“No, no…” Xiao Hua shook his head. “It’s not the key. The key is to have a thing, or a Principle, to control it. The Principle, whether it’s a mortal or Immortal Being, can’t control…”

“Time!” Jiu Xia answered without hesitation.

“Yes…” Xiao Hua nods, “I just woke up when you just said 100,000, 1,000,000 years! Yes, it’s Time, the passage of Time has let the old man die, let everything be the past, and Xiao Lower Realm… I’m afraid because of Time!”

“What do you mean?” Jiu Xia stunned, she was puzzled.

“I don’t understand now, there is no way for Professor to be with you, you still have to go back to Space and say it!”

“No, no…” Jiu Xia shook his head. “Elder Brother-In-Law, not only do you have a feeling, but Little Sister also has a feeling, Little Sister feels that there is a big chance in front of him, Little Sister wants to talk to Elder Brother-In -Law together and cultivation!”

“Awareness and cultivation together?”

Xiao Hua was puzzled. He looked at Jiu Xia Pitch-black like a star’s eyelid and asked again, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Elder Brother-In-Law, I confirm!”

“But…” Xiao Hua reminded, “Xiao may disappear from Myriad Monsters Realm when I realize it, or I may return directly to Immortal Realm. Xiao can’t grasp it myself. It’s a sequel… maybe I’m throwing you in Myriad again. Monsters Realm.”

“Oh, no problem!” Jiu Xia said with a smile, “Elder Brother-In-Law touches the scene and feels the Time Principle, but it puts the Good Fortune Gate revenge aside. I know Elder Brother-In-Law is I think that ruthless and the others will definitely avenge Good Fortune Gate, so don’t worry. If Little Sister stays in Myriad Monsters Realm, can’t help Elder Brother-In-Law? And when I return to Immortal Realm relentlessly, Little Sister is the same. Elder Brother-In-Law can’t worry if they can follow them!”

Xiao Hua still wants to persuade, but she looks at her own Gold Light, and the circle of light begins to move towards the spread of the body, simply saying: “So, it depends on you!”

After that, Xiao Hua sat down on the knees, Five Hearts toward the Heaven, and Xiao Hua’s hands were not smashed, but with the scene of Myriad Monsters Realm flashing through his mind, Xiao Hua’s hands and fingers began to move, with With the micro-motion of the finger, as soon as Gold Light began to give birth, Gold Light began to be intricate, just like the confusion in Xiao Hua’s heart.

Understanding the Time Principle 岂 is Xiao Hua at this time? In the sky, it was just a look at the appearance of Time’s fragment that’s all. At this time, there is no Time fragment in front of it. How can Xiao Hua grasp the foundation on Formless’s Time?

Nearly three hundred and000 years, the little change of Myriad Monsters Realm,

Nearly three hundred and000 years, the rise and development of Human Race,

Nearly three hundred and forty years, the death of the people, the embarrassment of the people,

Everything, flashing over and over again in Xiao Hua’s mind.

With the surge of Gold Light, Xiao Hua’s body shape is gradually transparent, leaving only the line segments and contours.

Jiu Xia stood beside Xiao Hua and watched the inexplicable Fluctuation in Gold Light. All around Space also had a quirky ripple on the starting point. This ripple was born and killed from time to time. The foundation could not see what it was.

Jiu Xia was shocked and smiled. The graceful curve gradually gave birth to a blue shadow. This blue shadow is like a mountain shape, and moved toward Xiao Hua.

The speed of the blue shadow seems to be very slow, but it is actually a moment, “brush…” The blue shadow and the Gold Light touch together, as if the middle foundation does not exist Space.

Gold Light overbearing pierced the blue shadow, the green shadow shivered, Jiu Xia could no longer maintain the human form, a seven-tailed green fox appeared.

Jiu Xia is very shy, seven-tailed, quietly behind Xiao Hua, the scattered Gold Light is divided in the blue shadow, while entangled in the blue shadow, while slowly condense.

Xiao Hua seems to have perception, but he didn’t move, and everything in his mind suddenly solidified when the blue shadow touched Gold Light.

A glimpse of Azure Light flashed across all the screens.

“Not bad!” Xiao Hua suddenly became convinced, secretly thought, “It’s really difficult to understand Time, but it’s easy to find a line in these pictures. It’s easy to take a look at the 筱梅埃蚬Nest Emperor’s Resistence

When I think of it, all the pictures float again, and a stream of Karma water has been born inside. At the same time, Xiao Hua’s double-finger shadow began to become slow, as if holding heavy objects, the Hand of Karma gradually formed.

“Boom…” seems to be bursting the Space, and the condense’s Gold Light is also broken, and the Gold Light begins to flow in a stream of water at the fingertips of Xiao Hua.

Soon, Gold Light crossed the Hand of Karma, obscuring Xiao Hua’s figure, and then covered Jiu Xia’s figure and blue shadow, moving toward the distance and spreading.

However, when Gold Light touched the Restriction of the bluestone house, Jiu Xia within the body, a heavy blue shadow once again rushed into the Gold Light. At this time, Xiao Hua trembled and the Gold Light began to rotate, Jiu Xia The blue shadow also rotates in the opposite direction. After the Gold Light is not in the blue shadow, a Yin & Yang instrument slowly forms!

Gold’s light is so hot, Azure’s shadow is cold and soft, Yin & Yang rotates, and Gold Light and Blue Shadow are scattered into Void, and all around Void, each and everyone are different in size Yin & Yang The instrument gradually emerged.

There are a total of seventy-seven 49 Yin & Yang instruments in the center of the Yin & Yang two instruments disorderly rotating!

“Oh…” I don’t know how long it took, Space slammed, and the Yin & Yang instruments that Xiao Hua and Jiu Xia had disappeared disappeared.

The 49 Gold and Azure Yin & Yang instruments flew in a disorderly rotation in the bluestone house. Xiao Hua felt like she had 49 eyes, and I saw a Myriad Monsters Realm in every pair of eyes!

Every Myriad Monsters Realm is a painting. At first glance, there are countless similar scenes, but looking far away, Xiao Hua finds that these scenes are clearly subtle.

This change should be Time’s Trace!

49 Myriad Monsters Realm are 49 paintings, and countless Time Trace is like a clueless look in front of Xiao Hua!

There are too many Time Traces, not long afterwards, 49 eyes are illusioned again, each pair has 49 pairs of eyes, so cycle, Xiao Hua feels that there are countless pairs of eyes falling around Myriad Monsters Realm Time!

“Boom, bang, bang…”

I don’t know how long it took, I don’t know where, Daoist Lei Ting, Feng Wu and the others’ bodies are also appearing in a slight roar. Xiao Hua is finally in an inexplicable Space & Time!

However, just for a moment, an Unable to describe point appears in the center of Space & Time. As soon as this point appears, Space & Time is cracked immediately, and Xiao Hua and even clones are broken in the blink of an eye.

“wu wu ……”

Xiao Hua withdrew from the inexplicable Space & Time, and there was an endless array of Myriad Monsters Realm images, one by one from the front of Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua feels like she is going to fall into the abyss!

“Time whirlpool…”

Xiao Hua suddenly gave birth to a single thought head, and then the hair was suddenly stunned.

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