“It’s extremely extreme!” Jaded Document Huang Tong urged. “Fellow Daoist is still going out first, then seeing that dream is what’s going on, saying that it’s not about dreams!”

“Well, this humble Daoist, go out and try again…”

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua said that he was taking out Space, he looked at the red light rotation, and there was a jade pillow with a texture like a corn-like texture. Turning over and lying down, the heart still carries the previous hate!

“weng-weng ……” Xiao Hua just lay down, the jade pillow will give birth to a roar, the red light breaks through the Void like a Xia Cai, and the corn-like texture is even across the red sea!

The fluctuation of the texture sweeps through Xiao Hua’s nearly transparent Fleshly Body, Divine Soul, where the Black & White fluctuation fragments are exactly the same as the texture fluctuation, and Xiao Hua’s Fleshly Body suddenly shrinks and falls to the corn texture.

“Hey?” Xiao Hua looked at the hole that was getting bigger on both sides of the jade pillow, said in surprise. “How is it different from the previous one?”

However, Xiao Hua’s figure is still moving towards the hole.

“Rooming ……” Xiao Hua’s figure just fell into the hole, all around immediately produced a lot of colors Lei Ting, Lei Ting, the jade pillow all around the red light moving toward Xiao Hua surging, waiting for the red light Converging in one place, rushing in like water, Xiao Hua’s body disappeared.

The red light disappeared and the room returned to calm. Except for the faint glimmer of the jade pillow, the bed was empty.

Xiao Hua really disappeared, not his Mind into the dream! !

It is also a coincidence that Hung Hom Pillow dreams, a dream of 1,000 years, and the inclusion of Time Principle in the inner, with this Time Principle, in order to let Dream and Immortal Realm follow a different Time.

Xiao Hua had a chance to enter Heavenly Prison, and he was fortunate enough to realize Time debris. The fragments appeared to disappear after Xiao Hua’s realization, but in fact, because Xiao Hua contains Qi of Chaos, these fragments of Time Principle are hidden in Xiao Hua. throughout.

Xiao Hua comes out of Heavenly Prison, the time principle of major thousand worlds or assimilate Xiao Hua within the body, or block these Time Principle fragments.

Nowadays, when the red pillow is stimulated to motion, the Time Principle it contains stimulates the Time Principle fragment of Xiao Hua within the body. This also caused Xiao Hua to enter the red 蕤 pillow and start the difference!

Where did Xiao Hua go? ?

No one knows where Xiao Hua went, but said that Fu Sheng is the master of Fu Shengkou. He never thought of where Xiao Hua went!

Because even Xiao Hua himself, he does not know where to go!

That is definitely Xiao Hua dreaming, but he dreams of going where he wants to go!

The red 蕤 pillow is dominated by the Xiao Hua dream. Although Fusheng placed the Immemorial Immortal Realm shard in the red scorpion pillow and wanted to influence Xiao Hua’s dream, but when Xiao Hua has a strong hatred, Immemorial Immortal Realm debris naturally affects It is a lot smaller.

In particular, when a certain Time Principle fragment of Xiao Hua within the body is fully inspired by the Time Principle of the Red Pillow, it is easy to change Form into a Time tunnel beyond Space, bringing Xiao Hua into his dream!

Of course, because of the strength of the major thousand worlds Time Principle, the Time fragment of Xiao Hua within the body will not cause anomalies such as Time backflow, and naturally will not pass through Time before or after.

“Booming ……” Feeling all around Lei Ting Raining down, countless Heaven & Earth Principles are born out of thin air, falling into their own body shape, as if the body shape is constantly shrinking, it is also like the body Immortal Restriction, especially within Divine Soul, seems to have countless barbed serrated cuts, Xiao Hua hurts low, then “boom…” one sound loud, Xiao Hua feels nine colors Lei Ting penetrates a black & White color barrier, his body shape through the barrier, is a “pu” one sound stunned giant shock, Xiao Hua’s body directly into a huge mountain peak!

“My Heavens!! This is Xiao’s dream!”

Xiao Hua head and face filthy with grime from the mountain peak, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Looking around, saying to himself, “How is it so realistic? Also… give Xiao how to make a horse!”

However, waiting for Xiao Hua to finish talking, “hong-hong bang…” above the scorpio, once again gave birth to a heavy yellow Lei Ting, which is extremely weird, like an ellipse, the Lei Ting hover will be close to 10,000. Li is shrouded in heaven and earth, under the Thunder Ball, the world is eclipsed, Star Dome is annihilated, and Xiao Hua all around is almost nothing.

“This… Is this Xiao’s whimsy?”

Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense, Mind, gaze and thoughts are all imprisoned. It is like a nightmare. He whispers again.

“shua-shua brush…”

Lei Ting is silent, change into into the squally showers to Xiao Hua, foundation can not accommodate Xiao Hua, and Xiao Hua has been sealed in a blink of an eye, and in a moment, if the same stars fall, the group Lei Ting slams into Xiao Hua within the body.

The odd thing is that every Lei Ting falls, Xiao Hua’s figure shows a point, waiting for 100,003,200 Lei Ting, Xiao Hua’s Fleshly Body stands up again in the air!

Although the Lei Ting seal from the heavens and the earth is still not over, after the spherical Lei Ting, it is the banded Lei Ting, the uncountable Thunder Light, like Wan Long, roars into the Xiao Hua Fleshly Body!

However, just before Thunder Light entered the world, it has changed into the world of black and white outlines, and suddenly there is an inexplicable rosy cloud. This rosy cloud is like a flower, with an inexplicable aroma, even when it falls. Dragon and Phoenix are symbols of good fortune and the unspeakable scorpio sounds.

However, all these visions have disappeared completely in Xiao Hua within the body!

It is like a dream, Xiao Hua Eye One Revolution, the heavens and the earth reappear, the earth is rising again, but the sky is dark and gloomy, like the low pressure, foundation can not see Sun and Moon, and wait for Xiao Hua to look around, the film snowflake like Die Wu It has fallen.

“How is this dream different from just??”

Xiao Hua raised her hand and picked up a snowflake. She saw the six-petal snow melting and finally changed into a crystal water droplet. Xiao Hua’s mouth showed a smile, secretly thought, “When is my mind so meticulous?”

Xiao Hua shakes off the water droplets, but the water drops but falls on the several zhang, which has been frozen into ice particles.

“Hey?” Xiao Hua frowned again when she looked down, and she was amazed. “How can I reduce my Immortal Body so much? If I encounter Immortal General Essence Soul, how should Xiao respond?”

In my mind, Xiao Hua habitually explored his Fleshly Body, but as before, Fleshly Body 100,003,200 spots disappeared.

Therefore, Xiao Hua did not think about it, look at the earth as if it were frozen, and move away towards it.

For Xiao Hua, everything is the same.

“The last dream Xiao met Essence Soul in the Immemorial Immortal Realm shard, and also met a weird Immortal Bird. What can I encounter this time?”

“However, the Aura of this dream is different from the previous one. When it was just entering the dream, it seems that there is a seal of the world, and Xiao’s Immortal Body has been compressed too much. Presumably, the space where the dream is located compares Low Rank!”

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