province in the next few years. And after the Duke of Medea became the governor, he vigorously developed agriculture. The amount of farmland was several times that of the original. In the future, he will surely become a major agricultural province of the Kingdom of Cleveland.” Kira at a moderate pace said.

“What about it?” asked Duke Vagueness of Jibril.

He is not an idiot, none of these things can bring out food immediately.

“If the provinces of Melox, I believe that the army will no longer need to worry about food in the future.” Kira said, only mentioning the army, not the people, and obviously there is not much confidence in the agriculture of Melox province.

“And then?” Duke Jibril asked impatiently.

Kira cursed secretly.

“old fox!”

“Internal news, when the lord of Merlot Aslan returned to Melox province, he took a loan of 200 million DM from the Federal Trading Company of Maksim. In the following six months, the Marquis of Aslan was borrowing from Maksim Federation. The Trading Company bought hundreds of millions of tons of grain…”

“What!” Duke Jibril could no longer calm down and stood up abruptly.

“What did you just say? Hundreds of millions of tons of grain.”

“That’s right! A few days ago, Maxim Federal Commerce bought more than two billion yuan of materials, of which tens of millions of tons of grain.” Kira threw a blockbuster again.

“Wow, I heard you right just now!”

“That’s right! One two hundred million, another two hundred million.”

“This post-Aslan Marquis is so rich?”

The think tank next to him couldn’t help discussing it, especially Darsin who knew more about the energy behind the money, and at the same time, he was the most vigilant of Maxim Federal.

To be able to give Aslan such a high interest-free loan and help purchase such a large-scale material, in theory, the Maksim Federation should have long regarded Aslan as an ally.

But now he betrayed his allies without relenting.

“I came forward to contact the other dukes to send troops, you only need to settle the reinforcements of the kingdom of Cleveland.” Duke Jibril said decisively.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to think about any more time, but reality does not allow it.

The impact of the locust plague is more serious than what Qila said. With every day dragged on, the conflicts among the people in Arranszhang Province become more intense, especially there are still many Gorland rebels in the territory. Fanning the flames, if it were in the past, he could still suppress it, but with his current strength, he was very reluctant to maintain the line of defense, and there was no excess force to suppress the rebels.

Aslan did not expect that the Maksim Federation would use the entire ten-party alliance against Melox Province, and even the Kingdom of Cleveland was also plotted against.

He didn’t stay in Billy City for long. Since he had expected that the Maxim Federation would secretly encourage the military-industrial complex in the Ten-Party Alliance to do something against him, he naturally wanted to go back and speed up preparations.

For example, transport a large amount of inventory of ordnance to Billy City, so that the unified forces in the four major regions can be equipped as soon as possible.

The permanent united forces in the city of Billy are 60,000, and there are 30,000 reserve forces. Kox City had 70,000 united forces and 40,000 reserve forces. When the Gorland rebels did not take the Tok area, it was the front line.

The army in the main city of Narris is also the same as that in Kox. As for the reserve service, for the time being, it refers to those troops that have not completed training and reorganization, or in short, they are recruits.

The original city defense forces in the Merlot area are also all integrated into the unified army. The Merlot army is still independent of the unified army. Like the Rose Knights and the tax police headquarters, they are the trump cards of the three major regions.

The combined army in the Merlot area has now reached 60,000, and the reserve army has reached a terrifying 200,000. Once the war is mobilized, 150,000 elite troops can be pulled out as quickly as possible.

The reason why there are so many troops is that, on the one hand, the threat of the northern wind prairie, on the other hand, there are too many refugees pouring into the Merlot area. In order to solve the employment contradiction, serving as a soldier has naturally become the first choice, and that Of the 200,000 reserve forces, there are 100,000 construction corps.

It can be seen the scale of civil engineering development in Merlot area today.

Aslan had just returned to Merlot when he heard the good news that almost made him jump with excitement.

Elf Race has two mentor-level powerhouses to recover their strength, greatly enhancing the high-end battle strength in the Merlot area.

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