LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1895


Xiao Hua understands that this is the result of Ye Jian Essence and Blood warm and nourish. After thinking a little bit, he said, “Ye Jian, don’t hide from you that when you passed out, the old man gave you some opportunities, and used some Dragon Territory things to renew your life, and all these wonderful things will come. Only Dragon Qi of Dragon Territory can make up for some shortcomings. You want wonderful and complete, while sacrificial refining, Monster Oath, Spirit Realm and Dark Spirit Realm also have the chance! “

“Fuck,” Ye Jian couldn’t help but whispered, “Teacher, but an Immortal Artifact, why is it so troublesome?”

“This thing has an extraordinary origin. I want Perfection to be sharpened naturally.” Xiao Hua smiled and said, “Of course, you don’t have to worry about these opportunities. My Good Fortune Gate Disciple has an Unending Merchant Union. These things are nothing. , When the time comes, old man will arrange it for you! “

“Many thanks Teacher!” Ye Jian is overjoyed.

“However,” Xiao Hua spokesman One Revolution said, “Before you get to know your chance, you need to refining Xiaoji’s Artifact Spirit, otherwise you won’t wait for your chance to become your own Artifact Spirit!”

“Are there Artifact Spirits?” Ye Jian was startled. “So … isn’t that a psychic Immortal Artifact? How could it appear in Lower Realm?”

“This thing is a bit weird,” Xiao Hua said. “Although the old man hasn’t explored it carefully, but since there are four kinds of Strange Beast Aura such as Dragon Territory, Monster Oath, Spirit Realm, and Dark Spirit Realm, then this Artifact Spirit may naturally be divided. Make four, and their status with each other is not yet known. If Harmonization is one, you want to sacrificial refining, fearing that it will take a lot of heart; if it has not been unified, you will be easier. However, judging from the situation of the wonderful repair It ’s unlikely that Form Forms will be united. Now Dragon Qi is on top, and you are within the body Dragon Qi is also very strong, so you can still control it, but after the other three phenomena are overpowered, Mo When it comes to control, you can’t resist backlash strength … “

“… Your sacrificial refining for more than a century, although there is some improvement, but the method is wrong, let alone half the results for twice the effort, your Blood Qi alone has been swallowed a lot by the Miao, so now it is I still have to surrender Form Forms! “

“Submit Form Forms?” Ye Jian’s eyeball One Revolution, asked, “Teacher, use Form Forms to compete?”

“Form Forms is the foundation of Formation,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “Naturally, it works, but before you use it, you also need to control Form Forms!”

“Controlling Form Forms? Isn’t that sacrificial refining Artifact Spirit?” Ye Jian thoughtfully, “but Disciple feels that sacrificial refining has been so long, as if foundation didn’t find any Artifact Spirit.”

“That’s because Artifact Spirit is too huge,” Xiao Hua said at first glance. “In your opinion, this Artifact Spirit is nothingness, or the entire Immortal Artifact.”

“Disciple understands,” Ye Jian really knew it, and immediately laughed, “It turned out that Teacher had better sacrificial refining technique not taught to Disciple!”

“Hehe,” Xiao Hua laughed and said, “It’s not the old man, it’s the old man who just got the entire Mystic Technique.”

At this point, Xiao Hua looked at the all around scenes and said, “The old man happened to be a problem. Come and drive the old man. The old man will talk about Mystic Technique one by one!”

Ye Jian is overjoyed and hurriedly took out Immortal Boat and said, “Teacher, please.”

When Xiao Hua got on the Immortal Boat, Ye Jian asked for directions. Xiao Hua thought about it, took out the Immortal Navigator and said, “Let’s go here!”

“Yes, Teacher” Ye Jian knows the Space Principle naturally, and is naturally better than Xiao Hua who often gets lost. He smiles and stimulates to motion Immortal Boat and grows up.

“Ye Jian,” Xiao Hua sat down, took out an Ink Immortal Disk, wrote the method of sacrificial refinement previously given by Feather Immortal Jun Qiong to Ye Jian, and said, “Look first, old man, then You say, this Mystic Technique is a bit dangerous, but in a few places, beware of it. “

“Teacher,” Ye Jian took Ink Immortal Disk, not at all to visit, but was a bit embarrassed, “Disciple came to see Teacher, is … there is another obituary.”

“Ah?” Xiao Hua shuddered, he thought Ye Jian was a wonderful way to find him, but thought about it, but no, the people Ye Jian foundation didn’t say anything, he turned the topic away, Xiao Hua patted himself Forehead said with a smile, “old man confused, haha, did you fancy which girl? Well, old man sent Disciple to grab you!”

Ye Jian’s face was red, accompanied by a smile: “Disciple seeking Teacher is the thing that Disciple remembers when sacrificial refining.”

“Well, you say it!” Xiao Hua nods.

“Disciple sacrificial refining. There are some inexplicable messages in it,” Ye Jian said. “For example, the names of these wonderful, Disciple feel unfathomable mystery, most of them are casually remembered. But there are some weird ones in it. The outline of Monster Oath Monster Clan, look … It looks a bit similar to the Disciple teacher. Disciple does not remember the legend of Mysterious Origin Space about the extinction of the evil phoenix. Of course, there are many versions of this legend, and Disciple does not want one by One explains that I am afraid that it will cause Misunderstanding of Teacher. In a word, Mysterious Origin Space was born from the creation of Heavenly Phoenix, and finally ended by the annihilation of the evil Phoenix! “

Xiao Hua moved in his heart and immediately remembered that mysterious Heavenly Phoenix.