LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1888

After receiving the official seal and Command Tile, Xiao Hua took out Princess’s bead from the King of Soundtrack. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua had already seen it in Space and knew that he could refining, so Xiao Hua patted himself Immortal Mark, “shua” A Silver Light breaks down and falls on the six colors crystal bead.

“bang” crystal bead seems to be ignited, the six colors glow unrestrained, and all around Space has a distorted halo.

Xiao Hua shot Gate on Crown, 49 Immortal Nascents from “sou sou” flew out, and presented the Supreme Array of Immortal Arrays in Xiao Hua all around.

As the six colors fall into Xiao Hua’s eyebrow Immortal Mark, “汩汩” is full of Scarlet flames like a fountain, moving along Xiao Hua Gate on Crown, moved towards Immortal Body all around.

At the same time, Scarlet flames spewed out of the 49 Immortal Nascent eyebrows and moved towards the 49 immortal Nascent Soul Body watches.