LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1892

“Fellow Daoist,” Cang Langzi arched, “You and I Karma have made it clear that Dao Heart is very grateful, but Felo Daoist should be clear, this humble Daoist is the enemy, and cultivation is a bottleneck, This humble Daoist needs to find a place to meditate, and it ’s not good to delay here. If Fellow Daoist has a transmissions message Immortal Artifact, you can give this humble Daoist one and see you later. ”

“If Fellow Daoist doesn’t give up,” Xiao Hua probed, “you can cultivate in Secret Realm as much as you can.”

“No,” as Xiao Hua expected, Cang Langzi shook his head and said, “this humble Daoist latent talent is limited, there is no value in cultivation there, and this humble Daoist follows Fellow Daoist, for fear of something to Fellow Daoist. Impact! “

Xiao Hua didn’t say anything. He has a lot of secrets on his body. Presumably Cang Langzi will not be much less than himself. After receiving the transfers message from Xiao Hua, Cang Langzi rushed to Xiao Hua’s arch and flew out. Space.

“hu,” Xiao Hua was long relaxed, and did not dare to neglect. He ordered 49 Immortal Nascents to take up the formation, turned and flew in the other direction, and flew straight for half an hour before falling into another dead leaf. Space.

Immortal Artifact with Time Principle, this temptation is too great, Xiao Hua cannot guarantee that Cang Langzi will not move!

Human nature cannot be tested, this is what Xiao Hua keeps in mind from Mortal Realm to Immortal Realm.

Xiao Hua Pay attention to the vigilance of the Formlessness Realm, the bright moon and the sky, countless clouds like a bridge hanging, such as dense forest, Gazing White Moon, where Hua Hua falls, a bewildering Grotto Heaven flashes The folds shine like corals in the water.

“sou” In the moonlight, a red light flashed, with the sound of “hong-hong” thunder, Xia Cai collapsed where the red light passed, and where the red light flickered, you could see the red light inside A Lei Ting character tumbling.

Red light falls to Grotto Heaven, all around immediately produces a lot of ripples. Every first layer ripples appear thousands of Runes, and these Runes will burst when they touch Red light.

“Bang” Ripples burst, Chi Guang rushed into Grotto Heaven extremely arrogantly, and the grotto of Grotto Heaven is just the word “Fu You”!

Chiguang stopped, revealing the Thunderclap Talisman inside, “ka-cha 嚓” Lei Ting tumbling, and there were seven or seventy-nine Thunder Lights directly hitting the word “Fu You”!

“weng-weng” Two quaint characters roar in Thunder Light. The strokes are scattered, and as the strokes are scattered, the mountains and mountains of light appear from within the strokes.

And then, an Immortal Being Meteor fluttering like Silver Light is flying around!

This Immortal Being was erratic and even distorted, but just after approaching Thunderclap Talisman’s body, Silver Light broke immediately, revealing a Heavenly Immortal in a light blue robe.

Heavenly Immortal has a middle-aged appearance. When he saw Thunderclap Talisman, he was immediately shocked and stopped in the air. He respectfully said: “Junior Gaoling Songsong Disciple is standing, and he is ordered to receive the Lord’s order!”

With Zhang Zhan’s courtesy, “ka-cha 嚓” Thunderclap Talisman flashes Thunder Light again and gradually calms down.

Zhang Zhan didn’t dare to neglect, and hurriedly raised his hands over the top.

“sou” Thunderclap Talisman landed on Zhang Zhan’s hand and changed into a ruler-shaped crystal talisman.

Zhang Zhan respectfully took crystal talisman and turned away.

Flying through the mountain range, before Zhang stood up to a ball of water, the water was suspended in the center of Grotto Heaven, and there were hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of reds. This water is not circular, but rhombus. Part of the outline is hidden inside Void.

Shuiguang all around, and another 36,000 Priest of short silks fall from all parts of Grotto Heaven and blend into the water.

“Lord,” Zhang Zhan stood out from the water, and raised his voice, “There is an order from an adult, please let Lord go out!”

Zhang Zhan has three times in a row, there is no movement in the water and light, Zhang Zhan is helpless, and says to crystal talisman: “Master, my Lord, please retreat …”

Don’t wait for Zhang Zhan’s words to finish, “weng” Suddenly, a light Gold rays of light is born within the water, and although the rays of light are like beans, they just gave birth to an unspeakable fluctuation, such as the rapid flood of water Shuiguang changed into nothingness in fluctuation. Zhang Zhan was even more mushy in this fluctuation. However, fluctuation passed over the crystal talisman. A thunder light flashed on the crystal talisman, just to protect Zhang station.