Sure enough, the endless picture is like a twisted vortex, there is no end, Xiao Hua feels that he has crossed the countless picture foundation and there is no sign of stopping.

“Damn!” Xiao Hua was in a hurry, but he was helpless.

“Elder Brother-In-Law?”

I don’t know how long it took. When Xiao Hua felt desperate, a fuzzy voice sounded, “You… what happened to you?”

As the Jiu Xia sounds, the endless picture seems to be broken, and the same blue shadow is pierced from one direction!

Not only that, the sound of “Boom…”, the end of the blue shadow, a Gold crystal SSD like a star flash!

Xiao Hua was overjoyed, but his eyes were just the moment of looking towards Lai Ying and Gold Light. He felt that he had crossed the infinite Space & Time figure and fell into the crystal God Spark.

“pa ……” At this moment, the crystal God Spark broke like a bubble, and Xiao Hua found himself seeing seventy-seven 49 Myriad Monsters Realm again, faded like ink painting!

“hu ……” Xiao Hua took a long breath and broke 49 Myriad Monsters Realm!

At this time, in the bluestone house, 49 Yin & Yang instruments suddenly stagnate, Space Center, the disappearing Yin & Yang instrument appeared here, “hong-hong bang…” 49 Yin & Yang instruments such as Meteor On the Yin & Yang instrument in the center, along with the Gold Light and the Flickering lights, Xiao Hua and Jiu Xia are also here!

Xiao Hua seems to have no special changes, but the change into the shadow of Jiu Xia, this time has more than half the outline of the foxtail!

Xiao Hua The moment of blinking, one heavy Gold Light can not be suppressed, each and everyone Myriad Monsters Realm is Light & Shadow debris flashing inside.

“hu ……” Xiao Hua once again took a long breath, closes the eyes and blinked for a moment, “Good insurance!”

“Hey…” Jiu Xia walked out from behind Xiao Hua and smiled. “many thanks Elder Brother-In-Law…”

Xiao Hua Take a look at Jiu Xia, said with a bitter smile: “For you, is cultivation too simple?”

“Of course it’s not simple!” Jiu Xia proudly raised the Yang Huwei, and immediately closed it up, a serious, “How can you meet a simple Lord like Elder Brother-In-Law?”

“hehe, okay!” Xiao Hua patted her forehead and said, “This high hat, Xiao smiled!”

“Hey…” Jiu Xia smiled, then all around, and saw the Trace of the First Layer years in the bluestone house, couldn’t help cry out in surprise, “Elder Brother-In-Law, we are not cultivation 1,000,000 years ??”

“No…” Xiao Hua smiled. He looked up at one place and said, “Only three hundred days, the joy of Heavenly Peak, we can still catch up!”

“Hey, Elder Brother-In-Law…” Jiu Xia removed the Restriction from the Bluestone House and asked with a smile, “Little Sister is not a small gain, what about you? What new Mystical Ability?”

“I want to say that there is no gain…” Xiao Hua still let Jiu Xia fly away from the bluestone house, and casually ask, “Do you believe it?”

“Of course I don’t believe it!” Jiu Xia rushed Xiao Hua Tiantian, and so short, Time began to grow Eight tail, which Jiu Xia never dreamed of!

Xiao Hua doesn’t believe it, but he really knows that his foundation does not know where the harvest is! Just as the Space Principle is not a Mortal Realm cultivator and Qi Immortal can understand True Meaning, it is impossible for True Immortal to see the true face of the Time Principle. All the cultivation that you have done now is just some foundation, and may not be noticed.

Qing Heaven Peak, not only because there was a Good Fortune Gate in this open mountain to establish faction, but the name of the Heavenly Peak itself, like a stalwart arm, from the undulating mountain range, the distant reach into the sky .

The hills of the Heavenly Peak are like the palms of the open, and the seven sacred pillars of the severe thousands of feet are like seven fingers. The seven branches of the Good Fortune Gate have their own portals, or Lei Ting. Or a gust of wind, each with a corner, Arch Protecting Mountain 巅 Central Good Fortune Dao Palace and Good Fortune Royal Throne!

Nowadays, the wind is bleak, the blizzards are everywhere, and where is the momentum of the past ridiculous Myriad Monsters Realm?

However, the palm-sized snow flutters, at the end of the seven-way mountain beam, there are also seven red clouds of the clouds, although every light is not dazzling, but the light is broken, tens of thousands of light threads tangled in the air, each And everyone’s fist-sized light knot condense out, countless Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi whistling, and also the entire mountain of Heavenly Peak!

In the squally wind, the heavens and the earth are vast, not to say that there is no eagle in the sky, that is, on the earth, and there is nowhere to see Wild Beast!

However, during the raging snow, a group of distant light, a man on the stalwart sits cross-legged!

Not exactly Li Nianxiao?

Li Nianxiao also has a Mystical Ability, so he sits in Void, but the body is already frozen, and the snow flakes on the ice.

“Oh…” At this time, in the distance, several Immortal Boats broke into the air, and the Immortal Boat lingered on the iridescence, waiting for the Immortal Boat to fly, and more than a hundred cultivators flew out from the Immortal Boat.

The cultivator flew to Li Nianxiao, looked at each other, and then did not say much, everyone began to arranging formation, waiting for the formation, the current Origin Force Seventh Grade cultivator flew to Li Nianxiao, respectfully said: “Vice- Alliance Master ……”

“ka-cha 嚓…” Li Nianxiao gave birth to a thin First Layer Gold Light, and the Gold Light broke through a thick layer of ice.

Seeing that Li Nian Xiao’s eyes are in a flash of Gold Light, and the unchecked pressure is breaking, the cultivator is flying back hundred zhang or so. “Vice-Alliance Master, are you getting older?”

“hehe ……” Li Nian Xiao Shou is at the Heavenly Peak, and he does not use the meaning of Might of Heaven & Earth. At this time, seeing the cultivator to see it, I don’t know how to laugh: “Lucky!”

“You…” The cultivator sighed, “Add another Origin Force Ninth Grade cultivator to the Mysterious Alliance and Lee Vice-Alliance Master is at the crucial moment!”

A group of cultivators shouted: “Congratulations to Lee Vice-Alliance Master, He Xi Li Vice-Alliance Master!”

“You…” Li Nianxiao raises the long body, and shoots himself on the Gate on Crown. “Boom…” The pressure of the Origin Force Ninth Grade is like a tide, and all the blizzards will be swept away, then Li Read Xiaolang, “I am waiting for Mysterious Alliance Disciple for Good Fortune Gate. Immortal Realm’s Xiao Sheng will be able to bless me! Waiting for you, Li is ready to force into the Origin Force Ninth Grade before coming to Heavenly Peak, but Because of the lack of preparation, I almost fell into a land of annihilation! But Li did not regret it, and thought of the name of Xiao Sheng, she really gave birth to a miracle…”

“Ah? Could it be Xiao Shengxian??” Next to the cultivator could not help but whisper.

“hehe ……” Li Nianxiao said with a smile, “Why do Xiao Shengxian drop? But Xiao Sheng arranged for a Mysterious Alliance old friend to pass by occasionally, see Li dangerous, immediately shot. Not only help Li Eight Revolution Golden Core, but also Give Nine Revolution Golden Core Cultivation Art for Myriad Monsters Realm Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi.”

“Really… Really?” Another cultivator can hardly believe his ears.

“haha, Li has already informed the Alliance Master.” Li Nianxiao laughed. “If this is not the case, the Alliance Master has come over!”

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