LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1912


But within the space I did n’t know before, a huge outline like Poisonous Insect is flashing Mysterious Light. All around this contour, even more countless Xuanxia was born out of thin air like clouds, falling into this silhouette, and it is this Xuanxia’s fall that inspired Mysterious Light.

Looking inside the outline of this huge Poisonous Insect, there are densely packed cone-shaped cocoons of different sizes. The cocoon-like surface has a weird texture and there is a filamentary vortex in it. Within the vortex, it is Xiao Hua. Familiar black humanoid.

“I’m going !!!” Xiao Hua cried, “Xiao, is this the thief’s den?”

Xiao Hua just finished, there was a feeling of dizzy and eyes blurred. He naturally knew that it was Xuanxia’s toxicity, and hurriedly stimulated to motion to protect the Gold Light, and then prepared to take out the crystal bottle.

But when the Gold Light flashed, Scarlet Red’s scars started to disappear.

“oh?” Xiao Hua laughed, knowing that his daily profit Cultivation Art could resist this Scarlet spot toxicity.

Since Cultivation Art is OK, Cultivation Art should be full when it is full, Xiao Hua immediately stimulated to motion. When the month is full, Cultivation Art is like water, and the smell and smell that almost penetrate into Divine Soul are washed clean .

Xiao Hua is not afraid of the methods to deal with it. He is stimulating to motion and is close to the outline of Poisonous Insect. How can I know that he just flew and the “zhi zhi” outline actually moved, a thick Ying Sense The sweep will come.

“Is this still a Monster Insect?” Xiao Hua was dumbfounded.

Xiao Hua turned his mind sharply and hurriedly stimulated to motion Azure Mound Mountain Mystic Technique to cover himself up. Ying Sense swept through and he never found Xiao Hua.

“Go find the fox shadow first!” Xiao Hua is not afraid of this Poisonous Insect outline, but he is very interested in the Azure Mound Mountain fox family behind the Poisonous Insect outline.

Xiao Hua, looking at all around, can’t sense Fox Shadow, so I have to send Zi Qin out.

Zi Qin’s strength can’t fly in this Space foundation. Xiao Hua had to raise his hand and gave birth to a light gold outline to hold Zi Qin. Zi Qin slightly sensed and hurriedly pointed to a corner of Space.

Xiao Hua nods, stimulate to motion, the body moved towards that corner, about 5 minutes, Xiao Hua thought about it, raised his hand to sacrifice the Golden-Red Clouds crown, Golden-Red Clouds crown Gold Light flashed , Block Xiao Hua’s figure!

“hehe,” Xiao Hua just disappeared, and he heard one sound sneer. From the distance, a crisp voice sounded, “I said, who can go from the path I often walk to Here, there is a ghost inside! “

Zi Qin was frightened, and turned back in a hurry. Seeing that Xiao Hua was missing, she didn’t feel that she had the courage and hurriedly transported Mystical Ability. She wanted to recover Fox Shadow. Unfortunately, Fox Shadow was like clay ox entering the sea. There was no response to the foundation. .

“Who is Elder Sister?” Zi Qin’s eyeball One Revolution, accompanied with a smile, “Little Sister accidentally passed by Xuanxia Mountain, had a feeling in the heart, and came by the way, how can I know I actually hit Elder? Sister. “

Turn over the outline of Poisonous Insect. On the front, it is a pale Azure pavilion. Above the pavilion is a charming female Immortal.

It’s just that this Female Immortal is not a floating image for Xiao Hua to kill.

“oh?” Female Immortal looked up and down Zi Qin, more surprised, and said, “Who is Younger Sister? How can I look strange?”

“Elder Sister,” Zi Qin looked at the all around, not at all, but she still respected her strength, “Little Sister Zi Qin, originally in Hei Chi Deputy Efemale oy Fox H, about 200 years ago, Little Sister was ordered to work, but fell into the trap of the enemy. Little Sister was arrested without notice, and then … Little Sister pretend to be polite. Sister escaped by chance, and hurried back, but never thought that it was Form Realm. Little Sister didn’t know how to return to Desire Realm Heaven. She was worried and saw Elder Sister! “

“Oh, oh,” said Female Immortal, surprised nods, “You turned out to be Hei Chi Deputy Efemale oy, no wonder I don’t recognize you, you can escape from the birth day, and it’s also good Karma.”

Speaking, Female Immortal raised her hand and pointed at a distance: “I thought it was a trick from someone else, so I sent you the fox shadow of Essence and Blood condense, and you wait a moment.” >

Female Immortal raised her hand to recall Fox Shadow, the name 蛊 瘴 蜃 of Monster Beast suddenly “screamed” one sound, and a cloud of black light fell, covering Zi Qin Fox Shadow.

“Not good!” Female Immortal exclaimed, “Zi Qin, close it!”

Zi Qin opened his mouth and “pu” sprayed out an Azure Light. He wanted to break through the black light. Unfortunately, Azure Light can’t be far away. Zi Qin hurriedly said, “Elder Sister, Mo Ji, Little Sister, and flew over …” “

Xiao Hua knew that he was talking to himself. He hurried to stimulate to motion and flew to Zi Zi with his body.

Azure Light just pierced Xuanxia, ​​”pu-pu-pu”, but listening to the continuous muffled sounds of all around, hundreds of Xuanxia sprayed out, and early condense turned into black smoke trapping Xiao Hua and Zi Qin !!

“Lowly maid!” Female Immortal’s voice rang out of the smoke, “Do you think I didn’t know you brought in an outsider? This … I ’m not good at flying in Space. . Moreover, Zi Qin’s name was long removed from the genealogical tree by Exalted Lord. What is it that you are not a seller seeking honor? “

Zi Qin did not answer, and tried to stimulate to motion Azure Light to collect Fox Shadow, but unfortunately she is very shallow, Azure Light foundation cannot take Fox Shadow!

Xiao Hua received the Golden-Red Clouds crown, opened his mouth and sprayed out the Five-Colors Divine Fire, and the Divine Fire burned the black rosy cloud, which helped Zi Qin to collect the fox shadow.

“You go back!” Xiao Hua raised his big sleeves, and the breeze rolled away to collect Zi Qin.

Xiao Hua then wrapped her arms and looked at Female Immortal looking thoughtful: “Who are you?”

“You?” Female Immortal’s eyes glowed differently, watching Xiao Hua said in surprise, “How do you hold me … my tribe Mystic Technique?”

“Do you think I can answer?” Xiao Hua’s mouth showed disdain, he could feel this female cultivator, but Heavenly Immortal’s strength, foundation is not his rival.

“Do you think I will answer?” Who knew that there was a slight disdain on Female Immortal’s face, coldly.

“I will let you answer!”

Xiao Hua Gold Light a big magnificence burst around my body, I ’ve raised my hands, and the water of the clean bottle that I had prepared is spilled all over the world!

“Ah?” Female Immortal was shocked by Xiao Hua’s sudden momentum, and she did not even think of stimulating to motion.

As for the black mist surrounding Xiao Hua, it is rapidly disappeared under the clear bottle!

However, where the clouds melted, more than a hundred soldiers with battle swords showed their bodies.

The corpses of these warlords are mostly incomplete, with black clouds such as Poisonous Insect creeping. Poisonous Insect seems to be devouring the remains and broken bones of the corpses, but Aura on the war generals is getting more powerful!

“Kill!” A corpse of a general with a Heavenly Immortal High Rank is headless, but where the empty place is, the dark clouds have condense out of the head outline, and Heavenly Immortal screams at one sound. Answer simultaneously, “Kill!”

With the shouting and killing, a small War Array has been formed, and the warmen wave Immortal Artifact to attack Xiao Hua.

“Damn!” Xiao Hua has understood that if nothing else happens, the persistent poison will send the corpse of Immortal General to death, and then use Mystic Technique to manufacture a misty human form. Xiao Hua curses one sound, Rubbing his hands, Lei Ting gushed out like a tide, shouting, “You should have been the hero of my team, Nai He was secretly sent here, and I still have to do something for the tiger, so … no wonder the old man is merciless ! “

Speaking, Lei Ting changes into tens of millions of Giant Sword, “hong-long-long” stabs to more than a hundred war generals!

“ka-cha 嚓 …”

In a burst of crackling sounds, more than a hundred battles will be turned into a powder!

“This … this …” Female Immortal is even more pale, she has realized Xiao Hua’s invincibility!

“How can such a powerful general be here?” Female Immortal came out in a hurry, and an unbelievable thought came out, “Is it because my family does not pass Mystic Technique?”

Strangely, although Female Immortal is extremely embarrassed, she still peeks out behind her, and she looks a little expectant!

Sure enough, while Xiao Hua started destroying the corpse in more than a hundred battles, “Om” left near mid-air, and immediately produced an incomparable Principle suction, like countless big hands dragging Xiao Hua, keep going!

“Damn!” Xiao Hua wakes up, knowing that this is the characteristic of Xuan Xia Mountain itself, he hurriedly stimulated to motion Principle Teleport, and resisted according to Gourd’s paintings!

At this moment, Xiao Hua feels that all around is full of countless black glows, like a big mouth, and he is enveloped by tens of thousands of li Space, and then all around gives birth to a spiral Fine Vein, the unspeakable Strength of Plane change into several thousands of vortex, rolled up Xiao Hua moved towards falling below!

“No, wouldn’t it be swallowed by that?”

Xiao Hua’s body is out of control, and he falls quickly, but feels that the power of Principle drops suddenly, and then seeing all around the thick fog, I can’t help but have a weird idea in my mind.


While Xiao Hua’s figure fell, Female Immortal exhaled, her figure was stable in mid-air. When she turned around, the huge cricket had just made a big mouth from her side, swallowing Xiao Hua In!

“How about having Golden Immortal?”

Female Immortal sneered and said, “Here is Xuanxia Mountain, the more powerful you are, the stronger the Strength of Principle! Foundation will not need me to do it, you will be swallowed by yourself!”

Female Immortal In the meantime, there was a ray of black crystal token flying in the Azure loft. Female Immortal took the crystal token and raised his hand a little. There was a voice in it: “禀 嬴 土 Holy Efemale oy, 莩 逭 勇勇厥 骨 爰

“No see!” Female Immortal not even think replied.

“Ho soil Efemale oy, the special envoy of 掳 妖帅 is accompanied by the land ambassador, the ambassador said, in any case, please also meet Holy Efemale oy.”

Holy Efemale oy turned his head and flew down to the Azure Pavilion. His eyes were staring at where Xiao Hua disappeared. It took him half an hour to take a light shot on the Pavilion. “shua” On the Pavilion A quadrangular bamboo fell, and this bamboo covered the holy soil Holy Efemale oy, and then with the Immortal Art of the holy soil Holy Efemale oy, the bamboo gave birth to green silk, forming an oval …

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