LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1899


Fan Yisheng not at all shot immediately, but shouted: “Huang Tong little friend, Huang Tong little friend?”

Xiao Hua’s masterpiece ignored the call of Fan Yisheng, but Xiao Hua’s abacus was wrong. Fan Yisheng seemed to have no intention to launch. Seeing that Ye Jian and Xiao Hua were both in the mist, he still stood with a smile. Over there.

“Damn!” Xiao Hua yelled, he was a little regretful, and he shouldn’t be clever by himself.

At this moment, there was an unrolled bolt of white silk flying out of the water mist. The unrolled bolt of white silk rushed to Xiao Hua and Ye Jian as if it were breaking waves. At the same time, a voice came: “Fan Yisheng? Why did you come here !!! “

“Oh, oh,” Fan Yisheng responded, raising his hand to take out the Female Immortal Statue.

“Brush,” Female Immortal gave birth to colored lights, and instantly reflected the near space, Xiao Hua, but felt a cold fall into his eyebrows, and Fan Yisheng’s voice came from his ear with said with a smile, “Huang Tong little friend, Huang Tong little friend. “

“hu” Xiao Hua was surprised, raised his hand and grabbed Ye Jian, hurriedly flying backwards, shouted, “Fan Immortal Brother, this … is this what’s going on?”

“weng” Waiting for Fan Yisheng to answer, an Immortal Boat rushed out from behind him, and on top of the Immortal Boat, there was a man with a godlike jade standing with a smile.

oh? ” The man looked at Xiao Hua and Ye Jian, said with a smile, “Fan Fellow Immortal also brought Fellow Immortal over here! That’s great!”

“Qi Hong,” Fan Yisheng replied faintly, “The feast is imminent, why are you leaving? Could it be empty, sorry?”

name Qi Hong’s man’s face is transient, but his eyes are One Revolution, look at Xiao Hua and Ye Jian, and say, “Fan Yisheng, since you invited two Fellow Immortal to the banquet, why not share me?”

“Damn” Fan Yisheng yelled in the mouth. He couldn’t think that Qi Hong would tear down the channel like this, hurriedly frowns saying: “Qi Hong, what do you mean? Fan is also invited to come here, and now bring two more, still thinking How to explain to friendlittle friend … “

“heng,” Qi Hong coldly snorted one sound, no longer paid attention to Fan Yisheng, stimulate to motion Immortal Boat moved towards Xiao Hua, etc. The Teleportation Array flew in.

“FAN Immortal Brother,” Xiao Hua puzzled beside him, asking, “This … this is what’s going on?”

“hehe,” Fan Yisheng hehe said with a smile, “This is where the floating image feast is, but anyone who is not invited will lose Mind and fall into the previously-imposed Immortal Array, but Huang Tong little friend rest assured, Immortal Array There is another Transmission, which will send Fellow Immortal by mistake to somewhere else! “

“No, no,” Xiao Hua shook his head. “Little Brother asked what Qi Hongqi Fellow Immortal said?”

“I’m not very clear!” Fan Yisheng denied without hesitation, “Fan was invited by someone, and he hasn’t entered yet. How can he know?”

“Teacher,” Ye Jian whispered in a timely manner, “Let’s … let’s go back? Disciple, even if he can’t make a breakthrough, at worst will accompany Teacher …”

“Huh, huh” did not wait for Ye Jian to finish, or wait for Xiao Hua to speak. Fan Yisheng said with a smile, “Ye Jian said absolutely right. I have heard of this feast of floating pictures, and have not participated yet. I don’t know what’s going on. If Huang Tong little friend is not at ease, let’s turn around! “

“But …” Xiao Hua hesitated, Fan Yisheng arched, “little friend, leave!”

Finally, Fan Yisheng stimulated to motion and flew away inside the mist!

Fan Yisheng’s mouth is funny, he is obviously trying to escape, and he also believes that Xiao Hua will definitely stop him!

Sure enough, just as Fan Yisheng was about to enter the water mist, Xiao Hua hurriedly shouted: “FAN Immortal Brother …”

oh? ” Fan Yisheng stopped and turned around impatiently, “Huang Tong little friend, what else?”

“That,” Xiao Hua asked softly, “Is the opportunity that Immortal Brother said earlier, what’s going on?”