LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1890

“Sir, please tell me,” Yan Ran was extremely respectfully asked.

“Xiao Yuexiao may not know,” Xiao Hua slowly flew up, his face dignified, said, “But Qian Yuexiao and Su Yuexiao must have seen it. Before the Star City War, the one named Zhao Ting Woman … “

“Yes,” Qian Hanhan and Su Shi heart shivered with cold, quickly replied, “Humble General, see you.”

“Master,” watching Gold Light annihilate, Liu Ting changed into the dust, and the light in his eyes became even brighter, he exclaimed, “It’s just a betrayal. Humble General can’t live without betrayal in his life? Speaking absolutely right, the Lord is kind, and I am the general who I should follow. The Lord is fighting for the realm, and fighting for the Immortal Realm. I am also fighting for the realm. There is no contradiction in this, why do I wait? Betrayal? “