LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1913


“Earth” Holy Efemale oy softly repelled, the ellipse spins and flies, moved towards Xiao Hua where it was swallowed.

“roar roar,” Azure approached, snarled, black-colored, soaring, and several bloody mouths wide like a sacrificial bowl opened like chrysanthemums.

Hoe Efemale oy Take a little look and rush into one of them.

However, within 5 minutes, “sou” Bai Yuqing silk was drawn from the tadpole, and the tadpole trembled slightly, as if intolerable. In the roar of a similar “roar”, the surface cracked, Azure ellipse shines dimly.

While the Azure ellipse flew back to the pavilion, the “Kapapa” ellipse began to burst, and the previous four-angled bamboo was broken inch by inch, and changed into a yellow drop.

Holy Efemale oy shook his body and gave birth to a string of phantoms, which slowly landed on top of the Azure pavilion.

At this time, Holy Efemale oy’s face was a little pale, and she seemed to take a trip 蛊 瘴 蜃 within the body, her consumption was huge, but look pale could not conceal the mistakes in her eyes, she was slightly wrinkle, secretly thought : “Who is this Golden Immortal? It seems that the means are very difficult to deal with, but there is no ablation of the poisonous poison, and no trace of him can be found in the near future. Is it possible that he fell into the poisonous array?”

“If I enter the poisonous field by mistake, what should I … how should I do?” Holy Efemale oy looked a little embarrassed. “Exalted Lord has told me that, of course, I want to use the power of the poisonous group to support me, But I must not disturb that Senior! But … But the Golden Immortal has entered the poisonous array and has already disturbed the Senior! And listening to the meaning of Exalted Lord, the siege of the poisonous array is extremely critical, and there must be no setback! ”

Holy Efemale oy But after a few thoughts, she already has a plan. She spit out a Scarlet Red crystal chip with a mouth, raised her hand a little, “嗖,” the crystal chip pierced directly into the 如 with the sword. body.

After about the time it takes to burn one stick of incense, a Scarlet smoke from 蛊 瘴 蜃 within the body, making a face in the air, this face looks frowning, but 嬴The Holy Holy Efemale oy did not dare to neglect, bowing and saluting: “禀 Senior ……”

“Why would anyone enter the poisonous array?” Human Efemale oy said indifferently, his face waiting for the soil.

Although it is questioning, the tone is also full of sorrow. Holy Efemale oy heard it and couldn’t help feeling sad.

Holy Efemale oy accompanied with a smile: “It was Junior who made a mistake. The man came to investigate. Junior was not the enemy. He wanted to kill him with the poison of puppet. Who knows that he is not afraid of puppet? .Junior, despite his alarm, didn’t expect that he really strayed into Senior. “

“Well, you can’t be considered you have made a mistake,” Face Nods said, “This person has Jiu Gong strength, and he has dozens of Golden Immortal Immortal Nascent, and now he is to create array against me … … “

“What? Nine … Nine Palace strength?” Hoeto Holy Efemale oy was a little dumbfounded, “How could Nine Palace strength be here?”

“Maybe some Mystic Technique!” Human face sounds well-formed, but it still looks sad, and said, “But don’t worry, let’s not say that Jiugong, Da Luo came here, died in my poisonous array, you just Rest assured! “

“Thanks to the Senior,” Holy Efemale oy rejoiced.

“Oh, right,” the face seemed to think, and said, “He came to Tu Shanhong, he has …”

But without the and others’ face, the face suddenly “snapped” one sound, disappeared from Scarlet’s mist, and that mist fell into 蛊 瘴 蜃 within the body and disappeared.

“What?” Seeing the face disappear, Holy Efemale oy was shocked, but she was still more puzzled, and whispered, “The man is … here to find Tu Shanhong? Murphy, Murphy … … “

Holy Efemale oy ca n’t see the good and bad from the reaction of the face, let alone what the relationship between Xiao Hua and Tu Shanhong, and wait for the time it takes to burn one stick of incense. It appeared that Holy Efemale oy had to spray out another Scarlet crystal token, but looking at this crystal token, Holy Efemale oy smiled bitterly, secretly thought: “Exalted Lord gave only a few tokens for the transmissions message, Use one less, and just now it is urgent, I am afraid which Senior is slack, and this is a warning. Now it is meaningless to use another … “

Holy Efemale oy hesitated for a long time, and finally clinched the teeth, collected the crystal token, and said, “Since it is Nine Palaces Immortal, the poison of Principle is even more fierce. I’ve seen it, but even Lien could be raised so much by the poison leaked by the poison array. The poison array must be powerful. I’ll wait for the news from Senior! As for the origin of that person, Senior didn’t say that. Is it here to find Tu Shanhong, I can ask Tu Shanhong myself. “

Then Holy Efemale oy turned into the attic.

The interior of the pavilion is very simple. In addition to a Praying Mat, there are also some shelves. Some potted plants are placed on the shelves in different styles.

Holy Efemale oy walked past these shelves to a Small Sect covered by a bead curtain, she paused for a moment, then raised her hand to lift the bead curtain, and walked through the Small Sect, but saw that there was The repeated Space Principle emerged, but it was just a sound of “ding dong”, which had been produced by several Ten Space faults.

Holy Efemale oy passes through Small Sect, and dozens of seven-tailed foxes appear in ripples!

The place where Holy Efemale oy came out was a black flower, which was also condense by the Principle fragment. As Holy Efemale oy stepped out, her body swelled rapidly. At the same time, clusters of swaying black flowers, rocks, etc. appeared around her, waiting for Holy Efemale oy’s body to stand, Looking around, you are in a garden.

Holy Efemale oy released Overflowing Sense. Seeing that there are no abnormalities, I gently shake my waist and step on the lotus steps towards the moon gate on the side of the garden.

Out of the Moon Gate, there was a Female Immortal standing there, respectfully said: “Have seen Holy Efemale oy.”

Isn’t that sound the Female Immortal that just sounded?

“Where is the lord of the earth?” Holy Efemale oy indifferently asked.

“Waiting at Qin Si Dian.”

“Hehe, really came here to plead guilty!” 嬴 土 Holy Efemale oy The corners of his mouth are meaningful, said with a smile, “莩 逭 拥I ’m going to say that I ca n’t stop the taxation, I ’m going to retire, I ’m resigning, I ’m resigning, I ’m resigning.

Holy Efemale oy keeps walking and moved towards a temple!

Xiao Hua’s figure fell into the abdomen, all around immediately had a twisted spiral, and large and small vortex were born, which firmly trapped Xiao Hua, and within the vortex, there were Scarlet and Black mist poured in wildly.

This mist is much more toxic than the previous mist. Even though Xiao Hua stimulated to motion Cultivation Art, the Gold Light flashed, but the Scarlet Red’s marks were like bamboo shoots after the rain!

“Damn!” Xiao Hua felt the rotation of all around Space, knowing that he still has all around. This space is constantly shrinking, and he couldn’t help cursing. “What the hell is this, Immemorial is also strange. ! “

Thinking, Xiao Hua sacrificed the clean bottle, and the water of the “shua” clean bottle dropped. First, a few drops washed the Xiao Hua Golden Body clean, and the other was changed into a dao robe, which scarred the scarlet and black mist. Stay out of Xiao Hua’s body surface!

Xiao Hua seems to hear the strange sound of “gu lu lu”, and a thick stench begins to emerge. Xiao Hua not even think, Flying Sword strikes the wind, and “sou” Pitch-black Sword Light flashes, Principle of Wind splits all around Space Principle directly, Xiao Hua sways, and flies out of the dense fog!

not at all Unexpectedly Xiao Hua’s surprise. There are countless red cloud changes into a rolling mist like Dragon-like, Xiao Hua knows that he has come out of the Sumeru Space swallowed.

However, foundation did not wait for Xiao Hua to determine the direction. “weng-weng” had more than a hundred upside-down vortex emerged out of thin air, and he was sealed all around early. These vortex are rapidly extended, and they are changed into another same Sumeru Space sealed Xiao Hua again, and this Sumeru Space rushed into the mist like a bubble again.

Xiao Hua naturally dare not stay long in this Sumeru Space. Once the body is stable, it is stimulate to motion again. After so many dozens of times, Xiao Hua finds that he has already given birth to the dao robe of the condense with clean water. Pitch-black, and Scarlet Red spots like lips inside Pitch-black!

Xiao Hua had no choice but to replace the water in the clean bottle again, and this delay, his figure has shrunk in Sumeru Space somehow!

“This is awesome!”

Xiao Hua is a little helpless. Against this strange Monster Beast in Xuanxia Mountain, I really do n’t know what Mystical Ability is.

Break out from the Sumeru Space again, Xiao Hua can no longer identify himself, and the left and right are inside the abdomen, so Xiao Hua did not hesitate to stimulate to motion Principle Teleport again.

“Sou sou” Xiao Hua’s body swept up by the wind, and saw countless large and small mists forming sac-like shapes, like a bubble, and Xiao Hua released Overflowing Sense, as if seeing himself from each and everyone fly out of the bubbles!

It seems that too much mist was torn by the wind, which caused the anger of Xiao. After Xiao Hua flew the time it takes to burn one stick of incense, he “roared”, dozens of them were like 蛊 瘴The outline of 蜃 emerged from all directions, and roared towards Xiao Hua.

“Zheng worry can’t find you,” Xiao Hua sneered, raising his wind, “sou sou” Sword Light dozens of words rushed up, and said, “You actually delivered to your door!”

Sword Light is like the wind, splitting will pass, and dozens of cricket silhouettes will immediately break.

But when Xiao Hua stimulate to motion hit the wind, there was a huge “Strength of Principle” from “Om”, which caught Xiao Hua and crashed!


“roar roar roaring” watching the outline of each and everyone 蛊 瘴 蜃 next to himself, roaring, but caught up with Xiao Hua and laughed …