Immortal Realm Chapter 1661

“Looks like you’re happy!” Sit down, say with a sneer, “I have to thank you for Lei Ting!”

“Of course,” Sun still laughs, and answers, “How can it be hard on Lei Ting when it’s Ancestor Master of Lei Ting? Junior Sister used to say guesses.”

“Really?” The quiet tongues came out of said with a smile, “The evidence I brought before was fake?”

The question is, Junior Sister’s so-called evidence… which is related to his brother? “

“You” know that silence can’t deter a maiden chair, get up, “Sun, you still want shameless?”

“Silence, you want shameless?” And Cleexion changed coldly, “You’ve got everything in disorder to slander me, I haven’t said anything yet, you haven’t said me?”

“Enough!” The Moon looks prettier than Xiaojiang. She looks like scolded. “Sit down! If Disciple sees you like this, do you still have a face?”

Just sit down and say, “Sect Leader, if you don’t believe, send Disciple to the clean clouds, where Immortal Restriction under the sunshine…”

“Huh, what do you say?”

Hughh was busy and complimented: “Sect Leader, Disciple has listened for a long time, and it’s not like a Disciple named Lei Ting, which, although a kind of genius, I’m Rushing Pavillion Mountain lacking Immortal Pill, Immortal Artifact, the most important of which is Disciple, like Lei Ting Disciple, even though, according to Junior Sister, the most important thing is Time, the Immortal Being is time, it’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen. So, Disciple doesn’t think it’s necessary to make a big flag drum, to know Junior Sister himself, to find out about Senior Brother Yang, and not find it, to think it’s already meteorological.”

And here, Household stops for a moment, and then says, “Even now, Disciple is looking for, and Disciple thinks they’re going through the same sect friendship, and there’s no other idea! Of course, if Junior Sister doesn’t worry, Sect Leader can give orders to Senior Brother Yang to accompany Junior Sister to a clean water cloud.”

“Sect Leader…” Look at Hughy, apparently with scarce mud, knowing that there’s some rush, interrupting Hughi’s saying, “You always ordered Sun to evacuate Immortal Restriction of the Clean Water Cloud, Disciple fears that if they find Lei Ting, it’s broken Lei Ting’s life, it’s a fancy genius!”

“Yo,” heard here, when Sung took his forehead, said with a smile, “Speaking of cultivation genius, Sect Leader, Disciple, there’s a good news here.”

“What good news?”

“The genius who knew Junior Sister lineage had been in a thousand times…” The Sun answered, “For 100 years, Disciple lineage also met a planted genius, and if Lei Ting was a thousand times in distress, Disciple was a thousand times in trouble!”

“Oh? What do you say,” Even if it’s the Moon, then it’s a pleasure, say in the surprise, “Is there a faster way than Lei Ting cultivation?”

“Of course, Lei Ting just disappeared when he paid respects to join me Rushing Pavillion Mountain, and now for 100 years, he has grown to five Elements Initial Rank!”

“Ah.” “And not to say,” The Moon, it’s just to be quiet and out of line, “is that impossible?”

“It’s impossible!” Sung said with a bitter smile, “to think of Lei Ting for a brother who saw Mornancia so fast, that’s why Zhao Yang asked him to look for Lei Ting, and after all, Rushing Pavillion Mountain was thriving and one more genius!”

If it’s Lei Ting, the Moon may believe in quiet, but the sun will not hide Lei Ting, and the month of March won’t go back to chess. After all, these little things make it possible for the next Sect Leader Order in the month of March to do something big.

At this point, Sung said, “Monan shock five Elements Immortal has been successful, just closed, Sect Leader may come over if he is interested, and Sect Leader encourages a few words more than Disciple says!”

“Good.” The Moon is even happy, Nods Avenue, “The genius Disciple is the sign of my thriving Rushing Pavillion Mountain, and I can go up to Ancestor Master to get more resources for Yellow Past Heaven Rushing Pavillion Mountain.”

“Yes, Disciple is going to summon Mona to come!” The sunrise says with a smile.

“Don’t let him out of the temple.”

“Quiet.” The moon stared at it, and said, “Are you still trying to keep the sun stuck?”

“Disciple dares to bite his teeth, whisper,” Disciple fears his back with any hands and feet! “

Look at the shadow of the Sun disappears, Hushisaid with a smile: “Know Junior Sister, you have some insight into Senior Brother Yang, which is unfavourable to me Rushing Pavillion Mountain!”

“What’s going on?” Know Quiet gnashing teeth, “that’s the truth!”

“Liu Liu, you let Monan quickly come to the Sun Temple, and I left Ink Immortal Disk on Study Chamber’s case, and look at it.”

transmits message Immortal Artifact received a sound response from Transmits message Immortal Array, with eyes looking towards the sky, and then Dark Cloud spread, and some Thunder Light flows, apparently a storm coming!

The sun laughs, and while the rains are for Immortal Being what cant be considered, the clean water clouds brushed by the storm must cover up a lot of Trace!

But Agent 5 minutes, the young Male Immortal of an eyebrowing show flew over and saw Sun celebrate ceremony: “Ancestor Master, what do you call Disciple?”

“Haha, Monan,” Sunshine said with a smile, “you’ve got five Elements Immortal when you were young, my genius Rushing Pavillion Mountain, who’s a thousand times in distress, Sect Leader has heard that he needs to meet you, come see Sect Leader with old man!”

“Yes, Ancestor Master!” Mona’s mouth came up with an arrogant smile, nods.

“Disciple Mornan, meeting Lord Sect Leader!”

“hehe, it’s good, it’s good.” It’s good to see you in the moon, and she picks up the Mona Avenue, “Come on, tell the old man about your cultivation.”

“Yes,” at this point, Mona just raised his head and looked at the golden chair, and he said, “Disciple follows Sect Leader’s orders!”

Listen, Monan neither too fast nor too slow said that, while kissing and being proud of his face, how can I look at Lei Ting when day’s bullshit is too strong, even though it’s quiet.

Mona, after saying, “The Moon encouraged a few words and rewarded something:” The Sun, the Disciple, and your blessing, my Rushing Pavillion Mountain, is on Disciple’s shoulders like Monan, and you’re going to be a good professor! “

“Yes, disciple understands!”

“I just thought about it.” “” The Moon Ring One Revolution Road, “Knowing what’s said about the clean water clouds, the cleaners, you can go with Xiaozhou for a while.”

“hong long long…” does not wait for the sound of the Moon, and the sound of the bombing suddenly comes from the top of the Temple of the Sun and from the side of the Temple of the Sun.


the moon starts up, it looks like there’s a circle of three colors on the sun, and all bow down.

Three colors in the sunlight, three rays of light from pride, straight down to the Golden chair, and with three rays of light spinning, a man with a thousand zhang or so size.

The Moon waited to see this light.

The condensense human light.

“Yes”, since March, accompany said with a smile, “I wonder if Ancestor Master suddenly came to Yellow Past Heaven this time. What is the matter?”

“The Sun” Human Light.

Sung said, “Uncle Justice, son, by the command of his grandfather, has banned the entire cloud of clean water, and as long as Lei Ting remains, he will find it.”

“Shit.” True Immortal, known as justice, has some fires, scolded, “all 100 years.

“Uncle Sun,” “It’s not child’s heart, it’s… it’s some Disciple’s heart in the door, and there’s stumbling around the door to stop the child from looking for it.

“Who dares to stop old man?” “Justice has swept the Moon, Xiaoxi and Hughi, and a True Immortal High Rank’s threat has spread!

You know, Immortal Body shakes, although Spirit Formation Immortal and True Immortal have only one Boundary gap, this gap is comparable to the heavens and the earth, and more so, True Immortal High Rank?


wrinkling of the Moon, her Gate on Crown, with fresh Flickering lights, is the Immortal Talisman, who sealed True Immortal Power, with said with a smile: “Ancestor Master, which is afraid of some misunderstandings! Junior, Yellow Past Heaven Rushing Pavillion Mountain Sect Leader, General Gate Affairs, Ancestor Master, should have told Junior about one sound in advance and save unnecessary misunderstandings…”

The answer to the needle hidden in the moon may be useful to the other side, but justice is not very good for the face, say with a sneer: “Was old man used to be transmits messages? How did Sect Leader handle it? Where’s your little Saint Lotus Seed? Since Sect Leader doesn’t want to be a villain, it’ll only make old man a child who’s not a producer. The sun…”

“Child in…” is a very busy answer.

“Or the word”… “” Justice says, “To live, to die, to see the body.”

Don’t wait for justice to finish, “hong long…” one sound world-shaking’s thunderbolt rings outside the Temple of the Sun, interrupts the words of justice, then bang’s one sound loud, @ the doors of the Temple of the Sun, and a human body flowing from Lei Ting will fly from the temple and say, “No need to find, old man is back!”

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