LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1902


Xiao Hua then repeated what I said to Fan Yisheng before, and finally said, “Xiao Yue Xiao only remembers Xiao Liuhou. I did n’t find anything after I went, so I just walked around Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven. Ten years actually hit me! “

Afterwards, Xiao Hua will encounter Fan Yisheng and Wu Zhan fighting, how to get to know Fan Yisheng himself, and how Fan Yisheng brought himself here is narrate systematically and in full detail.

Finally, some lovingly looked towards Ye Sword Dao: “The main purpose of the next is to find a Concocting Furnace for the discipline so that he can make a breakthrough. As for myself … I really didn’t think about it. After all, I have n’t heard of floating images, and I do n’t know what they are! ”

“hehe,” Ling Fairy looked at Ye Jian, laughed, “Finding a Concocting Furnace in my floating picture is really easy, but for the Cultivation Base of Fellow Immortal, the foundation cannot see the Rogue Cultivator that Heavenly Immortal hopes for. In other words, the floating chart is indeed an excellent choice, and Fan Yisheng has not sold you. However, there is one thing that Fan Yisheng has not said, that is, when I get to the floating chart, it is not easy to go out that’s all! “

“heng,” Xiao Hua sneered, flashing Sword Light in his eyes, lightly saying, “I really don’t believe this.”

“Fellow Immortal don’t need to test,” Ling Fairy shook his head. “Floating pictures are flashy pictures. Unless forced, we will not have any disputes with any Fellow Daoist. Everything is in the floating picture feast … You can talk and trade! “

“So is Monster Spirit?” Xiao Hua asked, looking up.

“It’s not just Monster Spirit, it’s Fellow Immortal. Everything you need can be discussed!”

“How to discuss?” Xiao Hua asked, “Do you want a crystal coin?”

“If it is a crystal coin,” Ling Fairy faintly smiled and said, “Fellow Immortal can go to Feather Immortal, um, you can also find the newly emerging Unending Merchant Union, why come here?”

Xiao Hua’s eyes are brighter, and his left hand is still Sword Art. Sword Light change into flowing water overflows at his fingertips, meaning: “Is this how to negotiate?”

“Haha, I said nothing about this.” Ling Fairy laughed and got up and said, “Huang Tong Fellow Immortal first rested here and talked with Xuan Xuan. After I think about it, let’s say no. Late. “

Xiao Hua looked up at Ling Fairy and flew away without giving up.

奚 Xuan Xuan sent Fairy back, said with a smile: “Senior, is Xiao Yue Xiao really Daoist Xiao?”

“First,” Xiao Hua looked at Xu Xuan replied, “When I knew him, he was Daoist Xiao, and I later learned that he was Yue Xiao. Second, when he met a little friend, what was the Culture Base? , He didn’t say, I didn’t know foundation, so I can’t satisfy your curiosity! I just came to Concocting Furnace !!! “

“Senior”, Xuan Xuan said slightly smiled, whispered, “You are always at Mortal Realm, aren’t you an unusual cultivator?”

“Of course,” Xiao Hua squinted and declared replied, “I’m a killer!”

“Killer?” I announced.

“Oh, yeah!” Xiao Hua stretched and sighed, “Unfortunately in Immortal Realm, there is no place for a killer to stand up!”

“cough cough,” Xuan Xuan coughed twice, accompanied by a smile, “Isn’t Junior ascended Immortal? Junior only heard that Heavenly Tribulation is required in the ascended Immortal world. Senior killed many people, There is also a lot of blood on my hand, Heavenly Tribulation … “

“Just treat Heavenly Tribulation as a human!” Xiao Hua indifferently said, “Kill it!”

“Senior is amazing!” Xuan Xuan couldn’t help but give a thumbs up.

“Lord Husband,” while speaking, Bai Suer flew in, holding Xuan Xuan’s arm, and grinning, “I am back.”

Xuan Xuan asked, “Can Fan Senior take care of it?”

Bai Suer Tiantian said with a smile, “Lord Husband rest assured, Fan Senior invited Huang Tong Senior and Ye Fellow Immortal, and they will naturally get good care!”

“Look,” Xiao Hua said with a sneer beside him, “Did not he sell the old man?”

“Hehe,” Bai Suer shook her waist and said, “It’s not as complicated as Senior’s thinking, but I have fewer people in the floating image feast. Whoever invited Senior or Fellow Immortal can bring people over, we will reward them. ! “

“Senior”, Xuan Xuan saw Bai Suer talked through and said simply, “What we lack in the floating picture is Immortal Being like Senior, and the benefits of joining our floating picture are really many, let alone find a Concocting Furnace for Ye Sword Dao friends. , Even eight or eight is fine! “

“Well, you Male Immortal!” Bai Suer announced with a hand, sighing, “We Female Immortal is willing to pay for you, naturally is willing, one is enough, the other is just hue.”

“It’s good to find an Immortal Companion for my disciple!” Xiao Hua looked at Ye Jian, who seemed to be in contradiction in his heart, and said nothing with a smile.

“I don’t want any Concocting Furnace,” Ye Jian said with a crooked head, “I want to make a breakthrough in another way.”

“You foolish child!” Xiao Hua was a little angry, and growled, “Lao Tzu tried everything to get here, and you don’t want it anymore. Otherwise, Concocting Furnace is the easiest way!”

“Teacher,” Ye Jian said with a bitter smile, “Disciple is also True Immortal, and even better, Concocting Furnace is also the dumbest method!”

“Okay, okay, you are great!” Xiao Hua stood up and shook his hands, “You are True Immortal, you think of it yourself!”

After speaking, Xiao Hua preached: “Find an ordinary Study Chamber for the old man, old man wants to rest!”

“Uh, uh, let’s say” Xuan Xuan hurried to accompany said with a smile, “Senior come with me.”

奚 Proclaim Xiao Hua to a quiet place, said with a smile: “Senior also treats Ye Fellow Immortal as a child, he is naturally unhappy. If he doesn’t want to use Concocting Furnace, then use other methods 呗! “

“Of course I understand,” Xiao Hua sighed slightly, and said, “But Concocting Furnace is the easiest way, otherwise … forget it, old man won’t tell you, old man wants to be quiet! “

“Oh, Fan Senior told Senior about being quiet?” Xuan Xuan said with a smile, “Senior wait a moment, Junior called for quiet.”

“Go!” Xiao Hua glanced at Xuan Xuan.

“Hehe, Senior is Mo Life Qi,” Xuan Xuan still accompanied with a smile, “Junior joked with Senior, Senior thought about it, Junior said goodbye.”

Xuan Xuan is gone, Study Chamber is quiet, Xiao Hua suddenly laughs with “pu chi” one sound, his acting skills are a bit exaggerated, now I want to come, just a lot of places are too deliberate, the flaws are obvious!

“But,” Xiao Hua shrugged, and said to himself, “This is what you want, what about their understood?”

The dragon pond in the eyes of others is just a land of warmth and tenderness in the eyes of Xiao Hua. Does Xiao Hua care what others think?

Xiao Hua doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean Ye Jian doesn’t care. Ye Jian really was afraid that Xiao Hua gave him a Monster Spirit, so when Xiao Hua left, he prayed secretly in his heart, hoping to summon Xiao Hua in his shadow. .

Ye Jian is in the heart of mutter incantations. There is a temple door opening in the distance of “shua”. A female Immortal in a neon shirt flew out.

This woman, Immortal Qi, has a graceful face, a thin face with an inexplicable British spirit, and there is a gloom in the picturesque brows.

Female Immortal stepped into the temple and looked towards Ye Jian.

Ye Jian didn’t have any fear at all, raised her eyes and stared at Female Immortal tightly. For a moment, Female Immortal looked a little flustered, her eyes moved slightly, all around, and then she stared at Ye Jian again, said in surprise; “are you looking for Monster Spirit?”

“I …” Ye Jian was staring at Female Immortal with integrity, because he felt that this Female Immortal was different from the several Female Immortal he had seen before, and he felt that Female Immortal had a lot of thought in his eyes It made him feel very touched, so when Female Immortal asked, he couldn’t help but feel discouraged, his eyes avoided, and he turned around, replied, “It’s me!”

“There are many ways to make a breakthrough, why not find Monster Spirit?”

Female Immortal has walked in front of Ye Jian, which is quite aggressive, and asked, “I think you are the charm of greedy Monster Spirit?”

Ye Jian was displeased, and looked up at Female Immortal again, saying, “It’s not that I’m looking for Monster Spirit, it’s my teacher who forced me to find it! Besides, I’m looking for Monster Spirit … I’m greedy Monster Spirit. Charming, what’s wrong? Who are you? Can you manage it? “

Ye Jian’s lips are on the opposite side. Xiao Hua’s figure has already flown. He glanced at the Female Immortal, and immediately felt that a kind of dreadful shiver was born in his heart. This Female Immortal certainly has a Change Form method, but how can it escape Xiao Hua’s eyes? Xiao Hua couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Feng Family Ronger ?? She … how could she be here?”

Sure enough, Female Immortal pouted a word with a smile: “My name is Ronger, and I am in charge of Monster Spirit in the floating picture, otherwise how can I come over? If you mess with Life Qi, I won’t give you Monster Spirit. “

“If you don’t give it,” Ye Jian has already seen Xiao Hua’s figure, and waved intentionally, “I said earlier, it wasn’t I that I wanted it, it was my Teacher that I wanted to, so tell me Teacher! “

“You foolish child!” Xiao Hua twitched his lips beside Ye Jian, cursed one sound, turned and flew away, and said, “I’ll look elsewhere.”

“Hehe,” Feng Ronger laughed, and asked, “Do you mind if I sit down?”

“What do I mind?” Ye Jian shrugged and looked left and right. “This is your floating picture. I’m just a guest. Do you want to sit down, can I stop it?”

“That’s true!” Feng Ronger sat down and said, “You begging me now!”

“My Teacher, please, I have no relation with me!” Ye Jian countered.