LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1891


“Furthermore, Dao Promise is sometimes refreshing, but the adult’s vows must be practiced, which shows that the adult means are even more powerful. What can I do when I follow such a powerful general?”

“And the adults do n’t know. Many private soldiers in the Jiechong team also have similar Dao Promise, but the adult ’s vow is slightly … deeper that ’s all!”

After speaking, Yan Luan said, “Humble General here swears …”

When it ’s time to finish talking, Qian Yuhan and Su Shi look at each other, said with a smile: “Yue Yuexiao said it is very, but it is allegiance, I will be loyal to Lord Xiao in the future, no more betrayal ? “

After that, the two Golden Immortal swore at the same time!

The two Yuexiaos swore, the other warlords and Immortal Soldier have nothing to say, they and everyone swore.

Listening to the veteran Immortal Soldiers, Xiao Hua was very touched. Although there may be some obedience and some dissatisfaction in their hearts, Xiao Hua can perceive his trust and he speaks loudly. : “Various generals, many thanks for your trust, Xiao also gives you a promise that you will never force yourself to do anything against your conscience because of any poisonous oath.”

“Master,” Qian Hanhan said with a smile, “You may be too kind. This vow is only a word of allegiance. You call it a poison oath. Listening to these two words will make Humble General startled. If not, everyone who wants to join my team of slayers will swear allegiance to Lord Xiao. “

“This,” Xiao Hua was hesitant, frowns saying, “This is a bit deceiving, right?”

“Adult is still too kind,” Su Shi echoed, “What is the chance in the large population, and now I have already known, this chance is Immortal Realm unparalleled! If you do not even have the swearing of allegiance, Lord You do n’t have to give these opportunities! “

“Huh, huh,” Xiao Hua nods said, “That’s it, you can arrange it!”

“Sir, I …” Yuan Xing was a little moved not far away, sound transmission said.

“You don’t have to!” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “She has said it, why should you touch her again?”

“Master Xie,” Yuan Xing’s answer was grateful.

“You’re welcome” Xiao Hua replied, “Some vows don’t really need to be spoken.”

“No, sir,” Yuan Xing said, “Humble General thank you, not only this. The key is to thank you for giving Humble General the opportunity to act as Deputy Yue Xiao, which allows Humble General to prove that he can do better! “

“Yes,” Xiao Hua didn’t hesitate to praise him, “How can she be wrong with the people she can see? You must be one of the core warriors of the Xun Yao team! Oh, right, You tell her, whether it’s Yuexiao or Changqiang, the position of the Xun Yao Clan is reserved for her! “

“Many … many thanks, sir!” Yuan Xing’s tears filled her eyes, Xiao Hua scored a good point for Gu Gu, and he felt better than giving him a very good one.

Qian Yuhan ’s suggestion did work. 2,000,000,000 Immortal Soldier had already seen Xiao Hua ’s bravery in the Star City War. Now that he hears Xiao Hua ’s promotion to the deputy vault, he must swear if he wants to form a demon team. Allegiance, where would hesitate?

It’s an oath to scramble!

“hu” Xiao Hua felt that more and more Faith Gold Thread was born, and he didn’t feel a long breath. The original thing was not so troublesome.

The report of the battle of the Star Tower City Qian Yuhan had been cleared before, and everyone’s credit was more than a hundred years ago. I saw that the Immortal Soldiers pledged allegiance. Xiao Hua took out Kunlun Mountain Mirror, so that various generals returned to Immortal. Realm Space, ready to discuss rewards.

various generals went happily, Xiao Hua thought for a moment, Mind entered Space, it was change into Jaded-Document Xiao Hua that stood in the Taoist humanoid Secret Realm.

Cang Langzi is sitting cross-legged at this time, and the Gold Light flashes frantically, like Horned Dragon howling.

Xiao Hua still belated Cang Langzi, more than 100 years of time, Cang Langzi’s Immortal Nascent Zhen Qi not only Nirvana Rebirth, but also skyrocketing, and now the Nascent Soul Body table pattern has been engraved with Perfection, which is similar to Nanming Li Fire Formation.

“That’s it!” Cang Langzi said, “I’m not used to being so close to strangers.”

“Alright.” Xiao Hua nods, pinching his chin, thinking for a moment, “Junior and Senior’s Karma should start with Cloud Mountain Bewildering Array …”

Xiao Hua started to talk about his encounter with the Grassing Principle Ant in Cloud Mountain Bewildering Array, but Xiao Hua had a little more thought, and he said nothing about the Forsaken Blessing Realm.

While waiting for Xiao Hua to talk about meeting two clones of himself in the Dredged Gold Dead Space, Cang Langzi couldn’t help moving!

The Grassing Principle Ant of Cloud Mountain Bewildering Array is really nothing, it is Cang Langzi intentionally left, Xiao Hua is also normal from the enlightenment, but Xiao Hua ascended Immortal world, actually encountered two clones one after another, Can Karma actually explain the word “Karma”?

“Well,” Cang Langzi couldn’t help but want to ask Secret Realm who realized Great Dao, but Xiao Hua waved his hand, “Senior wait, wait for Junior to finish, Senior will not ask any more questions!”

Next, Xiao Hua also said that when he arrived in the city of Star Tower, he met the cold words and fair consent of Star Dome, and mentioned that he got nine flowers in Heavenly Realm in Yellow Past Heaven and other places. Tile, Cang Langzi’s brow raised again.

“No, no,” Xiao Hua said firmly, shaking his head. “Senior is different from others. To Junior, although he doesn’t have the name of teaching, he has the teaching truth. How can Junior be called one sound Senior?”

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