LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1894


Chengxu was careful to accompany him. He didn’t know what Gao Lingsong said, but he knew very well that Gao Lingsong was extremely fond of Wang Lang who suddenly appeared. Although it was Fanxian, it gave him great help. Permissions. Before the retreat of Gaolingsong, Wang Lang can go to the blessing of Grotto Heaven. After the retreat of Gaolingsong, the dry pine hall where Wang Lang is located cannot be approached.

Of course, Chengxu is also clear. It must be what Wang Lang had already got Immortal Artifact before Gao Lingsong closed. He can top-break the Immortal Restriction of Grotto Heaven. Wang Lang went to the Formlessness Realm days and went directly to the Legislation Palace to find an Immortal Minor Official called Yu Miao. This Immortal Minor Official, called Yu Miao, was also known by Wang Lang before. Wang Lang might have been out to play, but whoever knew it had a problem and was killed.

But Gao Lingsong was right. Immortal Artifact, the soul of Gao Lingsong, received Wang Lang Remnant Soul at a critical time. Gao Lingsong could find the murderer through Wang Lang Remnant Soul, but this Immortal Artifact was afraid. It can only be used once, otherwise Gao Lingsong will now have to stimulate to motion!

“Cheng Xu,” Gao Lingsong yelled at, and looked at Cheng Xu standing next to him, saying, “Apart from Wang Lang, is there anything else in Grotto Heaven?”

“禀 Lord,” Cheng Xu hastily replied, “Lord is in retreat ten years, how can something be wrong in Grotto Heaven?”

“Well, you did a good job!” Gao Lingsong nods, with a smile on his face again, “old man wants Lower Realm a trip, you still have to perform their duties, speed up cultivation!”

“Yes, Lord” Cheng Xu hurried to accompany him with a smile, concerned, “Would you like to meditate on Time for a while? After all, you just came out and …”

“Well, old man also wants it!” Gao Lingsong sighed, looking at the Sky Commander outside the palace, Xia Guangruhong, fatly said, “But the old man has done errands, what adults can do is just delay. A period of time, and Lord Heavenly Venerable knows that his old man’s Anger of Thunderclap has fallen, and our blessing, Grotto Heaven, must be changed into ashes! “

Chengxu didn’t have the fear Gao Lingsong wanted, but he dared and whispered: “Lord, Disciple doesn’t know what Lord is doing. But Lord is obviously a bit messy now. Disciple doesn’t want to be Lord. Difficult to solve, but Disciple pleaded with Lord to calm down and spend more days in Grotto Heaven … “

“No!” Gao Lingsong was really confused, he said with a smile, “You do n’t know what the old man did and you do n’t know what Wang Lang took away, so you I can calm down. But rest assured, the old man goes to Legislation Palace first and looks for the Immortal Minor Official named Yu Miao. Maybe when you see Yu Miao, the mystery will be revealed! “

“Yes, Disciple wishes Lord all the best,” seeing Gao Lingsong’s heart is resolved, Cheng Xu quickly said, “However, Disciple also asked Lord Lower Realm to take Medical Pill first.”

“Uh, uh, this old man knows,” Gao Lingsong smiled, and Jade Ruyi rushed out of the air with an iridescence. When he retracted, some Immortal Artifact, crystal bottle, and Akachi knot flew out.

Gao Lingsong crushed a crystal bottle, and a flaming bird-shaped Immortal Pill flew out, and “唧唧” screamed into the mouth of Gao Lingsong.

A roll of Gao Lingsong dao robe, all things have been collected, and the body will fly out, but just after flying out of the great hall, he is a raised hand again, and Jade Ruyi landed in front of Cheng Xu: ” Chengxu, the old man was wrong before, Grotto Heaven will be in charge of you in the future. “

Cheng Xu took a moment to think about it, and said, “Lord, Disciple takes charge of Lord for a while, and when Lord returns, Disciple returns it to Lord.”

“Haha, good!” Gao Lingsong laughed, his body flickered, and changed into an iridescence across the sky and disappeared.

“Eldest Senior Brother,” Zhang Zhan and other flying generals came over, anxiously, “Why is Lord going out now? His old man just set foot in Da Luo failed, do you not retreat?”

“Well,” Cheng Xu waved his hand and said, “Junior Brother, Lord owns Lord. I do n’t know, I ca n’t interfere, I’ll wait for my job.”

“Yes, Eldest Senior Brother,” a group of Disciples didn’t dare to say anything, they all promised one sound, in small groups.

“I can’t think of the strength of Lord, but I can’t even set foot on Da Luo!” Zhang Zhan stood at the end, watching Cheng Xu, whispering, “How so difficult is this Immortal Dao cultivation!”

“If it’s not difficult, isn’t it that Rhodes is like a dog, Taiyi has gone everywhere?” Cheng Xu looked at Zhang Zhan angrily and said, “If it’s not difficult, why is Form Realm’s Thoughtlessly Following River Heaven, Divining Stalks Above Lute Music Heaven and Everlasting Dark Oath Heaven only let the Great Principle Immortal build the Cave Mansion? The other Immortal Beings can only stare at me? “

“Hehe, too!” Zhang Zhan shrugged, said with a smile, “If I had n’t touched the Lord light, how could I build a blessing Grotto Heaven in the Formlessness Realm sky, it would be impossible to cultivate so fast? ! “

“Okay, go to cultivation!” Cheng Xu looked at all around and whispered, “Lord went out this time and was a bit disheartened, not a good sign. Who knows how long we can stay in Formlessness Realm!”

“Silk,” Zhang Zhan held breath cold air, anxiously, “So troublesome?”

“Yes,” Cheng Xu said in a faint tone, “We can only pray to Lord for his success!”

“That’s inevitable!” Zhang Zhan stood confident, “I’ve waited for Lord for so long. How often have I seen Lord eat?”


Zhang Zhan ’s words lighted up to Cheng Xu ’s eyes. Zhang Zhan may not know anything, but Cheng Xu heard clearly that Gao Lingsong wanted Lower Realm. Where did the lower realm go? Gao Lingsong did not say, but Wang Lang was Leaking. Immortal, where can Wang Lang go? Except for Yellow Past Heaven, there is nowhere to imagine, and what danger can Nine Palaces Immortal High Rank Lower Realm go to Yellow Past Heaven?

Chengxu’s mood suddenly relaxed a lot.

Unfortunately, no matter whether it is Chengxu or Gao Lingsong, they can never imagine what kind of Immortal Being they are facing! What they want Karma! !!

Xiao Hua can’t think of it, of course, Karma caused by Immortal Realm has just started fermenting.

Xiao Hua stayed in the dead leaf-shaped space for two days without seeing any movement, and then flew from the inside.

In the past two days, Xiao Hua also wanted to understand that Cang Langzi must know Forsaken Blessing Realm, and even entered Forsaken Blessing Realm. When he told himself about Cloud Mountain Bewildering Array, foundation was not mentioned; and Cang Langzi How to send two clone Lower Realm and how to fall into the trap of Ning Xunzi, Cang Langzi has not mentioned yet. I met Cang Langzi for the first time. Even if I was grateful to the senior teacher and friend Senior, I did n’t mention it secretly. How could it be that I met a self-proclaimed Junior?

“There are still rhinos on the left and right,” Xiao Hua secretly thought, “if there is something, you can transmit messages.”

Sometimes, Xiao Hua suddenly moved his heart, his body stopped in the air, Mind rolled it, and sent Ye Jian out of Space.

“Disciple has seen Teacher,” Ye Jian dropped, hurriedly bowing and saluting, “Disciple dared to pray, disturbed Teacher, and asked for atonement.”

“咦?” Xiao Hua looked up and down to Ye Jian, said in surprise, “I remember when you were in the Sword Array of the Four Seasons last time, it was already Heavenly Immortal Initial Rank, why did you go through more than a hundred years of cultivation and did n’t make any progress?”

Ye Jian didn’t expect Xiao Hua to be so attentive, she didn’t feel awkward on her face, and whispered: “Teacher, Disciple has been sacrificial refining all the magic recently, which has delayed cultivation, and Disciple is ashamed.”

“People?” Xiao Hua frowned, said in surprise, “Is it you who killed Hobiye’s halberd in the year?”

“Yes, Teacher!” Ye Jian replied, “Previously, Disciple did not have a method of sacrificial refinement. It only used Professor from Teacher and used Essence and Blood warm and nourish this thing, even on the battlefield. It was never used. Before more than a hundred years ago, there was a sudden movement of that thing, and some inexplicable messages fell into the mind of Disciple, and the name of Disciple has been wonderful since then! So Disciple is overjoyed, and according to the method of sacrificial refinement sacrificial refining taught by Teacher, this sacrificial refining is Consumed all the energy of Disciple … “

“Oh,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “What is this Immortal Artifact? In your opinion, the strength of Heavenly Immortal Initial Rank sacrificial refining has never been successful for more than a hundred years?”

“Teacher wait,” Ye Jian two pupils said brightly and proudly, “Disciple, let’s show it to Teacher!”

Xiao Hua In fact, when year has seen this wonderful little halberd, but goodbye this time, I still can’t help but sucked in a cold breath.

But seeing the weird dragon mark previously revealed on the halberd, now it has been completed, and changed into nine Dragon Images with different forms entangled, and the strong Dragon Territory Aura condense seems to growl at any time.

That contains Spirit Realm, Dark Spirit Realm, and Monster Oath Aura’s spear tip, short sword, and hook. Now there are bloodshots throughout, and the completely different texture changes into three ancient rare beast-like contours in bloodshots. Even Xiao Hua felt dreadful Aura emanating from these beastly silhouettes.

“I’m going!” Watching the mysterious all around Space has a mysterious shadow, and Form Realm’s unusually visible Space Principle follows, and Xiao Hua can’t help but say, “Ye Jian, where did you get this thing?”

“禀 Teacher,” Ye Jian said, “Mysterious Origin Space is not a real Mortal Realm. Disciple and Jiang Haochen both got out of Mysterious Origin Space at the same time. It was not a one-step Immortal Realm, but it fell into a battlefield, as if Where Plane is, Disciple is cultivation and killing for a long time in this place, only to find a way out to reach Immortal Realm, this wonderful thing is found from there.