“very good!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua took the purple gold bell to the Buddha State Space and saw that the Thunder Sound Buddhist Temple and Spirit Mountain are forming in the Buddha State, with a finger, purple gold bells falling to the big compassion Guanyin Revered One of the World hands.

Guanyin Bodhisattva Revered One of the World Smiles a little, and the Buddha Radiance and Van Gogh fall into the purple gold bell!

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua still wants to blame, and the mind is moving out of Space.

Sure enough, Jiang Meihua stood next to herself with a smile and whispered: “Guess what I found?”

“Absolute Beginning casting artifact?”

Xiao Hua replied with no anger.

“Ah?” Jiang Meihua yelled, and immediately he woke up and frowned. “Adult, this is what you are wrong with, how can you peek?”

“Ah?” Xiao Hua also stunned and said, “Is there really a method of Absolute Beginning casting artifact in Huangmei Palace?”

“You…what you guessed?” Jiang Meihua asked, scratching his head.

“Crap!” Xiao Hua yelled, “You are my brother, why should I peek?”

“Hey…” Jiang Meihua smiled, his right hand stretched out, and a slightly broken plum blossom in the palm of his hand was handed to Xiao Hua. “Little Brother is a big brother. This is the law of Absolute Beginning casting artifact. Please accept it!” ”

“Absolute Beginning Bronze, even the Ancient Aristocratic Family can’t be seen, how do you know that this is the casting artifact?”

“Hey…” Jiang Meihua smiled. “I don’t forget, Little Brother is after Immemorial Immortal Clan Jiang Family!”

“You have a fart for me!” Xiao Hua threw the plum blossom petals to Jiang Meihua. “I can’t see it again!”

“Little Brother has Ink Immortal Disk here…” Jiang Meihua handed an Ink Immortal Disk to Xiao Hua and said, “But the law of Absolute Beginning casting artifact is unspeakable, and Little Brother is afraid that it is wrong. This is to give the bronze to the big brother, saying that there is no way for the big brother!”

“It turns out!” Xiao Hua took the petals and Ink Immortal Disk. After his Overflowing Sense sweep, said in surprise, “There is no name for this casting artifact?”

“Absolute Beginning is not as stressful as it is now. What is the name?” Jiang Meihua waved his hand and replied, “This thing is hidden by Mei Family First Ancestor, if not the Little Brother’s study of… somewhere It is impossible to find it!”

“Can you give me Mystic Technique?”

“No!” Jiang Meihua immediately waved. “That is the Mystic Technique of my Jiang Family, and Little Brother can’t promise!”

“It’s beautiful to your Jiang Family!” Xiao Hua smiled. “This Mei Family’s casting artifact method… I have to give Jiang Family later?”

“Maybe!” Jiang Meihua replied ambiguously, but Xiao Hua could hear that Jiang Meihua was grateful to Jiang Family for her resentment against Jiang Family’s Senior.

“Cheap you Jiang Family!” Xiao Hua said, picking up the bronze petals and sticking it to his eyebrows, laughing. “You look around and wait until I realize it and give it to you…”

“No… No?” Jiang Meihua was horrified, just about to speak, Xiao Hua said, “If you don’t believe it, forget it!”

“I believe in my letter!”

At this time, it is fools to say no!

Sure enough, Xiao Hua called Jiang Meihua back, and I had to give Jiang Meihua’s Ink Immortal Disk a few times more details on the casting artifact!

“many thanks, many thanks!” Jiang Meihua smiled and closed the Ink Immortal Disk.

“Mei Yun finally finished the sacrificial refining of Tianmeiling!” Xiao Hua pointed to the distance and said, “And look at this Huangmei Palace, what is hidden in the experience of Mei Family Disciple!”

“I am looking forward too……”

Jiang Meihua just said, Xiao Hua smiled, “You are Beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned, not good!”

Mei Yun certainly didn’t know Jiang Meihua’s mind. When she heard Xiao Hua introduce this to Meijiang, she was also surprised to ask if Jiang Meihua was a Mei Family child.

Although Jiang Meihua’s answer disappointed Mei Yun, a Mei surname made Mei Yun close to Jiang Meihua.

Even when Xiao Hua flies Immortal Restriction with Mei Yun, Mei Yun is still testing Jiang Meihua.

Xiao Hua ignored both of them and flew to the place where the Bronze chain was broken. However, for a few months, the chains and locks were intact, and the dense bronze brilliance seamlessly covered the previous white Xuan Kong.

Xiao Hua is pinching his chin, is he looking for other places to stimulate to the day?

However, for a moment, he realized that perhaps because of the appearance of the whiteuan Xuan Kong, the Mei Family’s experience was blocked, so it caused the failure of Tianmeiling and lost. And the plum 耙 耙 厥 厥 厥 厥 厥 厥 盏 盏 盏 殴 殴 殴 殴 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟 疟

So I want to stimulate to motion Tianmei to enter the Mei Family experience, only in the place of Xuan Xuan Kong!

Fortunately, Mei Yun did not know this. He said that to the Tianmeiling, seven or forty-nine plum blossoms descended from the sky and fell to the forty-nine locks around him.

The lock is opened and there is plume overflowing inside!

Xiao Hua has some frowns, after all, Overflowing Sense can’t detect it.

“Go…” Xiao Hua’s big sleeve flew into Meiyun with a roll.

However, waiting for them to fly, it’s a glimpse, because within Space… it’s actually another 筱梅埃

And this 筱 翱 翱 翱 翱 鹄 鹄 泼 泼 R R R R R lie

Xiao Hua has seen Primal Spirit Mountain at Fourth Layer. Although Overflowing Sense is not imprisoned here, he immediately understands and smiles: “This is the real 筱梅埃

“Why?” Jiang Meihua was also surprised, “I feel exactly the same!”

“No, no, it’s totally different!” Xiao Hua took a look at the 筱梅埃 档 身 怏忝 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑 谑

“Silk…” Mei Yun took a breath of cold air and said, “Is it… Is this the crown of my Mei Family First Ancestor?”

“It’s okay!” Xiao Hua certainly didn’t know.

“Junior Mei Yun ……” Mei Yun didn’t dare to sneer, hurriedly smashed from the 筱梅吧, 吹湓诘厣

Jiang Meihua Take a look at Xiao Hua, meditation in his mouth, and also be a gift.

Xiao Hua smiled and said: “Junior Xiao Hua, also meet with Senior!”

“Boom…” As the three got up, three bronze heads rushed out before the three Human Head!

The bronze monument is bronze, and there are several essays on it. Xiao Hua’s gaze is actually: First Ancestor Tiande’s tomb of Zhonghou!

What do you mean? Tiande warfare? ?

Mayer is also the battle of the team? ?

Xiao Hua is stupid, and Jiang Meihua is also puzzled!

“Senior Xiao ……” Mei Yun said respectfully. “Tianmei has a double-inspired Mystic Technique. Junior did not understand it before. It only inspired one. It seems that this last weight is used here!”

“If you are disturbing First Ancestor, don’t look at it!” Xiao Hua said.

Mei Yun lost the smile: “It is the first Ancestor that you can see to stimulate Tianmeiling!” Tiande will naturally be Meibo.

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