LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1914

I do n’t know, Principle Teleport stimulate to motion, like mysterious Dark Cloud everywhere, it is quietly printed with Pitch-black Rune. These Runes are more stable than black silk. Even the method of day profit cannot be immediately Destroy them.

“What to do?”

Xiao Hua Seeing that the left is not right or not, she doesn’t feel anxious in her heart, the sorrow becomes more intense, secretly thought, “Is Xiao Xiao going to fall here?”

Xiao Hua is really regretful. He thought it was just a task that can be accomplished by True Immortal High Rank. He himself can’t complete the High Rank in Nine Palaces Immortal.

Not very easy to get to Xuanxia Mountain?

Which Dao Xuan Xiashan is actually where the Principle ends, the higher the strength, the more bound it is.

“Stand first and talk!”

Xiao Hua’s mind suddenly changed, Mind fell into Space, and sent out 49 Immortal Nascent within Great Desolation Divine Realm Space.

Immortal Nascent landed in mid-air and immediately to create array. Although I do n’t know what Formula is the most suitable, Immortal Nascent and Xiao Hua have the same heart and mind, and the Nan Ming Li Fire torture array is deployed instantly.

Vermillon Bird, South, Primal Spirit of Fire!

The fire of Vermillon Bird, Scarlet Red, coincides with Confucianism Cultivator Righteous Qi. In this burst, there is nothing burning, you can get rid of the demons and exorcise the demons and wipe out all Yin Qi!

Sure enough, Nan Ming Li Fire was formed, a Vermillon Bird immediately protected Xiao Hua, and Scarlet Red was all around.

Seeing that the space black moon black light was blocked, Xiao Hua hastily stimulated to motion the method of day profit and full moon, and tried to get rid of the Black Rune, and the sound of “Kapapa” burst, Rune exploded!

But at this moment, “Woo” seems to be a tumult of turbulence, the number of big moons of the black moon simultaneously brightened, and then a black light condense face appeared in the Nan Ming Li Fire execution before!

“Well,” the face looked at Xiao Hua, and the Nan Ming Li Fire torture array, he actually said, “Who are you? How did you get here?”

“Who are you?” Xiao Hua was startled, and anxiously, “how are you in your crystal Nucleus?”

“蛊 瘴 蜃?” The man shook his head and said, “This is not a Crystal Nucleus of 蛊 瘴 蜃, here is the Great Array I laid.”

I can hear people ’s faces so easily. Xiao Hua ’s eyeballs One Revolution, accompanied by a smile: “It turns out that this is the great talent of Senior. I said how so powerful. Junior broke in, I’m really sorry … “

“You are so amazing that you can break into it and block me from this Great Array!”

Although the tone of the face is praise, it is sad to listen to it, and Xiao Hua feels sad for a while.

“Dare, dare,” Xiao Hua hurriedly respectfully, “Junior understands that Junior can only protect himself. If Senior changes slightly, Junior can’t resist it.”

“Are you here to find Tu Shanhong?” the two pupils on the face asked without any expression.

Xiao Hua just wanted to say yes, but he missed One Revolution, and sent out his face to kill Female Immortal, saying, “Junior came to find her, I don’t know if she is Tu Shanhong!”

“Oh, that’s it!” The face froze, and then nods, he wanted to cheat Xiao Hua, but did not think that Xiao Hua was really looking for Tu Shanhong.

“Tu Shan Hong?” Xiao Hua suddenly turned his mind and said, “Isn’t Tu Shan’s Azure Mound Mountain clan? Why does the floating picture remind you of killing an Azure Mound Mountain female fox?”

But Xiao Hua said, “It looks like a misunderstanding, Junior will go out now, and please give Senior a clear way!”

“Hmm” face nods again, saying, “You took these Immortal Nascent, I will send you out!”

“This,” Xiao Hua suddenly changed his mind, hesitated, and said, “Senior, your Great Array is too powerful. Without these Immortal Nascent to create array, the Junior Fleshly Body would corrode, please Senior Open the Great Array first, Junior will be guarded by Immortal Nascent! “

“I can’t open this Great Array,” the face said without hesitation, “Did you even know this?”

“This, this!” Of course Xiao Hua didn’t know why cannot open the Great Array, he accompanied with a smile, “Then please ask Senior to send Junior out.”

“I can give you one. How can I send so many Immortal Nascent?” the face asked, “Don’t forget, this is Xuanxia Mountain!”

“Senior’s Great Array is awesome, Xuanxia Mountain’s Strength of Principle has been minimal, Junior believes that Senior can definitely send Junior out!”

“Forget it, forget it” the face was a little faint, and said, “Just so!”

“Hehe, thank you to the Senior.” Xiao Hua was overjoyed and hurriedly respected the salute.

Why do n’t you know, with the sound of the face falling, “hong-hong Bang …” all around, the previous black circulation number of big circulation regeneration mutation, each black moon vibrating, big circulation is born. The number of red moons is just a few interest. 120,000 9,600 red moons are densely packed throughout the space. At the same time, 120,000 9,600 red moons are falling directly on the Fire Blaze of the Li Ming in Nanming , Like a red needle piercing directly into Immortal Nascent!

“Roar” 49 Immortal Nascent simultaneously growl, apparently painful!

“Your strength is not inferior to your Fox clan’s Exalted Lord?” >

“Where is this place?” Xiao Hua asked back …