LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1908


Song Xiaodi feels that his blood is surging, and he is eager to fight the bull. He really wants to fly out like a sword, and use his life to fight with Zhao Yi! !!

At this moment, you can hear Li Meng Yang’s voice, and hesitate to fire the command flag, commanding: “All Disciples, pass the order of the Sect Leader First Master, change the array, and chant the name of Lord!”

Song Xiaodi’s command is not stingy with a bold Immortal Pill, everyone listens to Disciple, and hesitates to stimulate to motion without any hesitation. There are two Protecting City Great Arrays in Yao Yao City, one is All Heaven Star Array, For defense, one is Golden Crow Executing Immortal Monster Array for attack. These two Great Arrays are the earliest Great Arrays used by Good Fortune Gate Disciple, so all Disciples are extremely familiar with the two Great Arrays, and they are easy to change.

“Be bold !!!”

Holding a sword is about to fly out, and a trembling sound of 10,000 li sounds in the city of Xun Yao, “Yijiu Jiugonger, also arrogant in front of my Unending Merchant Union?”

Yan Zhan within the body Immortal Power is broken, Immortal Body is still tumbled in midair, he can’t believe it and whispers: “Lord?”

“Lord?” Sword Light also stagnates, and Sword Light stops in midair.

Although Yang Shi and others did not enter the battlefield, they all missed the name of Daoist Xiao and prayed differently, and a figure of Xiao Hua appeared next to each Unending Merchant Union Disciple!

At the same time, an Overflowing Sense that was close to Da Luo emerged from the city of Xun Yao, and instantly swept thousands of 10,000 li!

all around The countless Immortal Being was frightened and flew upside down. Zhao Yi’s face changed suddenly. He held his own Nine Palace Initial Rank, Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven. It was impossible for Da Luo to appear, so he ventured to come to the monster city. !!

Unfortunately, the Xiao Hua foundation did not give him any chance to regret it. “shua” is a vague humanoid figure, holding a sip of Azure Azure Blade, flying out of the city of Xun Yao.

When the blade shadow just flew out, can’t be considered bright and imposing can’t be considered tough, but the Unending Merchant Union Disciple could see clearly, 100,000 Xiao Hua shadow figure fell into their within the body, “weng -weng “The entire Golden Crow Executing Immortal Monster Array is immediately stimulated to motion.

As Immortal Array’s momentum rises, not at all gives birth to the Golden Crow phantom, and the entire Immortal Array’s Aura moved towards that knife shadow gathers!

Seeing that the shadow of the knife is solid, an unspeakable palpitation was born from his bottom of the heart, and he almost frowned, “Bang” Two Immortal Marks opened, and two Silver Lights fell to Xiaoyi and Jade Ruyi on.

“Om” little crickets move, Ice Flame hiding the sky and covering the earth,

“Bang” Jade Ruyi’s Gold Light masterpiece, Fire Blaze flying all over the sky.

Each Fire Blaze is twisted with each Ice Flame, condensing into a gossip-like Fire Blaze!

At the same time, a double-headed Immortal Nascent quietly flew out of Zhao Yi’s vest, and his body fell into Void and disappeared!

“Bang … Bang … Bang …”

Xiao Hua is a broken sword, and it is also obtained from the Immortal Array. Because Xiao Hua needs a lot of identities, the Immemorial Immortal Artifact obtained from the Immemorial Immortal Realm shard is useful.

Xiao Hua is naturally the True Body main body at this time, but he can disguise his appearance and wave his sword and fly up. The entire Qiu Yao City near the Space is roaring one after another. On that bland sword-breaking sword, the momentum gradually rises to the sky!

I saw that the shadow of the sword covered the city of the monster monster, Xiao Hua waved it gently, and there was a cry of Golden Crow on the “ga” shadow of the sword, and the entire Great Array flew in with the shadow of the sword!

Zhao Yi’s eyes are wide open, this knife shadow is as bright as the Moon Seal, empty, as if the snow is misty, and more like Chongshan, a Time Zhao Yi is afraid, and almost wants to cover head and sneaked away like a rat, only Unfortunately, he has noticed that Blade light has closed the Space, and his Immortal Nascent has been imprisoned somewhere in Void!

“Who is this?”

Zhao Yi bottom of the heart whispered, “How could Unending Merchant Union have such an Expert?”

Zhao Yi tried to stimulate to motion with Immortal Power, Mystical Ability, and wanted to meet Xiao Hua’s blow, but that blade dao light is just a flash in Zhao Yi’s two pupils, and it has disappeared!

Then I saw Zhao Yi’s eyebrows between the two Immortal Marks, a ray of blood suddenly came from head to toe!

After all, this bloodshot splits Zhao Yi ’s bodyguard Silver Light and the body ’s Gold Zhenwen into two halves, and even splits his thousand hammers, hundred refinements of Immortal Body!

Still waiting for everyone to escape from the stunned Zhao Yi Immortal Body split into two halves, “bang! bang!!” Two loud noises, Xiao Yan and Jade Ruyi burst at the same time, Ice Flame and flames rolled Zhao Yi Immortal Body Burning!

“shua” Far away, the Gold Light flashed again, but when I saw only one head, Immortal Nascent lose one’s head out of fear, and looked at the shadow of the knife in horror, Xiao Hua was still blurred. I do n’t dare to move slightly!

“Unending Merchant Union Disciples,” Xiao Hua sounded, commanding, “Re-to create array!”

“Yes,” as Xiao Hua’s voice landed, Ten Million True Immortal Disciple flew out of the city, and rushed into the Great Array like a stream of water. Seeing the Golden Crow Executing Immortal Monster Array a hundredfold expansion, Zhao Yi Immortal Nascent ashen-faced.

Xiao Hua glances around, as if seeing through all the faces of Immortal Being from the left.

Xiao Hua “heng” then one sound, without a word, flickered, disappeared into the slayer city with a broken sword, and then a cold voice sounded again: “I Unending Merchant Union 100,000 True Immortal You can kill an Initial Rank of Nine Palace. Can True Immortal kill High Rank of Nine Palace? This King really does n’t know. Welcome Curious Fellow Immortal to come and try !!! “

“Why did Lord leave?” Mo said that Yan Zhan and Bao Jian, who are excited faces such as Li Meng Yang and Song Xiaodi, are also unclear.

However, Yan Zhan’s ear gave birth to the sound transmission of Xiao Hua’s figure. He slightly nods and stimulated to motion. Before Zhao Yi’s broken Immortal Body, coldly said: “I said by the Patrarch, I’m Unending Merchant Union values ​​peace and business as a business. Although Zhao Senior is overwhelming, but my Unending Merchant Union is still unwilling to tear his face, so as long as Senior leaves enough crystal coins, my Unending Merchant Union will put Senior Immortal Mark and Immortal. Nascent go back! “

“Yes, yes,” Where did the impatient Immortal Nascent dare to say Second again? Promise one sound and send a Receiving Void Ring.

Yan Zhan reached out and took a look at Overflowing Sense. He raised his hand and threw an Ink Immortal Disk, and said to Disciple, “Change!”

“Yes,” Ten million Disciples are forbidden, immediately stimulate to motion figure, Golden Crow Executing Immortal Monster Array and changed into All Heaven Star Array to protect the city of Xun Yao.

Yan Zhan hugs swords and nods, and the two of them stimulate to motion and return to Xun Yao City without looking back.

As for Zhao Yi, Immortal Nascent raised the Immortal Mark and Immortal Body in his hands. Finally, he took a look at the Ink Immortal Disk and rolled it up. He flew into Void. As for whether he can return to Seeing Fire Sect safely, It depends on his own Good Fortune!

Zhao Yi is even more unlikely to know that Zhao Yan’s Ink Immortal Disk has been used by Xiao Hua to perform three disasters and seven difficulties. When Ink Immortal Disk returned to Seeing Fire Sect and fell into Zhao Yan’s hands, it was Zhao Yan’s three disasters. Seven difficult times to start!

On the Immortal Boat, Xiao Hua ’s 32,000 shadow figures were dimmed at the same time. Nearly 100,003,200 tiny fluctuations of Space were spawned, and then rushed into the shadow figure, then Xiao Hua Immortal Body appeared strangely in the shadow figure. come out!

“hu” Xiao Hua breathed a long breath, and the figure of tens of thousands shattered with breathing.

Xiao Hua looked up and down on his Immortal Body, then looking thoughtful: “No, previously Xiao tried to use the shadow body swap, not at all, especially stimulate to motion Immortal Power. Xiao originally thought it was shadow body Mystical Ability. Now Xiao used Mystical Ability again, and this time he really stimulated to motion Immortal Power, only to find that … by relying solely on shadows, with Xiao’s current cultivation of shadows, the foundation cannot reach the shadow body exchange. The reason why Xiao has just cultivated 300 Yu Ji can reach such a level, because Xiao himself will be Light Escape, and Xiao Fleshly Body is condense from 100,003,200 dots. When the shadows are swapped, the entire Immortal Body is broken first, but a small dot is simple. ! “

“Hehe,” Xiao Hua thought, raising his hand and taking out the broken sword, and glanced over Azure Light like water, said with a smile, “I ’m afraid this broken sword is specifically for killing Immortal Realm cultivator, then name Zhao Yi ’s Nine Palaces Immortal, when I saw the shadow of a knife passing, I was born from the heart of fear! Immemorial Immortal Realm, what a magical place! “

“Xiao today this blade,” Xiao Hua raised a broken knife in his hand and watched the blade light flash, Xiao Hua said proudly, “I ’m afraid that you can keep the city of the monster city stable for a century?”

The reason why Xiao Hua let 100,000 True Immortal Disciple deploy the Golden Crow Executing Immortal Monster Array, and rely on the power of Monster Array, is Immortal Being who wants to peep around, and Zhao Yi knows that Monster Array is powerful, Xiao Hua can of course诛 妖 城, but the power of 100,000 True Immortal is even more scary, let alone Xiao Hua finally ordered the appearance of tens of millions of True Immortal Disciple, that Golden Crow Executing Immortal Monster Array made other Immortal Being trembling.

However, Xiao Hua also knew that Zhao Yinai was in the Initial Rank Immortal Being of Jiugong. No matter how confused he was, he could not personally challenge the Unending Merchant Union for some crystal coins to go to Yao Yao City. Zhao Yan ’s Dao Promise and Ink Immortal Disk An excuse, Xiao Hua can almost see Zhao Yi’s eyes behind him!

As for whether this eye is Star Dome, Seeing Fire Sect, or even Feather Immortal, Xiao Hua has no interest at this time, dare to come and fight! Dare to cut off! !!

Xiao Hua subsequently abandoned his intention to use the red pillow to inspire Time Shards and returned to Immortal Boat. However, this time Xiao Hua released Zhou Xiaoming and Lu Shu, and briefly talked to them, so that they drove to Xuanxia Mountain while using the Purple Jade letter to cultivate the shadow technique.