LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1893


About 5 minutes later, the huge pale Gold Zhenwen fused with Immortal Mark, making a loud roar!

In the roar of “Roar”, there is one sound roar again. Gao Lingsong’s figure flew out of the light Gold rays of light. At this time, he was sitting cross-legged with Five Hearts toward the Heaven, and his Immortal Mark was bright as stars, An Immortal Nascent of the same size sits back to back, but flashes Gold Light all over his body, and his eyebrows are bright and sunny.

Looking at Gao Lingsong’s Immortal Body again, there is a surge of Bloody Red in Silver Light. Bloody Red is also a human figure, and the outline is flashing in the Silver light.

Whether it is Zhang Zhan or other all around Disciple, they are all very happy, they know clearly that the so-called Luo means to include, Da Luo means to include Myriad Manifestations and Zhu Sheng All Living Things.

Of course they also know that Dao lives One, One lives Two, Two lives Three, Three lives Myriad Things!

Daluo wants to include Myriad Manifestations and All Living Things, which is to start with Immortal Mark, bloodline, and Zhenqi to unify Harmonization. As long as Gao Lingsong combines the Immortal Mark Imprint of the Principle tree condense and the light gold Zhenwen condense into the air under the action of Bloody Red phantom, that is one step into Da Luo!

Zhang Zhan and the others are also clear, saying this of which is easy, but it can be more difficult to do, not to mention Immortal Nascent Zhen Qi and Immortal Body Immortal Mark’s Harmonization, just to say Immortal Nascent Nascent Soul Body can Whether or not the impact of Principle within the Immortal Mark is enough to block the 7-stop Nine Palaces Immortal from the border of Da Luo!

So I saw the silver pattern covering the Silver Immortal Mark. The fluctuation that previously cleaned the Space started to strike along the pattern. Zhang Zhan and the others’ hearts hung up.

“weng-weng,” Sure enough, fluctuations pass around, and Zhenwen produces a texture similar to Principle, but the texture is trembling madly, and at the beginning, the texture is flickering slightly. The trees are all fused into the pale gold, and the end of Zhenwen begins to collapse.

“Not good,” Zhang Zhan was startled, he suddenly thought of the crystal talisman in his hand, and quickly and respectfully said: “Master, my Lord may be a shortfall, can you always …”

“Rumble ~” Before Zhang finished speaking, crystal talisman made a thunder, soaring into the sky, and the one sound of “bang” fell to the center of the tripod-shaped Magic Array.

As the lightning wire spreads along Zhenwen, the trembling and breaking Zhenwen begins to stabilize.

“very good!” Zhang Zhan was overjoyed.

However, after waiting for Zhang and the others to breathe a sigh of relief, “weng” Immortal Nascent of Gao Lingsong’s back-to-back brow, Zhen Qi trembled, and then the strange light began to spread out. It can be seen that huge fissures are born around Immortal Nascent!

“唉” Gao Lingsong sat cross-legged Immortal Body one sound, sighed, and clapped himself on Immortal Mark, “bang” high heaven, the huge Princess tree was broken, Silver mottled, Immortal Mark disappeared!

“Well,” Mo said Gao Lingsong sighed, even Zhang Zhan and other Disciples also sighed.

Afterwards, Gao Lingsong and Immortal Nascent landed in the center of the space with a light gold rays of light. 100.000 li The space seemed to have a hurricane, all natural phenomena were swept away.

“Zhang stood up,” Gao Lingsong’s slightly tired voice sounded in the air.

“Yes, Lord,” Zhang Zhan promised one sound, not at all immediately left, only looking at the space in front of me, a touch of water melancholy emerged, and then the diamond-shaped outline bloomed like a flower, a magnificent palace from Space The emergence of the emergence, he just stepped into Qingyun to fly in.

On top of the great hall, Gao Lingsong sat cross-legged, and if his face was light gold, there were still some Gold Light and Silver Light scattered around him. He looked at the all around space that was still agitated like a bun, and seemed to still remember the new one. experience.

“Lord,” Zhang Zhan’s voice sounded outside the great hall, awakening him from his loss.

“Well,” Gao Lingsong secretly sighed one sound, and said, “Maybe the old man was too hurry this time? Not ready enough? But it was a retreat of ten years or the time was too short …”

“Lord,” Zhang Zhan’s voice came again, causing Gao Lingsong to be slightly angry, scolded, “Come in!”

“Lord,” Zhang Zhan respectfully said, “The Strength of Principle in the great hall is too strong and Disciple cannot enter!”

“Oh,” Gao Lingsong came to his senses, hurriedly swiped his sleeves, brushed away the violent Strength of Principle, and said, “Come in!”

“Lord,” Zhang Zhan flew in, one-knee kneels fell.

“Get up, you did good,” Gao Lingsong looked at the crystal talisman in his hand, and smiled. “Although the old man still fell short in the end, but you can help the old man a lot!” p>

“Don’t dare,” Zhang stood up and accompanied with a smile, “It’s all Lord flood of good fortune fills the heavens, and I just met the adults transmits message.”

“Well,” Gao Lingsong sighed again, raised his hand and took out a Faith Token and sent it to Zhang Zhan. “This thing is for you. I have Time to go to Sheng Qi Dian, pick the Cultivation Art, Immortal Pill and other things you need.” . “

“Thank you, Lord,” Zhang Zhan was overjoyed and thanked Faith Token again and again.

“During the retreat of the old man, what is important in Grotto Heaven?” Gao Lingsong picked up crystal talisman and asked casually.

“Not known to Disciple,” Zhang Zhan replied in a hurry, “but specifically ask Eldest Senior Brother!”

Gao Lingsong nods, said with a smile: “Well, you should take the rotation today, go on.”

Zhang Zhan left, Gao Lingsong looked at the crystal talisman in his hand, respectfully said: “Disciple many thanks, Lord, help, Disciple will take the master’s hands!”

Speaking, after Gao Lingsong got up and respected the salute, he hit his hands on the crystal talisman.

“Brush,” there is a faint clear light rising from crystal talisman, one after another rune-like decline in the clear light, a light Azure Ink Immortal Disk emerges.

Gao Lingsong’s Overflowing Sense was swept away, and I didn’t feel the browser slightly wrinkle, and whispered, “Is the Lord Heavenly Venerable going to do it? That’s the case, the thing Gao Mou told the adult was about to come true.”

In a whisper, Gao Lingsong’s eyebrows gave birth to a blush, said with a smile: “The last time clone sacrificial refining was successful, Lord Heavenly Venerable specially gave Gao a move to Formlessness Realm. If this work is done, Gao a I have to implore Lord Heavenly Venerable to give me some opportunities. This situation of Da Luo is too difficult to surpass! “

After speaking, Gao Lingsong gently raised his hand, a Jade Ruyi took out, and along with Gao Lingsong’s elegant point, Jade Ruyi, “shua”, an iridescence pierced the Void directly.

“咦?” Iridescence is pierced by a secret room, and there are some rare things in it, but when Gao Lingsong looked at a shelf, he didn’t realize that there was a strange color on his face and he lost his voice, Why are you missing? “

Gao Lingsong thought for a moment, and hurriedly shouted: “Wang Lang, Wang Lang …”

“Lord,” outside the great hall, a slightly panic sounded, “Disciple is a false claim.”

“what’s going on?” Gaoling Matsumoto’s pale gold face suddenly paled, and he quickly got up and said, “Become virtual, come in quickly!”

“Lord,” Cheng Xu took a crystall ball and flew in, shouting, “Young Lord …”

“What’s wrong with Wang Lang?” Without waiting for it, Gao Lingsong seized the crystall ball. When he saw the crystall ball, a big Ghostly Green phantom looked like a ghost, both of His hands were shaking, angrily, “What the hell is this going on?”

“禀 Lord,” Cheng Xu is also bitter with a smile, “Disciple doesn’t know what’s going on! After you retreat, Disciple is ordered to close Grotto Heaven, and Young Lord himself is in the Palace of Dry Pines. Cultivation, about two hundred years ago, there was a warning sign in Jicheng Temple. Disciple rushed to find that there was actually a sudden fall of Discople in Grotto Heaven. Disciple was puzzled, and hurried to use the Grotto Heaven Immortal Artifact. Only then did you discover that the Young Lord fell. I always know that Disciple cannot enter the Palace of Dry Pines, and when the Young Lord leaves Grotto Heaven, Disciple is not sure about it! “

“Why didn’t you get early …” Gao Lingsong flustered and exasperated yelled, but after a while he shut up again, and he closed the seal to seal the great hall early, without opening it, or exceeding his seal. External forces open, these Disciple foundations cannot open to inform themselves!

“shua” Gao Lingsong not even think is a bit more Jade Ruyi, “shua” Another iridescence is broken, and Gao Lingsong falls into it.

Golding pine flew out of iridescence, it is an empty temple, there is Immortal Restriction all around the temple, like water overflowing.

Gao Lingsong squinted his eyes for a moment, raised his hand a little, a spark flew out of the corner of “shua” great hall, and within the spark, a Scarlet Ink Immortal Disk was in sight!

Gao Lingsong took a big look and couldn’t wait to take Ink Immortal Disk in his hand. Overflowing Sense swept away, and an angry look was born in his eyes. “Legislation Palace? Damn, Wang Lang actually took the old man Immortal Artifact and stole Yellow Past Heaven. ??? “

“Quick !!!” Gao Lingsong not even think loudly, “Become virtual, quickly take the old man Faith Token to Legislation Palace and find a woman named Yu Miao!”

“Old … Lord,” Cheng Xu dare not follow, he whispered at the other end of the iridescence, “Here is Formlessness Realm Heavens !, Disciple and the others ca n’t be blessed by Grotto Heaven!”


“Damn, damn, damn Wang Lang!” Gao Lingsong couldn’t help but stomp his feet and cursed, “What you can’t do is take a portrait of an old man! You die and you die, at worst old man returns from Formlessness Realm days to Form Realm days! Now it ’s okay, how can you tell old man to think of Heavenly Venerable? ”

“Well,” watching the flames disappear, Gao Lingsong sat on the ground, some muttered, “I’m so stupid, what a clever thing to do? After getting the thing, I should give it directly to the adult. I just want to just arrive It ’s a Formlessness Realm, I ’m not good enough to ask for rewards, I ’ll just wait for the opportunity later, and ask the adults for some benefits, where … what if I know that something went wrong! Damn Wang Lang !!! ”