LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1901

Wait for Bai Suer to finish, Xiao Hua waved his hand: “old man don’t have any rights, old man is here only for his own discipline, the others are spared!”

Bai Suer is a little embarrassed, but Xuan Xuan hurried over, said with a smile: “Since Senior doesn’t want to be special, it’s better to drink a cup of immortal tea first, and let’s talk slowly.”

“Also,” Bai Suer smiled at Xiao Hua, “Since Senior doesn’t go, then the slave took Fan Senior.”

Fan Yisheng turned his head and looked at Xiao Hua, meaning: “Huang Tong little friend, the brother on the road has made it clear, the opportunity is in front of you, you decide for yourself!”

After speaking, Fan Yisheng’s Praying Mat slightly rotated, and Fan Yisheng and Bai Suer fell into the arms of the heavenly girl and disappeared.

“Senior,” Xuan Xuan came to Silk Garments with a smile. Snow flickered between his fingers, and there were all sorts of beautiful flickers between his swings, but before he finished, Xiao Hua wiped his sleeves, “shua” The flames extinguished, the heavenly girl changed color, and looked at Xuan Xuan’s brow, and her face was surprised. Xiao Hua straight to the point said, “奚 little friend, old man is here to find you!”

“Senior is looking for me?” Xuan Xuan dazed, looked up and down Xiao Hua, said with a bitter smile, “Junior doesn’t seem to have seen Senior?”

“It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the old man, left and right old man knows that you have the old man here.” Xiao Hua said, looking at all around extravagantly, said differently, “As for this extravagant hue, old man I’ve seen much more at Mortal Realm, but it’s better to put away. “

“Also … okay!” Xuan Xuan just opened his mouth. Someone seemed to have sound transmission. He listened with a smile, said with a smile. “Since Senior doesn’t like it, Junior just let them go down.”

Speaking, Xuan Xuan gently stepped on the Praying Mat. The Praying Mat suddenly increased, changed into a mass of Dark Cloud to cover all around, and waited for Dark Cloud to pass, a quaint great hall was revealed!

“This …” Xiao Hua was about to speak, and suddenly his eyes were One Revolution, looked towards the Dark Cloud where it disappeared, said with a smile, “What is Fellow Immortal exploring?”

Ye Jian suddenly looked at Xiao Hua where his eyes fell, unfortunately, even with Ye Jian, Overflowing Sense hadn’t seen anything.

“Is Felim Immortal trying to test the next?” Xiao Hua raised his left hand, his index finger and middle finger were brought together, Sword Light was born like water, lightly saying, “Before ascension, the killer is comparable to the Immortal Being seen at Immortal Realm. All more! “

“gé gé,” Xiao Hua’s voice landed, crisp laughter sounded, and a female Immortal in a colorful coat was about to fly out.

“Ling Fairy?” Xuan Xuan cried in surprise, “how did you come?”

“I happened to be back, seeing the new Fellow Immortal coming, just by the way,” Female Immortal’s eyebrows fluttered, and her unspeakable youth was beautiful, but it was easy to ignore her beauty, Female Immortal looked at Xiao Hua with a smile “Who knows, this Fellow Immortal really makes me look good, and I deeply deserve this trip.”

“This is?” Xiao Hua looked at Ling Fairy and turned to ask Xuan Xuan.

“Senior”, Xuan Xuan said with a smile, “This is the Spirit Fairy. As for identity … Senior will know when he comes back.”

“Floating picture?” Xiao Hua watched the spirit Fairy fly in, feeling a kind of uncomfortable spine, two pupils trembled, alertly.

“Yes, it’s a floating picture!” Ling Fairy seemed to be flying off the painting, standing in front of Xiao Hua, “Fellow Immortal is here, but it’s OK.”

Xiao Hua looked at Ling Fairy, and said lightly, “It looks like Fan Yisheng sold the next one!”

“No, no” Ling Fairy shook his head, “Fan Fellow Immortal gave Fellow Immortal a chance to enter the glitz.”

“I don’t need any flashy!” Xiao Hua also shook his head, “I have seen flashy in Mortal Realm!”

“Fellow Immortal is wrong,” Spirit Fairy corrects Righteous Path, “How can Mortal Realm’s glitz be compared to Immortal Realm?”

“Different?” Xiao Hua coldly said, “I have walked into the floating feast, and now, what I have seen and heard is owned by Mortal Realm?”

“You don’t enter the floating map, you don’t know what is the real glitz.” Ling Fairy disdain, “It’s useless to tell you at this time, but since you can come with Fan Yisheng, and encounter Qi Hong’s provocation, you Still follow, presumably you are asking for something. Now that you have a request, why not talk about flashy? “

“hu” Xiao Hua looks like a defeated Rooster. He takes a long breath and turns to look at Ye Jian. He said, “I wanted to find a Concocting Furnace for Disciple. Didn’t expect it to fall down. Stuffing cake !!! “

“How did you come here to look for furnace cauldron?” Ling Fairy Qiong nose tilted, glanced at Xuan Xuan and asked Xiao Hua.

“Fairy Fairy,” Wu Xuan quickly pleaded, “Junior doesn’t know anything, neither Fan Senior nor Huang Tong Senior explained to Junior!”

“Well,” Ling Fairy nods said, “So, don’t hurry up to drink?”

“Come on tea!” Xiao Hua waved, “I’m not drinking anymore since Mortal Realm!”

“That’s a lot less fun,” Ling Fairy wandered between his sleeves, and some jade objects appeared, with some Immortal Fruit placed on it.

“I think fun is more important than life, but life is important!” Xiao Hua glanced at Yuji, lightly saying.

Xuan Xuan poured tea for Xiao Hua and Ling Fairy, and accompanied him. Ling Fairy raised a glass and drank, and then said, “Fellow Immortal, what is the matter?”

“It’s very simple,” Xiao Hua glanced at Xuan Xuan and said, “I know from Xiao Yue Xiaokou that Xuan Xuan has a Monster Partner …”

“What?” Ling Fairy blurted out, and whispered, “Have you ever seen a demon howling?”

“Senior,” but Xuan Xuan was quite puzzled, said in surprise, “Junior has long heard of the name of Yue Yao Xiao Xiao, but … My lord, how does he know Junior … “

Speaking, Xuan Xuan glanced towards Spirit Fairy.