Immortal Realm Chapter 1660

“This…” Liu Xiaodi looked at Immortal Being, said with a bitter smile, “Good Teacher and Uncle Master knew that Disciple was carrying 300 people, and once again, nearly 500 million li, and did not find anything.”

“cough cough…” Immortal Being Zhao Yang Zheng, behind Uncle Master, expressed his voice and did the same thing as Liu Jingqiu, and said, “Xu, no need to blame them, and after all I waited for my own visits, they did everything they could!”

“The question is,” I’m waiting for no time! “Tsuidi van a deep breath, what else do you want to say,” Zhao Yang Zhang Zhengzhi and Liu Jingqiu, and said, “You wait until you keep looking, but if you have any of your differences, report in a timely manner!”

“Yes, Teacher…” Liu Zhou was eager to bow down with two Overflowing Immortal to visit the perimeter.

Three Overflowing Immortal, Zhao Yange and Tsuidi went back to the vortex that Liu Jingqiu just visited, and no one noticed that some Gold Light in vortex started to move!

Three Disciple’s gone, and Zhao Yang genius said to Tsuidi, “Seo Junior Brother, some things still don’t let Disciple know for good!”

“hehe…” Tsuidi hehe one said with a smile, “this is what Sun Ancestor Master arranged for, even if Ancestor Master knows.”

“How about that?” Zhao Yanqi looked at all around the water, big and small like mirrors, pouring the clouds in the dome, coldly, “Isn’t it already discovered? It’s already in the temple @ If Sect Leader is on fire, I may all be a scapegoat!”

“So,” Tsuidi has a little rush, “and I’m not waiting for time, and I have to find Lei Ting before Sect Leader’s order! Otherwise, it’s just…”

Speaking of this, Xu Dee looked at Zhao Yang and swallowed his back words.

“What?” Zhao Yangqi, look around the left, put his hand down the silence, Immortal Restriction, wrinkle, “Ancestor Master has another commandment?”

“That’s all…” Tsuidi thought about it, and said, “You’ll know about it, and then it’s okay to tell you! Ancestor Master has just given Little Brother Transmits message, which, if found, is the best, to direct Immortal Array and destroy the entire cloud!”

“Ah?” Zhao Yange was even more surprised, lost his voice, “isn’t it? Ancestor Master doesn’t want to find Little Saint Lotus Seed anymore?”

“I don’t want to find it!” Tsuidi said with a bitter smile, “and knowing that Ancestor Master has begun to suffer, his old man would have come back to find out if he was found by Ancestor Master, why didn’t Sun Ancestor Master fall down again? That’s it, Sophie. One and two, no one can get it!”

“The question is,” Zhao Yanqi says, “We haven’t been able to find it for so long, even if we knew Ancestor Master would come back?”

“Zhao Senior Brother…” Tsuidi, look at Zhao Yang, said with a smile, “So Little Brother asked you, do you think Lei Ting is still here?”

“Yes,” Zhao Yang Chi Nods Road, “if he were alive, he would still be here. Though you didn’t find him, I asked him after he left, and the other Disciple who was trained in the cloud, they didn’t see Lei Ting, and that time we, Rushing Pavillion Mountain, came here with a lot of Disciple, almost all over the clouds, and Lei Ting would have been found if he left!”

“So,” Tsui’s eyes shined out of cold, and said, “Lei Ting must be hiding somewhere in closed-door cultivation, and he wants to break through five Elements Realm! The evil Disciple now makes the Sun Ancestor Master headache, and then becomes the help of Ancestor Master, so why don’t you turn the Sun Ancestor Master over?”

“No, not…” Zhao Zhao Yang is laughing and walking, “Ancestor Master, but Spirit Formation Immortal of aloof and remote”

“hehe…” Tsuidi smiled again, and said, “You know what? Ancestor Master passed us, Rushing Pavillion Mountain, to Lei Ting!”

“Ah,” Zhao Yanqi was shocked again, lost his voice. “The Vatican outline doesn’t allow Mystic Technique of comprehend even Ancestor Master.”

Speaking of this, Zhao Yang Zhao is awake and said with a smile: “I understand!”

“Yeah,” Tsuidi’s shoulder, and said, “I don’t know how much Ancestor Master said to move Sect Leader, how many years did Ancestor Master’s spirit go, nor was he able to walk on True Immortal, how many times his old man’s family made it clear that Sect Leader wanted to be rejected by Sect Leader, and Lei Ting, an Overflowing Immortal Disciple virtue and ability in the Vatica?”

Zhao Yange said with a smile: “This is an innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime!”

“This is naturally one of them.” Tsuidi turned his eyes and said, “Lei Ting’s temper…”

Tsuidi just said here, “Bang…” within 100 miles of vortex, Gold Light, a bunch of freshy gold, like cigarettes, will be blown all over!

“Ah?” Look at Gold Light, the silent Immortal Restriction disappears like dust, and Zhao Yang Zhao is surprised that he and Tsuidi were rushing around looking towards vortex.

“nnd” doesn’t wait for Zhao Yang and Tsui to turn around, and Daoist Lei Ting’s voice rings, “without thinking that the old man just came back, he heard so many secrets.”

“Lei Ting?” Tsuidi and Zhao Yanqi had a great surprise, both of them were surprised, and Tsuidi was even more surprised to take his hand, and take out a rope, Immortal Artifact, and then go to vortex, and say, “What do you hear?”

Gold Light disappears very quickly, not waiting for Xu Di to fly out of ten years, and Gold Light is gone, but as Gold Light disappears, “hong long long long…” there are suddenly thousands of shallow Purple Thunder Light, like a giant net moved towards Gold Light’s vortex!

“Bang…” The shallow Purple Thunder Light has not fallen, vortex blew up, an Aura that Tsuidi and Zhao Yang can’t dream of, just like Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, and with this Aura, the left water is not flat to the gasoline, even all around space collapsed!

Look at Aura tearing everything up to himself, Xu Dee soul flew beyond the heaven. Where else can he take Daoist Lei Ting? Turn around, scared witless’s escape! Only the spaces that tore themselves into it.

Zhao Yangqi, too, soul flew beyond the heaven, ran away with this Xu Di, but both of them were on the side of the flight and looked back, and they saw a thousand zhang in the face of the clouds, and the Thunder Light flew out like a terrible wave, and they were staring at them!

“This is Lei Ting? The Disciple of Overflowing Immortal High Rank?”

“Ka-cha…” Daoist Lei Ting, all around the shallow Purple Thunder Light, also fell in his body, and the weather in the sky was immediately repressed by Thunder Light and fell sharply!

“Damn it!” Daoist Lei Ting senses that his Boundary was sealed, landed around True Immortal Initial Rank, and can’t stop yelling, “Is this old Thief Heaven jealous of this humble Daoist?”

骂完,Daoist Lei Ting 看着如猴子般逃窜的赵阳奇和徐迪,coldly 道:“老子即便是True Immortal 了,想杀你们不还是易如反掌?”

After all, I don’t see Daoist Lei Ting doing anything, and hong-hong’s “two Thunder Light” was born at the top of Zhao Yange and Tsuidi’s head in order to get a quick thundercover straight into two Immortal Body!

Thunder Light is out there, two five Elements Middle Rank Immortal Being flies into ashes, not even scum!

“Yo,” look at the two of them disappearing, Daoist Lei Ting’s cognizant of his head, wake up dao comprehension, “Shit, how do you forget soul searching?”

“But it’s not possible to”… “Daoist Lei Ting, look at all around the street,“ here are hundreds of Disciple, “isn’t there any Sun Ancestor Master? What, Ancestor Master, don’t make shoes for the old man now.”

After all, Daoist Lei Ting Eye One Revolution, when he shot himself Gate on Crown, hong-long-long Lei Ting from Gate on Crown, Daoist Lei Ting’s body slowed down, but it was no longer possible to narrow down, Daoist Lei Ting said with a big smile: “haha, it would seem that the old man’s desire to be less low. There’s no Fellow Daoist Xiao play the pig to eat the tiger!”

“Lei Ting?” Far away, Disciple, Liu Jie and so, Daoist Lei Ting, 700 zhang or so, are all startled, and they can’t believe their eyes.

heng… ”Daoist Lei Ting’s eyes are like electrical cleaning, almost 10,000 li Space is forbidden in his hand, and then Liu Jie and Lee Junior Brother’s Immortal Body are blown up, Daoist Lei Ting stretched a finger, change to hundreds of phantom down to everyone’s eyes, coldly,” The old man wants to see how many old men want to die. “

All Disciple was scared of scared witless, each and everyone wanted to ask for forgiveness, but at this point they found that their foundation didn’t even have a chance to call!

“Seven hundred zhang Immortal Body…” All Disciple is confusing, secretly thought, that’s not two Qi Immortal High Rank? How could that be? Over 100 years, Lei Ting… how could it be from Overflowing Immortal High Rank Series to Two Qi Immortal High Rank? ”

When Daoist Lei Ting returned to Immortal Realm, the dispute at the Rushing Pavillion Mountain @ Sun Temple was also featured white.

@ The Temple is a huge temple, with a wave of pride on the roof of the Ruo Tian dome, great hall, as in the sky, Sect Leader, sitting in the seat of gold in the high moon, under which dozens of corn chairs are like Lofty Mountains, but only the clouds are surrounded by clouds, most of which are empty, with only three corn chairs under the gold seat.

At this point, a woman with a dao robe in front of his left chair said, “Sect Leader, that’s what happens. The sun’s behind Sect Leader, Maneuver’s hundreds of Disciple, still looking for Lei Ting in a clean water cloud, with the aim of attacking Lei Ting and getting the Vatican outline!”

When did you send Disciple to clean water clouds for her brother? No. Before 80 years, Junior Sister didn’t find Lei Ting, and he knew it for his brother, and he refused to go back and search when he had time to do it. How about Lei Ting, too, my Rushing Pavillion Mountain had little kind genius, and he couldn’t just disappear? “

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