A shape like Concocting Furnace’s mountain peak, all around all over the Scarlet Fire Blaze, Fire Blaze, one by one, True Immortal sitting cross-legged, these Immortal Being hands also have a fiery, or fire, or Fire Crane, or Vermillon Bird, with the Immortal Being casting artifact Immortal Art stimulate to motion, falls in front of them in different sizes of Concocting Furnace, Concocting Furnace has a variety of materials burning with the fire.

The fairy side is the tempering material, the side is the side ear listening, the mountain peak, the Scarlet Fire Blaze center, the mystery known only to heaven, the old-fashioned Ruo Tian god’s body flashing red clouds, a sentence casting artifact secret is more like Lei Ting The general sound: “…casting artifact is not so much about Immortal Art, it is worse than the state of mind. Immortal Artifact is magnificent in the state of mind, and Immortal Artifact is weak in the state of mind. This is the heart of the mind, the instrument is from the beginning. My Heavenly Mystery Pavillion’s Disciple, to cultivating the Heart…”

This Immortal Art falls into the ears of Immortal Being, Immortal Being is not born with respect, one smile nods!

At this time, “嗡…” mystery known only to heaven, the old man was suddenly disordered, and a rosy cloud from the mystery known only to heaven, the old man, Gate on Crown, but listening to Scarlet, “噼里啪啦” is like a firecracker. The noise, a faint Immortal Nascent, slid out of the head!

“Damn…” mystery known only to heaven old man one sound low, “How is it possible?”

Then, “Boom…” Mountain peak after Fire Blaze masterpiece, mystery known only to heaven old man change into Fire Blaze rushed to the sky!

Fire Blaze change into a dragonfly, the Discilele flew out from the mountain peak, and said to the Disciple: “Today’s day is here, the Disciples are practicing each other…”

As the sound landed, the Fire Blaze burst and the Discipele slammed into the Fire Blaze.

“What happened to Ancestor Master?”

“Looks like a problem with cultivation…”

“Not like! With the power of Ancestor Master, how can there be a flaw in the statement?”

“Immortal Nascent is revealed…”

“Oh, I saw, Immortal Nascent’s face is blue…”

A group of Disciples whispering, there are sound transmissions, but no one can think of it, and they will keep their heart-warming mystery known only to heaven. The old man will be the spirit descent Spirit Division and be killed!

Do not say Heavenly Mystery Pavillion Disciple, is mystery known only to heaven. I can’t believe this fact!

He changed into Fire Blaze through the heavy Immortal Restriction and landed directly on a square copper platform! The four corners of this platform have singular Immortal Beast claws, and the edge of the platform has five colors Lei Ting alternate Flickering lights.

Mystery known only to heaven The old man’s body fell, “Boom…” Five colors Lei Ting rushed into the Immortal Beast from the platform, and four Immortal Beast roared and flew over the sky to protect the platform!

Mystery known only to heaven The old man did not have a sneak peek. Immediately after falling, he crossed his knees, his hands swayed, and a series of thunderous sounds rang…

However, the thunder was only a dozen times, and it gradually disappeared. Mystery known only to heaven, the old man’s Flickering lights’ Thunder Light also took a break, revealing his slightly pale face.

At this time mystery known only to heaven, the old man looked a little embarrassed, his biting his teeth secretly thought: “old man is a big idea, actually will be killed in the Yellow Past Heaven a Primordial Spirit, at this time the old man if forced to stimulate to Motion Divination Technique, isn’t it worse?”

“This old man spirit descent Lower Realm, but it is a whim, no one can know in advance. There is only one possibility, Immortal Being who killed the old man Primordial Spirit has been ambushing in the green near Continent!”

“Oh, that’s great! The old man thought it was Azure Jade Gate Disciple. I didn’t expect it to be known by True Immortal of Azure Jade Gate. They always wanted to kill the old man…”

“No, maybe it’s not Azure Jade Gate, maybe it’s a gold kid??”

“It’s not right. If the gold boy is a spirit descent, and the strength of the old man is similar, he can’t destroy the old man Spirit Division, and… he has no great grievances with the old man, it is impossible to do it…”

“Looks, it can only be Azure Jade Gate!”

Mystery known only to heaven The old man thought of this, his face was cold, “The young man, the old man, I want to go to your lower position, you dare to secretly slap the hand, old man this 缕Primordial Spirit, non I can’t fix it back, and the old man is not finished with you!”

The case of Congratuling Orchid Watchtower has not yet concluded, mystery known only to heaven, the old man has hated Azure Jade Gate’s Gate Master Fairy Fairy.

Yellow Past Heaven, Scarlet Crow Sun When the west fell, the bloody red sun shone the rosy cloud, and the breeze sat on the Immortal Boat. Looking at these Bloody Red rosy clouds, I was confused.

“Young Master…” Tu Shanxiu looked at the breeze and said, “I’m gonna whisper,”

“Well…” The breeze echoed one sound, and asked faintly. “Is there a no arrangement for your parents to make up the sky?”

Tu Shanxiu glimpsed, then immediately realized what, hurriedly slammed the whisper: “禀Young Master, slaves know what you mean, slaves can honestly confess with Young Master, slaves do not have elders what, but slaves It’s already clear to the elders’ transmit messages that slaves don’t… no longer belong to the family…”

Breeze and eye movements, look at Tu Shanxiu did not lift her, but said: “Maybe you have no plans, but … will be able to guarantee him … no arrangements!”

Tu Shanxiu raised his head and smiled. Bloody Red was poor in the sunshine. “If the Young Master said this, the slave would have nothing to say. Since the Young Master cannot be trusted, the slaves would not dare to wait for the Young Master. Resignation…”

The Breeze did not answer, but looked at Scarlet Crow Sun, who fell into the horizon in the distance, and said, “You are just a family, Scarlet Crow Sun. If you don’t have a strong backing, you will indulge in Immortal Realm. Since you When I found out, why can’t I be honest? I want to use my power to intervene to make up the sky… Is it just that?”

“No, no…” Tu Shanxiu tried to argue, “Young Master is wrong, slaves and so on, even Shen Family can’t resist, how dare to make up the sky? That… that is the site of Immortal King and Heavenly Venerable! Before the slaves saw the Young Master, the elders waited for me again and again, and never dared to get rid of the team Karma, then… that would involve my family in Destruction!”

“Now?” The sound of the breeze sounded a bit ridiculous. “He actually let me go to the boundary, let me join the sky team?”

“Oh…” Tu Shanxiu sighed one sound, also looked at Scarlet Crow Sun in the distance, said, “Young Master knows the decline of my family, knowing the hardships of my parents, he is also like Scarlet Crow Sun. Therefore, he should arrange the affairs of the family as much as possible before he falls into the earth. The encounter between the slave and the Young Master is absolutely impossible for the elderly to know in advance, and after knowing this good news, the old man will definitely want to be Young Master. Do more. Karma, who is the old man, never touched the old man. Now his old man is afflicted with Karma for the Young Master. He said that the young enemy of the Young Master is the same as his old man, that is, the Heavenly Venerable. May have the life of his old man!”

Speaking of this, Tu Shanxiu has tears in his eyes and squats on the floor and said: “The slave is not a casual person. You can see the Young Master and you will be convinced by the Young Master. The most important thing… or the slave knows Young Master. The importance of the Young Master… is the Mystical Ability behind the Young Master, and is he worried about the calculations of his old man? Or does his old man dare to count?”

“Ha ha…” The coldness on the breeze suddenly dissipated, laughing and holding Tu Shanxiu up and saying, “I am just joking with you. How can you take it seriously? How do you know my mind? The affection, the need to use this affection to use, is not the heart can not bear the family? You rest assured, I am just a little doubt, afraid that you will be involved again. Say, I will be afraid of his calculations? It’s the sky, those Immortal King and Heavenly Venerable are nothing, go, go, and let me see, my enemy is who the running dog, and which Heavenly Venerable dare not follow… my order!”

Tu Shanxiu smiled and smiled at the just-thought-up Autumn Brush Moon. “The original Young Master has been fixed, but it makes the slaves worry.”

After she finished, she covered her face with her hand and said with a shyness: “Young Master sees the slave joke…”

Looking at Tu Shanxiu so charming, the breeze smiled, the big hand caught it, the sky fell, and the rosy cloud was covered on Immortal Boat.

Xiao Hua naturally didn’t know that the breeze had to catch up with the Tiantian team. After he flew out, he sacrificed his starship and rushed into Jietian Space.

Seeing that there is a shadow of Heavenly Immortal in the card, Xiao Hua will offer an official seal, which is beyond the expectation of Xiao Hua. The official seal Light & Shadow flashes like a star, and the message is more than expected by Xiao Hua. After reading it, Xiao Hua immediately became unhappy.

Because the internal communication message is mostly the admiration of other warriors, and there is no transmission message from Xiang Qing et al!

“Not good!” Xiao Hua did not dare to neglect and rushed to the motion official seal. “Qin Longqiu, Humble General Xiao Hua applied to return to the team, I don’t know what the Humble General team… can change?”

“Hey, it turned out to be Xiao Hu…” Qin Xin heard Xiao Hua’s voice, and immediately became eager to ask, “How is your injury? Has it recovered? You don’t know, Xiao Hu, when you are in Yunyuan Little Heavenly Realm…”

“Coughing…” Xiao Hua was anxious, forcibly listening to a few words, coughing two channels, “many thanks dragon rides adults, Humble General has healed, Humble General wants to ask dragon riders, Xiang Qing them Okay?”

“Oh, Xiang Qing?” Qin Xin replied, “Is he not with Xiao Hu?”

Xiao Hua hurriedly said: “Qinlong Ride, when Day Humble General took the step by step, he went directly to Yunyuan Little Heavenly Realm and didn’t stay with Xiang Qing…”

“Hey…” Qin Xin was also surprised, replied, “Xiao Hu, Yun Yuan Xiao Heavenly Realm before the war, I have Chen Buyao military order, let Xiao Hu rate the 260th team to go to other places to perform the task, I didn’t participate in the Yunyuan Little Heavenly Realm battle. After that… I got the military order, Xiao Hu, Xiang Hu, etc., all from my team, so I rebuilt the 260-year-old team. I thought it was the vice tiger and Xiao Hu. Together…”

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The breeze really has to rush to the boundary…

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