LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1904


“Xiao wanted to get in touch with Xuan Xuan. Through Bai Su’er, Bai Bing, and Sun Teng, he found a persistent poison. Didn’t expect to find a more weird floating picture!”

“Since there is a persistent poison attacking the floating map, the floating map will certainly attack the persistent poison. Xiao waits here, waiting for them to find the news of the persistent poison for Xiao!”

About three Five Origin Days, Xuan Xuan came over, respectfully said: “Senior, can you think about it clearly?”

“Can’t be considered very clear,” Xiao Hua said vaguely. “The old man wants to hear the conditions for joining the floating image. The old man does not want to be bound by the floating image. What is Dao Promise and what is the Divine Soul Imprint? Yes. “

“If Senior doesn’t want this,” Xu Xuanwei said, “Even if Senior is added to the floating chart, his status in the floating chart will not be too high!”

“No need to have any status,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “As long as you can get Cultivation Art Mystic Technique, Immortal Pill and the like!”

“That’s okay,” said Xu Xuan relaxed. “But we still have to see if Senior is qualified to join me.”

Xiao Hua nods said: “I’m best at killing people!”

“Huh,” said Xuan Xuan nods, “my lord just arranged for the killing that Senior is good at!”

“When will it be tested?” Xiao Hua asked.

“Junior immediately arranged after Senior agreed.” Xu Xuan replied.

“What about my stupid disciple?”

“Teacher,” Xiao Hua’s voice landed, and Ye Jian flew in with Bai Suer, anxiously, “You promised?”

“Yes, yes!” Xiao Hua waved, “Immortal Realm is not much different from Mortal Realm, isn’t it just helping people do things?”

“Teacher, how do you say True Immortal High Rank!” Ye Jian frowned, whispered, “Isn’t this self-degrading?”

“Oh, what a True Immortal High Rank!” Xiao Hua smiled wryly, “In Desire Realm Heaven True Immortal is not enough, but in Form Realm, isn’t it our ascended Immortal world? True Immortal is Qi Refining, it’s time to do your best! “

“Um, Disciple listened to Teacher,” Ye Jian answered, turning to Xuan Xuan, “奚 Fellow Immortal, go and tell one sound to the adults, I will participate with Teacher.”

“Ye Fellow Immortal,” Xi Xuan said with a bitter smile, “This can be done in no way, let alone Fellow Immortal, and make the meaning of Fellow Immortal clear to adults.”

“Can the old man speak alone with Disciple?” Xiao Hua said lightly to Bai Suer.

“Of course, of course,” Bai Suer Tiantian smiled and stepped back.

“How?” Xiao Hua smiled and asked, “Good conversation?”

“Isn’t it pretend to be polite?” Ye Jian pouted. “But it’s clear, no Monster Spirit. As long as you add a floating image, you can give Cultivation Art, Immortal Pill, and even let me make a Breakthrough. As for Teacher, you ’re guaranteed to be Heavenly Immortal on the breast! “

“Will that breast be easy to shoot?” Xiao Hua pouted and said, “That person’s status doesn’t look low! I’ll tell you …”

Xiao Hua then told Ye Jian about sound transmission of Feng Ronger.

Ye Jian heard complexion slightly changed.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Hua asked back.

“Must she be true?” Ye Jian secretly whispered, “I thought she was just like me, she just made up and played!”

“What did she say?” Xiao Hua was extremely curious.

“Sorry, Teacher,” Ye Jian said with a bitter smile, “I promised others, who will not let you listen to you if you don’t tell others!”

“You think the old man is willing to listen!” Xiao Hua sneered, and then there was a sound transmission, “She also has a mother, who is from the family, in the central great hall, listening to her mother’s meaning, she was discarded And was picked up by Feng Family … “

“Hehe, Teacher,” Ye Jian was happy when he heard it, and said, “Maybe her mother has taken a breast?”

“Get off!” Xiao Hua scolded, “What kind of person would an old man be?”

“How is that impossible?” Ye Jian rolled his eyes and said, “I will find Monster Spirit for Disciple. What else is impossible?”

Xiao Hua just want to scold, but I miss One Revolution, but I haven’t refuted it. Think about it, whether it is Fairy Hongxia or Princess Zixia, they seem to owe them something, but think of them, Liu Yanyu The expression of joy, and the confession of sadness and joy, came to him involuntarily.

Xiao Hua knows that he can’t compare with the expertise of Eldest Senior Brother Li, but … he won’t be so passionate, right?

Seeing Xiao Hua’s expression bleak, Ye Jian hurriedly said, “Teacher, Disciple doesn’t mean that! Disciple means that Rong’er hasn’t said so much yet, she should still have some precautions …”

“Isn’t that nonsense?” Xiao Hua sneered, “You think you look better than Pan An, you just want to be attracted when you meet? People just tell the old man that it is useful, so I told you so much that’s all! “

Ye Jian naturally has his own emotions in Mysterious Origin Space. He has already felt Feng Ronger’s attitude towards himself, but he doesn’t dare to think too much. After all, Immortal Realm is different from Mortal Realm, and their respective experiences are also different. similar!

So Ye Jian hurried to accompany said with a smile: “Yes, yes, it’s still a great teacher. Disciple is just to accompany the teacher over that ’s all.”

Xiao Hua naturally scoffed at Ye Jian’s words. The two while speaking, Xuan Xuan had returned, and he apologized: “Huang Tong Senior, Junior has accused Senior and Ye Fellow Immortal, I’m sorry, My lord said, True Immortal Middle Rank I ’m afraid I ca n’t complete the test, so I ’d like to ask Senior for a shot! ”

“Well,” Xiao Hua nods said, “No problem, what test? Who killed? Where?”

“None of this can be known by Junior,” said Xuan Xuan accompanied with a smile, “If Senior is ready, please come to Junior.”

“Go!” Xiao Hua agreed with a smile.

Following Xuan Xuan’s arrival in a temple that still looks like a fan flower, Xuan Xuan said, “Senior, please wait!”

“Shua” Sanskrit flowers are blooming, all around are transparent, revealing countless temples and Sanskrit flowers, and within these Sanskrit flowers, all Male Immortal and Female Immortal are masked and cannot be seen appearance.

A “Huang Tong Fellow Immortal” sounded in the temple, “As far as the old man knows, there is already a mischievous Immortal Being mixed into the floating image feast. Old man can naturally find it if he spends his mind, but since there is You are here, and just about to be tested, the matter is left to you, the time it takes to burn one stick of incense to find the Immortal Being that invaded the floating image feast, even if you pass the First Pass! “

“Ah?” Xiao Hua said in surprise, “Is there a Second off?”

“Yes!” The voice was obviously still Feng Rong’er’s voice, saying, “You don’t want to send Dao Promise, and you don’t want to leave Divine Soul Imprint. The test is naturally more. Of course, if you don’t want to, I Floating pictures will never be forced! “

“It doesn’t matter,” Xiao Hua glanced away, lightly saying, “It’s just a fantasy, old man can just find one!”

“You,” the voice was a little surprised, exclaiming one sound, and then asked, “how do you know?”

“唉” Xiao Hua sighed one sound, “You foundation ca n’t understand the killer ’s World! If there is any intruder, why do you keep a mask on everyone ’s face? It ’s because of the illusion that you keep the mask , Keep some mysterious! And that’s it, it’s just adding extra strength! “

“Hehe,” Feng Ronger’s voice sounded, “I’m still awaiting Senior!”

“It’s not you who are waiting for you,” Xiao Hua coldly said, “It’s your foundation who hasn’t met Immortal Being like old man!”

“Let ’s do this,” said the voice again, “I remove all the Immortal Being masks in the floating picture, and just leave an image I randomly shape in these Immortal Being?”

“You are the person who made the question, you have the final say!” Xiao Hua proudly said.

“en!” The voice promised, after about 5 minutes, he said, “Yes, you can kill that illusion!”

“oh!” Xiao Hua sighed again, shaking his head, “Fellow Immortal, I think, if this test is the case, it doesn’t have to be done!”

“Why?” the voice asked in confusion.

Xiao Hua dao robe Yi Yang, a touch of clear light fell, and within the clear light, the situation of all the temples was revealed by one by one, and Xiao Hua proudly said, “Fellow Immortal foundation does not understand what the word killer means. Immediately after the next investigation, I have kept the situation in my mind for a while, and Fellow Immortal added another phantom, wouldn’t it be obvious? “

“Oh!” Sure enough, the voice sighed when looking at Xiao Hua’s image, and said, “After listening to Fellow Immortal, I understood that sentence. Professional things should be done by professional people. I’m not a killer. , I really don’t know so many tricks! “

“hehe,” Xiao Hua smiled lightly.

However, after a while, the voice said, “But thanks to Fellow Immortal’s reminder, I have now changed one image in the whole floating image feast. If it is possible, Fellow Immortal finds that image, hits it Just kill! “

“Well,” Xiao Hua glanced across many images, without any stagnation in foundation, pointing at one image with his finger and saying, “Don’t have to read more, it’s him!”

“How … how is that possible?” The voice exclaimed, “How did you find out?”

“It’s too easy!” Xiao Hua was helpless, and said, “This Male Immortal image is too greedy. How could Immortal Realm’s Male Immortal be so? But you wait for Female Immortal … in your mind Male Immortal’s appearance, but in fact, how could Male Immortal be so? So Fellow Immortal, you are Female Immortal. If you look at Male Immortal’s character in an illusion, it is always full of leaks!

“Sorry, Huang Tong Fellow Immortal!” The voice revealed to Xiao Hua’s strategic oneself in admiration, and said, “I really didn’t think of that many, in fact, the identity of Fellow Immortal … is beyond reproach, but still There must be a test, if not, not the other, just the strength of Fellow Immortal? “