LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1906


Since you want to meditate, you must have a meditative appearance. Xiao Hua sits with her hands crossed on her knees, Sword Light burns like fire, and Feng Ronger mother is blocked by Sword Light several times.

About several months, when Xiao Hua closed, Ye Jian sound transmission said that the floating image feast was over, Feng Ronger hinted to Ye Jian and let Xiao Hua go out.

Xiao Hua was happy, and asked Ye Jian about Feng Ronger. Ye Jian was indifferent, but he didn’t know what to say. The more Ye Jian was so, the happier Xiao Hua was, and it was a cover for him to heal his injuries, but it was to cultivate Mystic Technique, so he delayed for a few days and then went out.

Xiao Hua flew out of the great hall, “weng-weng” all around immediately gave birth to a roar, 9 × 9 = 81 seamless towers phantom flew out of the roar.

“Huang Tong Fellow Immortal,” Feng Ronger mother stepped out of the seamless tower in the center, and groaned with a smile, “Congratulations on healing.”

“oh?” Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense was a little stunned. He couldn’t detect the strength of Feng Rong’er mother, but when Xiao Hua’s eyes swept across the seamless tower all around uneven, he I also understand that Feng Ronger mother is afraid to use the Technical of Attaching Primordial Spirit to connect herself with these seamless towers and make herself feel invisible!

“Laughter, laugh,” Xiao Hua seemed to have some sorry, Jishou said, “It’s too much Meng Lang, Fellow Immortal can make it clear, do what you can, right …”

“Hehe, Fellow Immortal did the right thing,” Feng Ronger mother said, “Without a blow from Fellow Immortal Lei Ting, how would I know the strength of Fellow Immortal? Without Fellow Immortal’s blow, Fellow Immortal’s Sword How is Art Nirvana Rebirth? “

“Yes, yes,” Xiao Hua accompany them with a smiling face, look around, said in surprise, “What about Fan Yisheng and Fellow Immortal?”

“Every banquet in the world, even the floating feast, may end,” said Feng Ronger mother slightly smiled, “when Fellow Immortal retreats, they have already left.”

“So,” Xiao Hua hurriedly, “what about the last test?”

“The last level is not here,” said Feng Ronger mother, “or, the last level is a task!”

“Oh,” Xiao Hua said, nods, “so that’s how it is!”

“But,” Fengronger mother looked at Ye Jian, not far away, saying lightly, “Because you are not Immortal Being of my floating picture, we can’t trust you enough, you can only do the task by yourself , Your disciple will stay here. “

“I understand,” Xiao Hua nods said, “the power is hostage!”

“Well, you can say that!” Feng Ronger mother raised an Ink Immortal Disk in front of Xiao Hua’s eyes, and said, “The task description is in this Ink Immortal Disk. How do you tell me to wait after completing the task, There are also records, this Ink Immortal Disk can only be inspected once, so please do it for yourself!

“OK!” Xiao Hua took over the Ink Immortal Disk and immediately released Overflowing Sense.

“Fellow Immortal doesn’t need to investigate at this time,” Feng Ronger mother said with a smile, “Wait out and explore slowly!”

“No need,” Xiao Hua released Overflowing Sense, watched, and looked at Ink Immortal Disk change into fly ash, lightly saying, “It’s best to see it face to face.”

“This is the rule of your Mortal Realm killer?” Feng Ronger mother asked.

“This is my rule!” Xiao Hua said, looking up at Ye Jian, and said, “disciple, you obediently follow the senior of the floating picture, and you will be picked up by the old man when the task is completed!”

“Teacher be careful!” Ye Jian hurried.

“Okay,” Xiao Hua arched at Feng Ronger mother, “Troubleshoot it!”

“Please,” Feng Ronger mother raised her hand, “sou” A seamless tower flew down, and still changed into the flying heavenly girl, holding Xiao Hua’s figure!

Female Immortal At the sky, other seamless towers avoided each other. Seeing that there were many Lei Ting hidden in Void, Xiao Hua eyes were slightly narrowed, and secretly thought: “The floating picture has this Great Array, I am afraid that it is Xiao Singing Fragrance. Pill Mansion is similar, it can be hidden at any time, and the method contained in Ink Immortal Disk is just waiting in one place. It seems that the floating image is still hidden! ”

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