Lord Wants To Be An Emperor Chapter 455


The Swordsman instructor who attacked Aslan changed his face instantly after seeing the dragon claw blade.

As soon as the mouth opened, I felt the sky spin.

He has been separated from the head.

Aslan also realized the seriousness of the matter, the little dragonborn should be under siege!

“It’s important to save people!” Aslan said.

Nomiri nodded, with a flap of fleshy wings behind him, the whole person disappeared in front of Aslan.

He realized that when he came, Nomiri had slowed down in order to take care of him, but she could actually go faster.

The blue silhouette descended from the sky and directly trampled to death the two Swordsman instructors who were besieging the little dragonborn.

That’s right! It is trampled to death, when the impact dust dissipates.

The two Swordsman instructors have a huge hole in their bodies.

Nomiri slowly walked out of the pothole, red blood stuck to the heel of the high heels.

The remaining four instructor-level powerhouses surrounded by the siege were taken aback when seeing this scene.

They didn’t speak, they were looking at the dragon claw blade on Nomiri’s arm. Without a word, they turned and ran.

With such a fierce appearance, all fools know the fierceness of the evil dragonborn that suddenly appeared in their eyes.

At least it is a powerhouse of mentor level, otherwise there is no such sturdy battle strength.

As soon as they wanted to run, the two Ice Dragons gushed out of the river and swept away towards several powerhouses of tutor level.

hong long long!

Cut out the four sword glow, and directly smashed the two Ice Dragons to pieces.

Unfortunately, this delay caused them to lose their last chance of escape.

Nomiri arrived, and the remaining mentor-level powerhouse was solved in a few strokes. The speed was so fast that it felt like he was cutting a small soldier.

Aslan slowly landed on the battlefield area.

Eight mentor-level powerhouses are in different places.

Not far away, a short silhouette was already lying on the ground, apparently fainted.

Nomiri walked to the little girl, a burst of red light shot out from his palm, and the dragon armor on the little girl slowly dissipated.

“So small?” Aslan said unexpectedly.

“Don’t you know?” Nomiri asked very puzzled.

Aslan shook his head in embarrassment.

He also let Lancelot pay attention to it entirely from memory, in fact, he was not sure whether the news was true or false.

The only information is that this dragonborn is a little girl.

As for how small he is, he is not quite clear.

It’s just that she absolutely didn’t expect that this little girl who had awakened dragonborn bloodline was only three or four years old. No wonder Kurus wanted to capture her alive.

As long as you catch it back alive, leave a magical circuit on it, and self-destruct once it loses control. Coupled with being young, you can train it to be a combat tool for many years.

“I really don’t know, forget it, just treat it as doing good for our dragonborn clan.” Aslan helplessly said.

Nomiri has a ghostly expression when he believes you, but his mouth still echoes: “Young Master is really kind.”

Aslan directly ignores her eccentric.

“Let’s find her family first!” Aslan said, handing the little girl to Nomiri.

Nomiri nodded, the little girl is already dirty, her clothes are in tatters, and her hair is too dirty to recognize the original color.

But Nomiri didn’t dislike it at all, but embraced her tenderly.

A Knight wearing a blue Knight armor, without even showing half of his face, walked on a rural passage with a three or four-year-old child behind him, followed by a black robe magician.

When they entered a village, the people in the village recognized the child in Nomiri’s arms, and many people exclaimed.

Aslan saw the unbearable color in the eyes of many women. It seems that this child did not harm the people in the village after awakening the bloodline.

“Two adults! Congratulations on catching the evil dragonborn.”

A wicked young man walked up and hurriedly said flatteringly to Aslan and Nomiri.

Aslan threw away a few ten-dollar mark coins.

“Thanks, we just came to support. Now I need to investigate the identity of this little girl and tell me your information!”

The young man in front of him is the famous rogue in this village, and he went to report the news that the little girl is an evil dragonborn.

The young man took the mark. Although his eyes were puzzled, he looked at the money and said respectfully: “This little girl is an orphan in the village, and his mother comes from a prostitute in the town. She died not long after giving birth, and was taken in by the old blacksmith Tom’s family next door. It is precisely because of the old Tom and his wife that this evil dragonborn can survive.”

“Don’t even say, when old Tom took in this little girl, I felt something was wrong. This little girl is weird, very sensible, and will not make trouble.”

Aslan listened quietly, but the other hand of Nomiri next to him slowly moved away from the little girl.

This is a clever and sensible little child, who never troubles others, and is polite and sensible. In addition, the old Tom’s family has a good reputation in the village, and the villagers also like this sensible little girl very much until that On a rainy night, the village was attacked by a demonic beast. In order to protect the villagers, the little girl activated the dragonborn bloodline.

Although the dragonborn bloodline was activated, the little girl did not attack the surrounding people like the usual evil dragonborn.

After listening to this, Aslan waved to interrupt the youth and said impatiently.

“Where is old Tom’s house?”

The young man pointed to a house not far away, and said in embarrassment: “It’s there, but it’s my house now.”

“Well, what about old Tom?” Aslan asked irritably.

“Dead! When you came to catch the little girl, you were beaten to death by an adult, and even his wife and son and daughter-in-law were also killed.” The youth as it should be by rights said.

“Oh!” Aslan nodded, since they are all dead, it saves him a lot of trouble, after all, he has to deal with the aftermath.

“Since it’s you who made the report, go ahead and apologize to Old Tom!” Nomiri suddenly interjected.

The young man was subconsciously stunned when he saw a female voice from a 1.9-meter-tall Knight man, but he quickly woke up. He just showed a frightened expression and felt the sky spinning around.

The young man from the land ruffian was directly given to the head of the owl by Nomiri.

Aslan hurriedly sprayed white mist from the palm of his hand, freezing the blood that was about to be sprayed.

“Oh! Can you change to a more civilized way of doing things, and almost got sprayed with blood.” Aslan said helplessly with a full face.

Nomiri did not answer Aslan’s words. Instead, he took out a clean towel from the magic space and wrapped the little girl so that he wouldn’t have to wait to go back and catch a cold.

Aslan suddenly turned around, looked at the surrounding villagers, took out a stack of Mark coins and scattered them into the sky.

“If someone asks about the identities of the two of us, you will say that it was the person saved by the Divine Dragon hero. Let the guy who beat our clansman remember it for me. I will write down this account first.”

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