Xiao Hua stood in the air, and the light gold light flashed. His Immortal Body slowly shrank and waited for seven hundred feet to stop.

“Master, this Mystical Ability…” Yan Zhan was a little dumbfounded, both True Immortal, and changed into Two Qi Immortal, what do you mean!

Xiao Hua smiled and looked around. The hand raised the broken All Heaven Star Array Array Talisman and did not re-sacificial refining. As long as there is Xiao Hua standing, it is the safest place for the entire Desire Realm Heaven. His foundation does not need to create array!

“You have to wait hard!” Xiao Hua gaze over the crowds, said with a smile.

“I don’t dare to say anything in front of Sect Leader First Master!”

What makes everyone stunned is that Yan Zhan, who has always been bent, is the first to stand.

It’s not Yan Zhan’s aunt. It’s the potential of Yan Zhan very clear Xiao Hua, who used to be Nine Palaces Immortal. He really has never seen an Immortal Being cultivation so fast, and he doesn’t know which True Immortal can be in Desire Realm Heaven. Keep True Immortal strength, not the seal of Desire Realm Palace, the Principal of Desire Realm Heaven?

Look at the glory of the past, but the condense of the Desire Realm Heaven Principle, these glory does not change into the death of this True Immortal, but also changed into the robes guard body, which is not enough to explain the origin of this True Immortal?

“Adoptive Father, Good Fortune Gate is the Good Fortune Gate for me…” Xiang Zhili is the most well-behaved and hurriedly slammed. “Children are willing to throw a blood for my Good Fortune Gate…”

“Yes…” The Disciple came back to God, and they all fell down. “For me Good Fortune Gate, I will wait for the dead to regret!”

Instead, hold the sword and see if all the people are robbed, and the sword is not spoken.

“Ha ha…” Xiao Hua laughed and raised his hand to raise the crowd. He said, “I have a Disciple, I am very comforted, I am so, and I am going back to cultivation. There is compensation for this hard work!”

After the speech, Xiao Hua raised his hand to Kunlun Mountain Mirror.


Space vibration, Kunlun Mountain Mirror such as a round of Ming Yue / Bright Moon Instantly cover all Good Fortune Gate Disciple!

“Master…” Seeing the light falling, two of the Discrie hurriedly shouted, “Disciple has something to tell!”

“You two?” Xiao Hua took a look at the two Dust Immortal, feeling unfamiliar and not knowing himself, not feeling said in surprise.

“Disciple is Xuan Songzi and Daoist Jing Ting…” The two Disciple replied in a hurry. “Disciple has a message from a good old man, Four Great Continent, who wants to tell the old man.”

“Good!” Xiao Hua nods, again stimulate to motion Kunlun Mountain Mirror.

“Xie lord!” Other Disciples thanked, with Azure Light falling into Space.

“You have to wait for two hard work!” Xiao Hua looked at Xuan Songzi and Daoist Jing Ting, and there were some complex feelings in my heart. The two were only Loose Nascent at Four Great Continent. Xiao Hua thought they could not ascension, I didn’t expect them. It was ascension, and it seems that the strength is even worse than the other Discures of the ascension.

In particular, the two Nine Tribulations Immortal Nascent actually have a Fleshly Body, and the Xuan Songzi and Daoist Jing Ting with Fleshly Body are not naturally recognizable by Xiao Hua.

Xuan Songzi and Daoist Jing Ting tears in their eyes and stumbled again: “Disciple can set foot on Immortal Realm, pay respects to join again under the door of the master, is the blessing of Discipe!”

Xiao Hua smiled and raised the two and asked, “How is your Fleshly Body coming?”

“Hey lord…” Xuan Songzi replied, “Disciple ascended Immortal, it falls into the pool of Spirit, and Spirit Cleansing Fluid naturally condenses into a Fleshly Body, which is easy!”

“Ah?” Xiao Hua yelled, and looked at Daoist Jing Ting, Daoist Jing Ting and even nods.

“nnd!” Xiao Hua didn’t come to me, “How is the old man so unlucky? Is it the secret of Spirit Cleansing Fluid and the old man?”

“Master…” Xuan Songzi, look at Xiao Hua, whisper, “Before Discipline ascension, Zhen Kong came over to visit Discic…”

“Zhen Kong?” Xiao Hua yelled and said, “This is the old person you said? What is he looking for?”

“Zhen Kong said that he was a teacher ascension, but the ascension was awkward, so after asking for the Discipline ascension, ask the lord to ask…”

Xiao Hua is a six-eared Macaque’s Zhen Kong. He interrupted Xuan Songzi’s words with some dissatisfaction. He said: “He does not ascension with his ascension. What does it matter with him? Don’t worry about him! Besides, he is Teacher. Ascension is Buddha State, how can old man know?”

“Yes…” Xuan Songzi saw Xiao Hua unhappy, dare not say it again.

“What about you?” Xiao Hua looks at Daoist Jing Ting.

Daoist Jing Ting is gone.

Xiao Hua frowned: “Is it also Zhen Kong?”

“Yes…” Daoist Jing Ting replied with a hard scalp. “Before Xuan Songzi Senior Brother ascension, let Disciple pay attention to Zhen Kong. It’s normal at the beginning, and Zhen Kong is practicing in a small temple of his own. There was no sign of the Buddha State. Before the Disciple ascension, it was found that Zhen Kong suddenly disappeared. Disciple asked Monk, who was near, and they said that they did not see Zhen Kong playing the Opening Heaven door. However, in the night before the disappearance of Zhen Kong, it seems that there is Iridescence falls in the temple…”

“What iridescence!” Xiao Hua coldly said, “It’s too much evil, it’s gone!”

“Yes, yes…” Daoist Jing Ting hurriedly laughed. “Disciple is talking to Xuan Songzi Senior Brother about this and one sound to the master!”

“Well, I know, you are going to cultivation!” Xiao Hua waved and sent the two into Space.

“Jiang Liu’er went to Xiao’s Buddha State Space and said that Zhen Kong should also come…” Xiao Hua squeezed his chin secretly thought. “How could he suddenly disappear? Could it be…”

Xiao Hua thought of another possibility. Yaun Tongtian was personally sent to Samsara by the Great Sun Tathagata Revered One of the World, and he left the flat stick in Four Great Continent. Maybe Yajun Tongtian, who was reincarnation, took the day. The stick went to kill the six-ear Macaque!

“But it, nothing…” Thinking of this, Xiao Hua was helpless. “It’s all Karma in the past, don’t want to.”

So Xiao Hua looked up and looked at Little Black and Little Yellow next to it. Little Silver had already slipped out, but look at Little Yellow, who dare not come forward. Little Vajra just came out late, now hiding behind Little Black, I’m sorry to see Xiao. Hua.

“Go…” Xiao Hua waved his sleeves. “Leave here and say it.”

Xiao Hua kills mystery known only to heaven The old man’s spirit descent Immortal Puppet, this hatred is big, Xiao Hua is not afraid of mystery known only to heaven, but he still doesn’t want mystery known only to heaven It is his hand.

However, Xiao Hua can’t go too far. After all, this pick-up of the Greening Continent corresponds to Myriad Monsters Realm, and the Good Fortune Gate Disciple will continue to be ascension.

Let Little Silver fly in front of her head and find an Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi. The shape of Xiao Hua is falling, and I look at the brows slightly wrinkle. It seems that some things have not been decided.

“mother…” Little Yellow is always in the face of Xiao Sable in front of Xiao Hua. He asked with a big tail. “How old are you so powerful! The baby thinks that he is making rapid progress, but he can’t catch up with this. !”

“How do you learn spurs the horse fart?” Xiao Hua snorted and smiled at Little Yellow.

“How is it possible?” Little Yellow shook his head and said, “A child can’t spurs the horse fart, it won’t last a lifetime! The child’s favorite is to seek truth from facts…”

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