LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1905

“How?” Female Immortal stared at Xiao Hua’s expression, and asked with a smile.

“Done!” Xiao Hua pinched the crystal chip with his left hand, shattered the crystal chip, and said in his mouth.

“Okay!” Female Immortal said, “Fellow Immortal move on!”

Xiao Hua flew forward, and after having a cup of tea, “hong-long-long” all around gave birth to pink thunder, a Strength of Thunderclap hiding the sky and covering the earth that had been seen before when flying in. Come on!

“This,” Xiao Hua saw this, cry out in surprise, “Is this Strength of Thunderclap able to resist?”

“Fellow Immortal, rest assured,” Female Immortal said with a smile, “I have my own size!”

“weng-weng” With the voice of Female Immortal, outside of Lei Ting, 9 × 9 = 81 happy Buddhas have re-emerged, but this time is different from the previous one. After the 81 Buddha images were revealed, Immediately with Thunder Light’s violent change into a huge Buddha, this Buddha raised his hands to throw Thunder Light infinity, it seems that Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth can!

“Fellow Immortal, be careful,” Female Immortal reminded him, the Buddha image lifted his leg, and suddenly crossed Space, directly to the top of Xiao Hua, “Bang” Buddha image raised his fist and moved towards Xiao Hua!

Lei Ting, all around like a dragon-like, was also moved towards the Buddha ’s fists, and Zhou Tian Thunder Light hit Xiao Hua like a cone.

At this moment, Xiao Hua surged Sword Light all over his body, and thousands of sword shadows broke like water. “Roar” Xiao Hua’s tongue fluttered with spring thunder, one sound roared, and his left arm still waved out like a crescent moon. The short sword was born, and thousands of sword shadows converged. Xiao Hua’s body also flew out like a sword, and she has been condensed into a sword shaped!

“pu” Unexpectedly, Female Immortal and Feng Rong’er expected that Xiao Hua’s sword body was unified, and he actually pierced the Buddha’s fist.

“It’s amazing!” Feng Ronger could not help but whispered when he saw this, “I am afraid that the power of this sword is the peak of True Immortal High Rank!”

“It’s a pity,” Female Immortal also had an accident in her eyes, and then she slightly shook her head. “His sword edge is too rigid, just easy to fold, I’m afraid it won’t last!”

Sure enough, the voice of Female Immortal hasn’t landed yet. The cracking sound of “ka-cha 嚓” sounds from the place where Sword Light pierced. Then, Sword Light is broken and Xiao Hua’s body shape is fallen.

“hong-long-long” all around Thunder Light rushed in and hit Xiao Hua like a hammer!

“Teacher,” Xiao Jian’s voice came from Ye Jian’s ears, and he screamed in a hurry.

“Ah,” Xiao Hua one sound screamed, Silver Light scattered around him, and fell like a residual sword in the tide in Lei Ting.

“Good Huang Tong!” Female Immortal praised in the central hall, hurriedly raised her hand and grabbed the egg-shaped Immortal Artifact in her hand, the “bang” huge Buddha phase broke down, changed into 9 × 9 = 81 Buddhas On the other hand, these Buddha images disappeared into Void with Lei Ting, and then another Female Immortal Suona flew out and raised her hands to catch Xiao Hua’s floating figure!

Xiao Hua bleeds with Qiqiao at this time, the whole body of Silver Light is scattered, looks extremely embarrassed, he looks at the outline of Female Immortal, barely stands up, grins said with a smile: “Fellow Immortal can leave the smoke and rain down? “

Female Immortal froze for a moment, and it turned out to be the wind mother voice: “Rest assured, Fellow Immortal goes back to heal first, and I will send you the Sword Manual!”

“Will I pass the test?” Xiao Hua asked tentatively.

“Three levels have passed two levels,” Female Immortal’s outline is soft and replied, “It’s still the last level, you are the Disciple of my floating picture!”

Xiao Hua brows slightly wrinkle, Female Immortal, wake up, said with a smile: “I’m wrong, after the last level, you can work for my floating image!”

“Okay,” Xiao Hua nods said, “this is the benefit!”

Xiao Hua returned to Dianyu. Ye Jian flew long ago, anxiously, “Teacher, how is the injury?”

Looking at Ye Jian’s exaggerated acting, Xiao Hua said ill-humoredly: “Can’t die!”

“That’s good, that’s good!” Ye Jian accompanied with a smile.

“To find you a Sword Manual, shall I make it easy?” Xiao Hua glanced at Ye Jian.

“Yes, yes,” Ye Jian timid, looks respectful.

“Senior take a break first,” Xuan Xuan and Bai Suer look at each other, they are also shocked by Xiao Hua’s Sword Qi, Xuan Xuan said with a smile, “One more pass, we are all Disciples of floating pictures. “

“Huh,” Xiao Hua waved his hands weakly, responding to one sound casually.

Yuan Xuan and Bai Suer went, Ye Jian laughed sound transmission and said, “Teacher, didn’t expect your old Sword Qi is so powerful.”

“Have I never passed on your Sword Art?” Xiao Hua asked back.

“Teacher seems to spread less,” Ye Jian replied, “Inside Dao Seal, there are powerful Sword Art!”

“That’s Dao Lord Inheritance,” Xiao Hua immediately thought of the Executive Immortal Four Sword Diagram, lightly saying, “That’s Dao Gate’s authentic Sword Art. My Sword Art actually leans towards Confucianism Cultivator.”

“Teacher,” Ye Jian cautioned, “Disciple doesn’t think … it’s meaningless to spend it. If you always don’t want to shoot, how about Disciple’s shot for you? Isn’t it just to see the truth of this floating picture …”

“Shut up” Xiao Hua scolded, “What do you know, this is called a drill! Can you usually use the strength of True Immortal Middle Rank to practice in these messy places?”

“No,” Ye Jian didn’t understand what Xiao Hua meant, and after thinking about it, he had nods.

“You see,” Xiao Hua said, “Yangshi has a few of them and they let them take charge of the Unending Merchant Union. Actually, it is experience. Sometimes custom services are more important than cultivation. Especially you, you It is Immortal Territory’s Immortal Being of the second condom Dao Seal. He has a heavy responsibility, must practice it! “

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