In the Thunder Sound Buddhist Temple, whether it is the Revered One of The World Ancient Buddha Dipankara or other Disciples, it is not a mouthful of Buddha. The entire Thunder Sound Buddhist Temple is filled with twisted Buddha Radiance.

Great Sun Tathagata looked up, red light in the two pupils, red light, the Buddha Radiance of the entire Thunder Sound Buddhist Temple condensed like a wave of water, and finally formed a fist-sized vortex.

“Go…” As the Great Sun Tathagata raised his hand, the five colors stones brought infinity Buddha Radiance into the whirlpool.

Light & Shadow is changing. It seems to be through Space & Time. A lot of Bodhisattva, Revered One of the World, has a brow in his eyes, and he is surprised because he saw Ananda’s three bodies being displayed. image.


“this is……”

Argydo Bodhisattva The Revered One of the World whispered, because when the stone fell on a mountain peak, it was the moment when Ananda’s three corpses failed.

There are only a few signs of life in the five colors, and more of the remnants are gathering from the annihilation of Ananda!

“Hey, understand understands…” Aiduo Bodhisattva, Revered One of the World, sighed by one sound, said, “Revered One of the World, in order to use Disciple Karma to use Great Mystical Ability, whoever wanted to do bad things, Interfering with Disciple’s arrangement!”

“salutations Amitabha…” Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World, laughs, “Revered One of the World, if you don’t interfere?”

“Haha, many thanks Revered One of the World!” Adudu Bodhisattva, Revered One of the World, laughs. “Every Karma is over, there is no interference and no interference.”

“Revered One of the World, Disciple has a knot…” Then Aiduo Bodhisattva, the Revered One of the World, once again, “Disciple forced into Samsara, lost the animal, and won the six-ear Macaque. The body, but I don’t know what the six-ear Macaque is in this world?”

Sakyamuni Buddha is still smiling and raising his hand. There is a mountain in the Buddha Radiance. The monkey head with a hand-dancing iron rod is swaying, and the next few monkeys are not worshipping in the eyes. It is not exactly what Xiao Hua had seen in the Kunlun Mountains. Monkey Hou Ming?

“salutations Adudou Bodhisattva Moraisa Revered One of the World…” Ayurveda Bodhisattva Moraisa Revered One of the World mouth chanting Buddha’s name, the Buddha Radiance burned like a flame, as he walked step by step to Sakyamuni On the left side of the Buddha, the entire Buddha State vibrates, and the endless Buddha Radiance rolls the Buddha’s voice into the Void, and the Buddha State Space continues to expand…

“Salutations, sorrowfulness, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow Aiduo Bodhisattva Moraisa Revered One of the World, the eyes are born with a different color, can not help mouth chanting Buddha’s name.

At this time, the Adriatic Bodhisattva, the Revered One of the World, did not have much of Ananda’s appearance, and more like a battle against the Buddha stone monkey!

“It’s cheaper than Ananda…” Jared-Document Xiao Hua’s heart was filled with joy, and he couldn’t help but secretly groan, while Jamed-Document Buddha appeared quietly beside him, mouth chanting Buddha’s name, “Amitabha, Barren Space Future Buddha Lord has returned, please also benefactor compassion…”

“How did the Buddha’s name change again?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was amazed.

“Benefactor wants to know, you can go to Buddha State to ask about Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World…” Jaded-Document Buddha smiles, not directly to Jaded-Document Xiao Hua.

“But…” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, look at the solemn Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World Avatar, laughing. “Every Karma, don’t interfere. There is only one Buddha Lord in the future. Don’t take Buddha State in the future.” Messed…”

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua directed at the Demon Pool Space: “What is Jaded-Document Shì?”

“He is not…” A squeaking voice sounded, a bloody clone of the Jaded-Document Shì.

“hehe ……” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua smiled and said, “He always used Demon Pool as his home. How could he not be? Let him come back!”

“Yes, yes…” The blood shadow clone flashed a few times inside the Demon Pool Space, and seemed to perceive the Buddha Fire of the Jaded-Document Buddha, answering a few voices.

The sound of the blood shadow clone has just disappeared, and Jaded-Document Xiao Hua’s brow is picking up, and the eyes are shocked and look around Space.

“This… is this what’s going on?”

But seeing the original Void edge, there are countless Fissures at this time. This Fissure is like a spider web, and it is still expanding differently.

The looming Plane Channel is starting to take shape!

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua flashes nine colors Light & Shadow in the eyes, looks at it for a moment, smiles and smiles: “I understand, this is the power of the Hand of Karma.”

“Amitabha, congratulations to benefactor, Hexi benefactor…” Jaded-Document Buddha also said with a smile. “In the previous benefactor Space, Karma autism, although some Immortal Realm Karma is not enough to break through Space barriers, such as Karma Hand. Karma started to penetrate Space, the Plane barrier will appear Channel, and the benefactor’s Space will become more mature!”

“With the joy, the same hi!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua laughs and laughs. Space has limited resources. Only when there is Connection with Space outside, Space can develop better. As for the exposure of Space, Immortal Being, which has a strong Mystical Ability, is not a problem that Jared-Document Xiao Hua considers.

“Big brother, big brother…” Jaded-Document Shì really came fast, and the smile of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has not disappeared. He has already rushed out and shouted, “What, so anxious?”

“Amitabha…” Jaded-Document Buddha has a double palm, “Benefactor Space has been formed, and the Barren Space has not yet formed…”

Jaded-Document Shì See, blood red eyes turn sharply, Demon Pool Space is already formed, but legislation ceremonial tablet is more in the Demon Pool moment, Demon Pool is more beneficial, Jaded-Document Shì naturally does not want to take the legislation ceremonial tablet immediately Out.

However, his eyes are just moving, and Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is somewhat intolerant. He said: “Jaded-Document Shì, I will take out the legislation ceremonial tablet. The Buddha State Space is different from other Spaces. There are already three Buddha Lords in the middle. Now the future The Buddha Lord has just returned to the position, which is the best opportunity for the formation of Buddha State…”

“Yes, Big Brother…” Jaded-Document Shì, immediately understood, promised one sound immediately turned back, and Jaded-Document Xiao Hua stayed outside the Demon Pool Space, waiting for the Jaded-Document Shì holding the legislation ceremonial tablet Handed to the edge of the Demon Pool, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua raised his hand and grabbed the law to fly outside the Buddha State Space!

The always-satisfied face of Jaded-Document Buddha gave birth to a rare excitement. “Go…” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua stood outside the Buddha State Space and didn’t fly in, but instead dropped the lawyer into it. Boom…” The law fell into the Buddha State Space and burst into thousands of temple phantoms. The phantoms fell to Sakyamuni Buddha, Buddha Radiance, Revered One of the World and Ayutthida Bodhisattva, Revered One of the World!

After the temple phantom passed through the present Buddha, the past Buddha and the future Buddha, the phantom began to solidify and changed into a golden 摹 of the Great Thunder Sound Buddhist Temple.

Such a golden noisy 鸾ザ嗔 鹄矗 盟 盟 盟 盟 蛔┮ 蛔┮ 蛔┮ 闪 闪 闪 闪 闪

“Amitabha…” Even Jaded-Document Xiao Hua saw both eyes released and couldn’t help but mouth chanting Buddha’s name said, “The original Great Thunder Sound Buddhist Temple is built like this!” Xiao Hua’s Space can finally be followed. The outside Space has Connection, so where is the earliest Space Channel going?

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