LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1909


I do n’t know how long, Xiao Hua did n’t care. The task that the floating chart gave him was Time limit, but Xiao Hua knew that Ye Jian would never be in danger, and maybe the foundation of Ronger would not want Xiao Hua to be so fast. Return it!

“Teacher,” Lu Shu’s voice rang in Xiao Hua’s ear, “It’s here!”

“Huh,” Xiao Hua is still retreating, but he has been reciting one sound casually, still retreating. Purple Jade is truly the perfect match for cultivation shadow, Xiao Hua Primordial Spirit falls into it, and the shadow is integrated into the world Of Mortal’s Myriad Manifestations, a variety of shadows Profound Truth come one after another, making Xiao Hua feel itchy, how can it be easily prolapsed?

I don’t know how long, Zhou Xiaoming’s voice sounded again: “Teacher, it’s been over half a year. If you don’t want to go, Disciple will go for your Senior, otherwise Ye Jian Junior Brother may change into white bones … … “

“What?” Xiao Hua was startled, and Primordial Spirit escaped from the Purple Jade letter, and said, “Half a year has passed, why is it so fast?”

“Yes, Teacher,” Lu Shu said with a smile, “Disciple also listened to other Disciples, and Teacher gave the Good Fortune Gate Disciple a chance again, more than a hundred years, which is also a retreat for Disciple! Half a year, May be a hiccup … “

“How long can I meditate well!” Xiao Hua sighed one sound and received the Purple Jade letter, saying.

“Teacher hurried to Xuanxia Mountain to complete their mission, redeemed Ye Jian Junior Brother, and remedy no later!” Zhou Xiaoming urged.

“Don’t worry,” Xiao Hua said, “Ye Jian Junior Brother will never become white bones if sucked into jerky!”

“Hehe,” Lu Shu said with a smile, “So, why doesn’t Teacher find a quiet place to retreat for a while?”

“It’s weird,” Xiao Hua said while offering Kunlun Mountain Mirror, shaking his head, “I feel Time is urgent for my teacher, but why is it so that I can’t say it for my teacher!”

Thinking of this, the sorrow of Liu Yanyu in Xiao Hua’s mind spontaneously emerged, and Liu Yanyu’s confession was born in his ear, and there was a portrait in his heart like a spike!

This is a kind of hunch, it is also a kind of spiritual rhinoceros, but it is sad!

“If the Teacher has any difficulties, you might as well talk to Disciple and so on,” Zhou Xiaoming worried. “The Disciples and others did not dare to say more now, and the Disciple and others are all Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal difficult situation and leave worries behind! “

“Huh, huh,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “You will go back to cultivation soon, and when you are in your 9th house, you can help as a teacher.”

“Okay, Teacher, you always pay attention to your safety!” Zhou Xiaoming and Lu Shu watched Qingguang fall, respectfully rushed to Xiao Hua, bowed and saluted, and flew into Immortal Realm Space.

“This is Xuanxia Mountain?” Xiao Hua released Overflowing Sense, and saw a mountain peak floating in the distance. I was a little surprised.

Because this mountain peak is different from other mountains and other things, it is not a space, but the real mountain peak, and Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense swept over. The mountain peak actually blocked the Overflowing Sense and could not be detected!

Xiao Hua hurriedly offered the Immortal Navigator, and after a careful look, muttered: “It’s Xuanxia Mountain!”

Anything that is abnormal is a demon!

This is the cognition of Xiao Hua, so the mountain peak is placed on Yellow Past Heaven, Xiao Hua will not see it, but the mountain peak is actually in Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven, which is all in the state of Principle, Xiao Hua had to take it seriously.

Xiao Hua was about to stimulate to motion. His body flew past. There was a slight wind howling behind “Woo” obliquely away. Xiao Hua hurriedly turned around to see it, but there was no more than a hundred li or so. Scarlet stones slowly moved towards mountain peak.

Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense swept away, brow lightly, this stone piece is a real space, with mountain peaks inside, which is comparable to a small Continental in Mortal Realm, and it seems that there are still some in this space that are not True Immortal’s Immortal Being, Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense swept through these Immortal Beings, knowing that these all are Form Realm days Inborn days are raised, but now they are scattered among the mountain range and should be in ignorance.

Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven, this kind of Principle Space is very many, and most of them are Five Elements Principle, or water droplets, or stone pieces, or flames, etc., all are different, Xiao Hua Fleshly Body is special, within The body Principle has a lot of fragments, so he cannot easily integrate into all around Principle. If it is ordinary Immortal Being, at this time it should be affected by the all around Space Principle. Although he is in mid-air, there should be mountains, forests, sky, and even deserts in front of him. scene.

As for the Scarlet stone that is flying in the distance, it should be changed into a continuous mountain range like a flood and tsunami.

“Yeah,” Xiao Hua suddenly realized, secretly thought, “Are other Principle fragments?”

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua hurriedly glanced around, this ca n’t be bothered, an unspeakable dreadful shiver was instantly born from Xiao Hua bottom of the heart!

But see all around Thousand 10,000 li, there is nothing, no trace of Principle fragments exist!

“This,” Xiao Hua’s vest is sweaty, and he is busy and looked towards the Princess fragment, which is the only one within nearly 10,000 li left!

However, when Xiao Hua’s eyes fell on the fragment, there was already an elongated light on the fragment, and even all around also had a slight murmur. As for Xiao Hua’s Overflowing Sense, it swept through the fragment. Inside, there is already a huge roar inside, a mountain range is broken, and the entire Space seems to be pulled off by giant force!

“Not good!” Xiao Hua suddenly understood, secretly thought, “This Principle fragment should be attracted to Xuanxia Mountain, at this time it is about to crash into Xuanxia Mountain!”

Xiao Hua cares about some Immortal Being lives in Space, and releases Mind without any thought, and wants to put this Scarlet stone piece into Space. Unfortunately, Xiao Hua Mind is settled. This Scarlet stone piece is so heavy that Xiao Hua Mind foundation cannot charge it!

“Damn,” Xiao Hua yelled in his heart, knowing that he had made some mistakes in his busy life. The stone looks small, but it is actually a piece of Heaven and Earth, and it blends with Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven Principle. How can he possibly Simple charge?

Xiao Hua thinks a little bit, and Mind hurries into Space again, ready to accept those Immortal Being.

Unfortunately, where Mind falls, Space is already a statue of extinction. Where is the trace of Immortal Being’s life?

“That ’s all, that ’s all” Xiao Hua felt a little regrettable in his heart, and whispered, “It ’s just Inborn, and they will reincarnate soon.”

That being said, it is Xiao Hua’s own comfort, after all, he has a thorn in his heart!

Xiao Hua Mind pulled it out of the space again. The roar of the “hong-hong” stone pieces increased, and the speed of flying was several times faster. But in the breathing room, the “sou” stone pieces crossed 100.000. Li, rush to Xuanxia Mountain directly!

“Bang” From a distance, the stone hit Xuanxia Mountain, it seemed to produce a spark, but the spark immediately fell into the black color and disappeared.

“What a weird Xuanxia Mountain!”

Xiao Hua was a bit shocked, he put away his contempt, and slowed down moved towards Xuanxia Mountain.

But after flying for a while, Xiao Hua suddenly gave birth to an inexplicable palpitation in her heart, looked towards the increasingly huge Xuan Xia Mountain, and felt a heavy pressure directly on her heart hanging on her head, and there was a powerful His thoughts are looking at himself from a distance, like the Ancient giant beast entangled in Xuanxia Mountain.

“Wrong,” Xiao Hua paused, pinched his chin, and looked at the dark Xuanxia Mountain, secretly thought, “Xuanxia Mountain all around does not have a Principle Space, that is, it might have existed “Principle Space” was sucked into the mountain by Xuanxia Mountain and crashed. So, Immortal Being is also a Principle Body, isn’t it … will be sucked and crushed by the mountain? “

Xiao Hua hasn’t felt suction yet, but he feels dreadful shiver!

“If so, it ’s extremely difficult to kill and kill Female Immortal, it is extremely difficult to enter Xuanxia Mountain and escape from Xuanxia Mountain! How could the floating chart send Xiao a True Immortal High Rank?”

“However, within the floating chart, the highest power seems to be True Immortal High Rank?”

Facing the unknown, Xiao Hua was a little hesitant. He didn’t want to kill anyone, so he couldn’t help but hit something called a retreat!

However, Xiao Hua thought for a moment that if this trip was too dangerous and the task could not be completed, how could Feng Ronger like Ye Jian to let herself come over?

Love House and Woo!

Instantaneously, Xiao Hua has a feeling that he can test the changes of Feng Ronger himself.

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua patted her Gate on Crown and released her hidden strength. “weng-weng” all around Space could not withstand the coercion of Xiao Hua released, giving birth to the wind, forming each and everyone vortex.

But at this moment, Xiao Hua felt that the spying of his previous intentions had suddenly strengthened, and then a huge suction seemed to hold his Fleshly Body, especially the Immortal Mark, and a great force hit the Immortal Mark. Like a hammer, Xiao Hua smashed a little dizzy and eyes blurred.

“Damn!” Xiao Hua understood all of a sudden, he cursed one sound and wanted to cry without tears, “this … this Xuanxia Mountain is a huge Principle mountain peak, the more powerful the Immortal Being , The stronger the within the body Strength of Principle is, the greater the suction of Immortal Being on this Principle mountain peak! “

Xiao Hua now wants to understand that it’s too late, his Immortal Body suddenly accelerates under the suction of the Principle mountain peak, just like the Earth Type Principle shard just now, shoot straight towards the Principle mountain peak!