LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1910


“Woo …” Xiao Hua created a shudder like air friction all over his body, his body crossed a slanted parabola in the air, and moved towards Xuanxia Mountain!

Xiao Hua’s side is flying down, and Zhou’s side is born with the broken sound of Principle. Xiao Hua not only feels that his Fleshly Body is pierced by heavy barriers, but also feels that the First Layer layer is like a black and white glow in all around. But it is a mountain peak-like Xuanxia Mountain, and it has become huge in an instant, and even Xiao Hua stays diagonally through a heavy Pitch-black. Xiao Hua’s eyes light up, the mountain peak is long gone, all around is actually a bright sun again World!

Xuanxia Mountain ’s World is naturally sunny, but unfortunately Xiao Hua is not sunny. Xiao Hua has tried his best to control his body shape, but the one sound of “pu” bursts into a rocky mountain!

However, to Xiao Hua’s surprise, the sound is not “hong-long-long” hit by a rock, but “pu” that hits the dust!

When Xiao Hua flew from the so-called mountain rock, I realized that the mountain rock is just a pile of fine broken filamentary rosy clouds, and the color is Pitch-black that ’s all.

Looking at Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense, I felt a bitter smile. This rosy cloud is the debris of Principle fluctuation, similar to the Piece of Principle that I encountered in Seven Spirits Mountain in the year. At that time, the Princess fragment Xiao Hua was regarded as a treasure, which was beneficial to the expansion of his left-handed space and even the growth of Little Silver. But here, in Form Realm, these are just dust!

“This piece of Principle alone,” Xiao Hua raised his hand and grabbed the debris, and Xiao Hua looked at said with a smile. “Placed in Four Great Continent, if the cultivator can understand, at least also Get the Spirit Division. “

Speaking just here, Xiao Hua’s face is weird again. Four Hua Continent’s things Xiao Hua can’t reach, but Divine Magnificence Continent’s things, Xiao Hua can get it!

The fine Principles are not easy to collect in other places. Under the huge Principle suction of Xuanxia Mountain, Principles have become fragments. How can Xiao Hua let such a big benefit pass?

“haha, haha,” Xiao Hua laughed, released Mind, and began to sweep the “mountain peak” near you!

Three feet of ground scraping is no longer enough to describe Xiao Hua’s harvest. In order to have “greed” ambitions, dare to call Sun and Moon for a new day, which is the true portrait of Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua simply didn’t seek out any Female Immortal, just changed all the way along the way, it was chic!

But after a few days, Xiao Hua smiled bitterly again, and he was used to playing alone. Why did he forget the Disciples?

Xiao Hua first sends out dozens of Disciples, including Qi, Juyuan, Hualing, and True Immortal. After the investigation, the True Immortal Initial Rank is the most suitable.

Xiao Hua then sent 100,000 True Immortal Disciple with Space Immortal Artifact directly, and let them collect it behind them.

Principle fragments are like snow, and the surface of Xuanxia Mountain is naturally fragments, but the more accumulated below has become the rock barriers. Some True Immortal Disciple can be collected, some cannot. The Space Immortal Artifact that controls these Disciples is full. Or, Immortal Power dried up, Xiao Hua put them into Immortal Realm Space, and then changed another, so they collected a full half a month.

Xiao Hua is a bit tired. I ’m stimulating to motion. I ’m ready to fly high, but Immortal Power is overwhelming. I am so heavy as a cow. Xiao Hua ’s mind turns sharply and his body is Sword Transformation. Previously, but it was always able to fly, Xiao Hua has understood the meaning of Feng Ronger mother, this Xuanxia Mountain mission is indeed suitable for you.

Principle Teleport was more suitable than Sword Light. Xiao Hua tried it. He had a bottom in his heart. He stood on top of a mountain peak and watched densely packed Good Fortune Gate Disciple. Sighed: “Many people are powerful!”

Sighing, Xiao Hua thought for a moment, Mind fell into Immortal Realm Space.

Jiu Xia is now with 49 Immortal Nascent, and Zhang Qingxiao is still in the Great Desolation Divine Realm Space. Looking at Jiu Xia ’s Azure Light shining like a wheel, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is not willing to wake up Jiu Xia.

Jiu Xia herself also understood that she was born under Myriad Monsters Realm, and the foundation did not know the situation of Immortal Realm. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua Even if Jiu Xia was called out, she would not know Dao Xuan Xiashan Azure Mound Mountain Aura thing!

So Jaded-Document Xiao Hua looks at One Revolution, looked towards the Space Spirit Concubine Zi Qin on the edge of Azure Mound Mountain in Space, and the fox only in Azure Mound Mountain Azure Light

Zi Qin is a shallow Gray Ling Hu. She was only included in the space by Xiao Hua when she was in the tail, and then in Xiao Hua Lower Realm was in Xi Yingyun, sending her out of the space. Zi Qin recognizes the miserable status of the fox and defends the Chang Lei Lei Hao. The pelican unveiled the plant, the car, the squid, and the oxime.

The formation of Azure Mound Mountain in Space has a great effect on the fox family. Zi Qin is now six-tailed, and the fox is particularly bad and boring.

You know the burglar, the pelican, and the puppet. You screaming, sucking, embarrassing, cowardly

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua raises the hands of the fox to occupy the system

“Holy … Holy Lord?” Hutuo Xing’s line of sight was pure and pure, and the pumping ditch collapsed with ammonia and led the way!

Xiao Hua knows that Azure Mound Mountain attaches great importance to humility. Although he doesn’t care, he still waves up to lift up the two foxes and says, “Get up, get up”

“I do n’t know what happened under Holy Lord ’s search?” Huyun Huairong 锨 鄯 from the palm of his hand 涫 涫 ⑹ 迸 ⑹ 迸 threshold feed

“Look at you waiting for Jinyi!” Xiao Hua contains said with a smile.

“Ah?” Zi Qin screamed immediately, shouting inconceivably, “I … I’m actually a six-tailed? This … how is this possible?”

“Holy Lord, Holy Lord!” Hu Youhui Canchanxing 崃 髁 还 还 谙 艋 还 还 还 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 谙 艋 埃 耐 耐 埃 耐 埃 耐 氨 氨 氨 氨 氨 戮 谷 呶 呶 ブ 鳎 ブ 鳎 shake

Before the fox conspiracy 硐 龊 跸 艋 饬 龊 跸 艋 饬 艋 before the halo ② Where is the vinegar vinegar 布 难 ⒎ cherry blossoms ⒎ overseas Chinese forgiveness

“Get up first, get up first” Xiao Hua once again learns the fox 銎 穑 銎 穑 拔 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 谰 咛 迩 樾 谰 咛 迩 樾 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 饬 饬 饬 饬 饬 饬 饬 饬 Hua Hua Hua Hua Xiao Hua once again, Xiao Hua 銎 穑 銎 穑 拔 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 呛 澹 谰 咛 迩 樾 谰 咛 迩 樾 谰 咛 迩 樾 愕 谰 咛 迩 樾 愕 愕 愕 愕 樱 樱 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 饬 龊 跄 愕 龊 跄 愕 training.

“Holy Lord,” the fox shivered and blew away the carbamide invasion, showing that it was ohmic!

“You have another chance on Patriarch,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “Let’s hear from you!”

“Holy Lord, I don’t know … I know nothing but rumors,” the fox threshold α plays slowly with pure vinegar, and the file is broken.矗

“Yes, yes” Zi Qin cleared the comprehension at this moment, and hurriedly came over and said.

Zi Qin then looked up and down at Xiao Hua and was surprised: “Holy Lord, you seem to be already … True Immortal, right?”

“Well,” Xiao Hua nods said, “It should be Jiugong High Rank!”

Hutuoyou lie right, 郏 袂 榇 蟊 洌 郏 袂 榇 蟊 洌 level feed 郏 袂 榇 蟊 洌 feed ditch skeletal ammonium ammonia deer Ш Ш p

“Well, get up!” Xiao Hua didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and hurriedly wiped his sleeves again. In these few words, the two foxes have kneeled down three times, which shows that they faced the Exalted Lord before them. How humble they are!

“Holy Lord,” Hu Yun surrendered to security and Chana Ding Youyou arrogantly assaulted the sultry teacher. Shang Lu Gou Yong flaws down and down for a moment, hurt the family palm to mock.

“The old man has another chance,” Xiao Hua waved his hand. “At this point, you need to mention the old man when you wait for entering the country!”

“Oh,” fox salt pump pump ε threshold Φ 溃 ブ 鞑 ブ 鞑 俏 俏 俏 俏 俏 澹 赡 懿 澹 赡 懿 俏 澹 赡 懿 俏 澹 赡 懿 俏 澹 赡 懿 澹 赡 懿 俏 俏 澹 赡 懿 澹 赡 懿 澹 赡 懿 俏 俏 俏 俏 俏 逡 逡 逡 逡 晌 穑 晌 穑 魃 Si 晌 穑 晌 穑 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 宦 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 魃 晌 穑 晌 穑 晌 穑 希 希 希 希 希 希 希 宦 蘖 蘖 蘖 蘖 骄 骄 骄 骄 骄 ∥ ∥ ∥ ∥ 饶 饶Xing Sang is still bad and frowns ≈ Inferior Po Song and Jun Ji Ben!

“Holy Lord,” Zi Qin also hurriedly explained, “I waited for the non-awarded Female Immortal, but the Eight-tailed Peak, and the bloodline is shallow, almost seven-tailed is the ultimate. I did n’t expect myself to reach It’s got six tails, now … now … “

Zi Qin didn’t know what to say, everything was full of surprises, something she had never dreamed of before!

Xiao Hua still sees the bitterness of Zi Qin, but she still feels bitter. To say the hardship of Zi Qin, Xiao Hua also knows that she does cultivation from the edge of Azure Mound Mountain from time to time, but it is just like the cultivation of sleep, Can you get to the six tail?

This is too easy, right?

If Zi Qin is hard, what about Jiu Xia?