LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1898


Looking at the Immortal Boat taking off, Xiao Hua said, “I already knew before going to the Star Tower City that joining Star Dome requires two Star Dome Disciple recommendations. The reason I went to the Star Tower City was to meet a few Star Dome Disciple, unfortunately, Star Dome Disciple eyes high above the top, when it looks down and looks good, when it comes to recommendation, they think about him, and some people even say that they are not familiar with the next, the recommendation will be responsible, Ren Zai issued Dao Promise, and it was impossible to send Immortal Artifact … “

“Hehe, do you think Wu Zhan would recommend you?” Fan Yisheng hehe asked with a smile.

“If I do n’t mention Monster Spirit, just mention Xiao Yue Xiao, shouldn’t it?” Xiao Hua’s eyeball One Revolution said, “I can say Xiao Yue Xiao recommended me!”

“Hehe, Huang Tong Fellow Immortal thought too simple,” said Fan Yisheng said with a smile, “You may not know Wu Zhan. I have been in a relationship with him for more than a year. He is arrogant and tight! I especially love feathers, don’t Say you are recommended by Xiao Yue Xiao, that is … it is recommended by Dao Lord Heavenly Palace, and he cannot recommend it for you. And, do n’t forget, even if he is not affectionate and wants to recommend for you, but also Have to have Xiao Yue Xiao ’s Faith Token? Also, to enter Star Dome, two Star Dome Disciple recommend it, who are you looking for besides Wu Zhan? “

“Wu Zhan doesn’t know other Star Dome Disciple?” Xiao Hua asked back.

“Then you are wrong!” Fan Yisheng sneered, saying, “As far as I know, the reason why Star Dome is called Star Dome is not only that all Disciples are dazzling like stars, but all Disciples are As arrogant as the stars, do you think Wu Zhan will help you find another one? “

“This,” Xiao Hua’s face appeared blank and whispered, “I don’t know yet. It’s so difficult to think of joining Star Dome! Oh …”

“It’s more than difficult! Huang Tong Fellow Immortal,” Fan Yisheng said with a look of regret, “You don’t know yet, even if there are two Star Dome Disciple recommendations, you have to pass Star Dome Test, do you know how difficult it was? “

“How difficult can it be?” Xiao Hua asked with a stiff neck, “Wu Zhan can pass, I can pass too.”

“Cut ~” Fan Yisheng coldly glanced at Xiao Hua and said, “Did you feel that Wu Zhan is still True Immortal High Rank, even if you are going to set foot in Heavenly Immortal, is that true?”

“Nice,” Xiao Hua nods said, “When Fellow Immortal was discussing with Wu Zhan, I also looked down and felt …”

What did you feel? Xiao Hua didn’t say anything, but the tone of dissatisfaction was obvious.

“Forget it, don’t mention this!” Fan Yisheng originally wanted to say something, but then swallowed it, and waved, “I also don’t like to discuss and test, cultivation is my own business What’s the reason to show it? If I hadn’t won Wu Zhan before, this time he would have to pull me and say find a secret place and discuss again, I would not bother to leave him! “

“That is, that is,” Xiao Hua’s eyes brightened, and nods said, “Fan Fellow Immortal’s words won my heart. Cultivation is a kind of life. Foundation is not a test. It ’s like … too. Anonymous. “

“Oh,” Fan Yisheng seemed to be eyes shined, looking at Xiao Hua, “It turned out that Fellow Immortal also thought so, but he had a good heart with Fan!”

“Ashamed, ashamed,” Xiao Hua said a little shyly. “Rogue Cultivator can’t compare with Fan Felim Immortal’s Upright Sect.

“Well, it’s a pity,” Fan Yisheng looked at Xiao Hua, and then looked at Ye Jian, and sighed, “Fellow Immortal followed very well. If you met before True Immortal, how can I recommend Fellow Immortal? I Outstanding Yang Mountain! “

“Why not now?” Xiao Hua was anxious and asked quickly.

Fan Yisheng is slightly smiled, which seems to have some meaning, explaining: “I have established the Cultivation Art of Outstanding Yang Mountain to stand out from the masses. If we gather together, there is a possibility of cultivation. , But when it comes to True Immortal, the Principle Body has been completed, and it is already harder and harder to want to cultivate to Heavenly Immortal! “

“Well,” Xiao Hua couldn’t help sighing when he heard, “It’s a pity!”

“Huang Tong Fellow Immortal, urgently,” said Fan Yisheng, “the sky is boundless, Immortal Realm is not only Star Dome, nor is it Outstanding Yang Mountain.”

“So, too” Xiao Hua’s unexplainable solitude on his face, nods again and again.

“Come, come,” Fan Yisheng waved his hands and took out the immortal tea again. “Just never enjoyed it, Wu Zhan went away, I’ll just have a drink.”

“Yes, yes,” Xiao Hua laughed, raised the tea cup and said, “Fellow Immortal in Xiajing Fan!”

Fan Yisheng was drinking tea and talking to Xiao Hua at the same time. There was no meaning in his words, but from the conversation, Fan Yisheng clearly knew that Xiao Hua had a narrow vision and many Form Realm days and Desire Realm Xiao Hua foundation does not know about Heaven, but when it comes to some Immortal Artifacts, it is rare that Xiao Hua has excitement in his eyes, and foundation does not seem to be fake!

“It’s really a pankan.

This is the conclusion that Fan Yisheng gave to Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua does not have a disguise, this is his true nature!

After flying for a few days, Fan Yisheng took out Immortal Artifact to identify the direction, and then asked Ye Jian to change direction.

Fan Yisheng peeped into Xiao Hua’s expression. Seeing that Xiao Hua didn’t notice anything, he felt more and more determined, Xiao Hua was a young True Immortal who was at the end of his life.

It’s another half a month. Fan Yisheng and Xiao Hua are getting more and more familiar. Immortal Brother began to call him. Fan Yisheng couldn’t help tempting: “Huang Tong little friend, I do n’t know how to say something to my brother. I do n’t know about it. What do you know about Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal’s cultivation. “

Xiao Hua hurriedly burst out a grin and shook his head vigorously: “Don’t hide Fan Immortal Brother, Little Brother is worrying about this matter, the cultivation will come to bottleneck, but Little Brother will do the same. Little Brother cultivation … When Immortal Nascent engraved, there was no special formula, and the Brother Brothers devoted all efforts to obtain the Formula barely available for Immortal Nascent … “

“Yes,” Fan Yisheng interrupted Xiao Hua’s words, and said, “This is also what I said before for my brother. I ’m outstanding Yang Mountain does not accept the foundation of True Immortal Disciple. I used to expose your short for brother sorry. Now you I love it so much, tell me little friend shouldn’t mind? “

“Don’t mind, don’t mind!” Xiao Hua waved his hands again and again, “Immortal Brother said this, he deserves Little Brother.”

“Huh, let’s go on!”

“Actually, the little brother’s deed was originally unsatisfactory. It was even more difficult to open up the mysterious day, and Little Brother didn’t know how to open up, let alone engraved the deed on the Nascent Soul Body table!”

“That’s called Zhenwen!” Fan Yisheng said with a smile.

“Oh, yes, yes, it’s Zhenwen!” Xiao Hua was a little embarrassed, and accompanied with a smile, “Little Brother, but I saw it from some classics, I was ugly.”

“Actually,” said Fan Yisheng said with a smile, “As a Rogue Cultivator, freedom is freedom, but it has no foundation and does not know its future. I think little friends should still find a backing!”

“These days, the Little Brother said so much to the Immortal Brother, does the Immortal Brother still not see it?” Xiao Hua touched his nose and lowered his voice, and said, “Little Brother is looking for a backing! But Little Brother must not Come in! Fellow Immortal may not know. When I saw Xiao Yue Xiao, I tried to ask Xiao Yue Xiao, can I join the team … “

“Have you asked,” Fan Yisheng laughed more intriguingly, and said, “Otherwise you may not be able to fly out of the Star Tower City alive.”

“Yeah, yeah” Xiao Hua chicks pecking rice-like nods, “Little Brother just listened to Xiao Yue Xiao Xiao someone said something about the cruelty of the Battle of Plane, only to dispel this idea, and heard the battle on the road What a terrible situation, even more fear! “

“Huang Tong little friend,” Fan Yisheng suddenly said to One Revolution, “I want to show you a clear way for my brother. I wonder if you would like to listen?”

“Ah?” Xiao Hua was overjoyed and surprised, “Is it pay respects to join Outstanding Yang Mountain?”

“Of course not,” Fan Yisheng said, shaking his head, “pay respects to join Outstanding Yang Mountain, you will be disheartened! But there is still a chance, it looks worse than pay respects to join Outstanding Yang Mountain. It ’s a little bit better, but it ’s a lot better than joining Star Dome! ”

“Immortal Brother, say it, say it,” Xiao Hua hurriedly asked.

“It’s not the time to say,” Fan Yisheng replied, “I will have a feast of the floating picture, let me look at it for my brother.”

“Floating Feast?” Xiao Hua said joyfully, “Maybe this is an opportunity?”

“Little friend is really clever!” Fan Yisheng caressed, “It sounded clear to me at first sight, but unfortunately, poor friend ’s luck was poor. However, if there is no relation, poor luck in the past does not mean bad luck in the future, maybe this feast is little friend Opportunity. “

“What opportunity?” Xiao Hua asked hastily.

“Come, drink tea!” Fan Yisheng raised a toast with a smile.

Xiao Hua is helpless, but still toasts.

After that, no matter how Xiao Hua tried to test it, Fan Yisheng kept his mouth shut, making Xiao Hua anxious to scratch his ears.

Fan Yisheng still didn’t explain, and Ye Jian laughed beside him, almost breaking his belly.

After flying for more than ten days, Fan Yisheng suddenly let Ye Jian take the Immortal Boat. He took out the Immortal Boat by himself, and also let Immortal Puppet drive the boat and went straight to a Transmission Immortal Array.